Godly Model Creator Chapter 404

Gmc Chapter 404

Chapter 404    Just a step away from a professional esper

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws


Jin Kang once again unleashed his might!

However, unlike the previous attacks, Su Hao was able to predict and easily evade the axe as it passed by his back.

The crowds mind moved as they noticed Su Haos eyes.

Sure enough.

That horrifying pupil began to activate!

Illusion reality!

Su Haos eyes flashed as he easily avoided the incoming attacks of Jin Kang. The 5 star origin technique finally revealed its might.

The model world continued to establish and collapsed non-stop.

When he understood every card of Jin Kang, with his illusion reality, he could easily analyze his actions as if he was able to predict future. With just an origin technique, Su Haos disadvantage had vanished and there were even some signs of him beginning to suppress Jin Kang.

The 5 star technique surely served its reputation well.

Just that, he didnt feel relief with this. Su Hao and Jin Kang, forget about the gap between Nitai artifacts or origin ability level, what was even more frightening was when Su Haos origin technique was basically well known to the public, Jin Kangs trump cards were still unknown.

As the number one in the college entrance exam, he was able to enjoy all sort of honors.

Su Haos origin technique had long known by the public. There were even some netizens who tried to break his technique. As the family member of Jin family who had bad blood with Su Hao, how could he not study Su Haos data?


Jin Kangs move forced Su Hao to retreat. Without giving Su Hao to recover, he attacked again!


A humming sound could be heard.

Hong, long, long!

Hong, long, long!

Countless rumbling sounds were produced. Before the crowd could react, they had discovered that numerous stone walls of the house crashed by Zhang Yang emerged.

Jin Kang

He actually controlled the whole house?

How could this be?

Su Haos mind moved. As his energy wave swept over, he instantly understood.

Metal control!

Among the cement, there would definitely be reinforced metal. Under the control of Jin Kang, these walls had become alive!

Su Hao immediately understood Jin Kangs plan.

He wanted to counter illusion reality.

To counter this move, it was pretty simple. You want to evade and predict opponents attack? Then I will just have to cover four sides with an attack and make you unable to evade! At this moment, Jin Kang controlling the ruins was definitely for this intention.

Su Hao must never let this proceed.

Energy fluctuation from Su Hao instantly covered all the stone as the ability model in his body activated.

The newly emerged stone suddenly began to sink!


Jin Kang yelled loudly.


Su Hao continued to suppress it!



Layer by layer of energy fluctuations superimposed the number of stones that had been destroyed due to the struggle between them. Right now, those stones had become the stage for them to fight. For Jin Kang to use these stones, not only did he have to overcome the resistance from Su Hao, but also the gravitational force.

For a period of time, they were in a stalemate.

In the end, the fight turned out to be the battle of energy cultivation. For someone like Su Hao who could easily recover his energy, he was afraid of no one in this department!

However, how long could this state last?


Jin Kangs energy had reached its limit all of sudden and the all the stones at the same time were charging toward Su Haos direction. Without any hesitation, Su Hao fought back. With the same ability talent, he pushed back the stones. 



The stones turned into dust.

Suddenly, Su Hao felt an incoming chill. With no time to dodge, a golden light flashed in front of him.


In his chest, a small hole was left. Traces of blood could be seen. Just a moment ago, when the sky turned dusty, a tiny golden needle suddenly attacked. If not because of his sixth sense and illusion reality, he would not have been able to avoid being hit on a critical spot. 

Such a terrifying ability!

Golden needle

Su Hao was shocked.

When Jin Kang was confronting with Su Hao, he actually managed to distract Su Hao and came up with this origin technique? Su Hao couldnt believe this. If Jin Kang was still powerful, what was the need to continue the battle any longer?

He swept through the cards which Jin Kang possessed yet he found nothing about the golden needle.

After analyzing more in-depth of all of Jin Kangs origin techniques, Su Hao found two different origin techniques. One was Jin Kangs energy weapon and the other one was a derivative of energy weapons, shape change. In other words, he could easily change the form of his energy weapon to adapt to the situation of the battle.

Jin Kang had been using his Nitai artifact all the time and didnt make use of his energy weapon.

However, what if he summoned it ahead of time and turned it into the golden needle and only when in a pinch would he surprise his opponent, killing him with a move.

Su Hao suddenly understood the situation.

Good move Jin Kang.

Indeed worthy to be a student of Zhanzheng College. This fighting sense was definitely comparable with Tian Zi. Even when his strength was above Su Haos, he still cautiously took every step and wont miss any opportunity.

This battle turned out to be more difficult than what Su Hao imagined it to be.

The battle had just begun and he had been seriously injured!

Give up?

Absolutely no way!

The appearance of shape change had caused his brain to work harder. When an idea appeared in his mind, it would no longer be able to suppress. If so

Perhaps he could still win!

Model analysis!

Card reading, shape change!


Su Hao quickly read this technique. In addition to the exclusive origin technique, Jin Kang only had this technique which served as a mean of support. If he managed to learn this and was able to compress the Xinghe sword into a needle, would he be able to reveal the same horrifying might too?

Su Hao could only wait and see!


Card established!

Cars selection completed Shape change Card model analyzed Card model establishing Card model establishment completed!

The energy in his body began to fluctuate.

With Su Haos current energy, he was actually able to read this card in an instant.


Name: Shape change

Rating: 2 stars

Description: An interesting origin technique which aids energy weapons by changing it into various forms.

Requirement: Mastering an energy weapon


At this moment.

Numerous stones shattered in mid air, leaving only the metal reinforcements. Without the weight of the cement, Jin Kang was able to manipulate the metal even more adequately.


Numerous steel bars merged in mid air and charged toward Su Hao.

Su Hao smirked.

With a flip of his wrist, a tiny needle appeared within his hand and a blue light flashed. The tiny needle burst forward and passed through the countless steel bars.

When the needle was about to hit Jin Kang, his face changed drastically!



Countless metal from the ground arose and formed a thick defensive shield which covered Jin Kangs front. Su Haos needle struck the shield.


The ground shook hard.

A horrifying aura covered everyone at the scene. Even those staffs who stood a distance away were not spared. They were affected by the shockwave and took a few steps back.

When the dust settled, everyone sucked in a mouthful of cold air.

The current position of Jin Kang, ruins was blown into a large pit with a few meters depth. That seemingly simple move of Su Hao was actually this terrifying!

The surrounding was empty with no sign of human life!

Jin Kang

Had been forcefully crashed!

Such strength

This is too scary!

The people of the association were shocked. This strength was absolutely closed to a professional esper by condensing it into a tiny needle. After three days of the exam, Su Hao actually mastered such a move. Did this mean that during the exam, Su Hao still didnt reveal his true strength?

When they thought of this, they were stunned.

Looking at the expression of everyone, Su Hao remained calm although his heart was bitterly smiling. The power shown was the same as the Xinghe sword. However, he was only able to condense it into the form of a tiny needle.

Fortunately, it was over.

Looking at the spot where Jin Kang was killed, leaving only residual of metals in the pit, Su Hao felt relieved. He finally won.

Turning around, just when he took two steps, he saw the dignified look of Zhang Yang who was still looking at the pit hole. Su Haos heart began to have a bad feeling.

Could it be


Su Hao quickly turned back!

That giant hole, that metal waste slowly condense under high heat and turned into a huge metal sphere.

Subsequently, the metal sphere turned into humanoid form, and Jin Kang appeared again.

Everyone was stunned watching this scene.


Origin avatar! This ability is exclusive to professional espers! How could this be?

Could Jin Kang have become a professional esper?


Zhang Yang shook his head, The requirement to graduate from Zhanzheng College is to be a professional esper. For him who is still in his third year, he must be a step away from becoming a professional esper. Even Tian Zi could touch the threshold of the professional esper level. So why cant Jin Kang? But for Su Hao to win

Its not possible anymore!