Godly Model Creator Chapter 405

Gmc Chapter 405

Chapter 405    Method to counter

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

Origin avatar.

This was the standard feature of professional espers.

To be able to merge ones body with their ability talent, especially for those who were had elemental control and other various material control type talents; once the talent and the body were combined, the battle power would be greatly multiplied! The increment in strength was definitely not that simple.

Once someone had reached this stage, this signified that the remaining road to step into a professional esper was getting closer.

Jin Kang originally never reached this stage.

But under the provocation of various conditions, he actually reached this stage. The familys intense deep-seated hatred and the fury of being counter-attacked by Su Hao had actually allowed him to step past this threshold. Indeed ability was best improved during moments of life and death.

The metallic liquid leisurely flowed.

In the end, it was completely stabilized.

Jin Kangs figure was finally completed. Compared to earlier, there was not a big difference.

Energy beam

That horrific power was enough to destroy any specialized esper, but at this moment it was so hapless. In other words, it did not cause any damage to Jin Kang!


Su Haos Xinghe sword swept across.

Jin Kang was directly sliced apart!

And then 

After he waited for the attack to pass, the 2 sections of the body actually reconnected and once again Jin Kang recovered. Su Hao was shocked to find out that after he sliced Jin Kang, the section that was sliced off was actually a layer of smooth metal!

His attack was ineffective!


Jin Kangs wild laughter echoed in the surroundings, Indeed its Su Hao, who actually forced me to this stage. Unfortunately, I have already broken through completely. How can you even keep up with me? If you give me a few months to train, I can definitely enter into professional esper, and become a truly strong esper.

Maybe, I should thank you instead.

Jin Kangs face was grim.



Su Hao ignored him. Once again he calmly slashed a couple of times, but it still did not cause any harm to Jin Kang. After he merged his body with his ability talent, the whole body of Jin Kang was like metal. Even though he was sliced into many parts, he could easily be reattached and completely ignored Su Haos attacks.

Darn it!

Su Hao cursed a bit.

The means of professional espers were too far apart when compared with specialized espers. Origin avatar, that was a hurdle which was hard to surpass.

Not to mention that right now Su Hao was merely a level 5 specialized esper.

Facing against Jin Kangs current state.

He was completely ineffective!


Jin Kang attacked.

The golden axe slashed across him. Su Haos eyes lit up as he speedily dodged. A huge crack was formed where he stood just now.

Su Hao then took a deep breath.

Jin Kangs abilities had indeed increased!

After he was able to merge his body with his ability talent, not only was he able to switch into an energy state whenever he wanted, his speed, attack, reactions, etc., and every other area had greatly increased! At first, Su Haos abilities were slightly behind Jin Kangs, but now this gap had greatly widened!

This is troublesome.

Su Hao swallowed his saliva.

Regardless of origin model and the usage of origin techniques, these methods were to attack and Su Haos model analysis served a supporting role! Ironically, the reason why Su Hao could counterattack and defeat countless enemies was because of his model analysis.

Assuming Su Haos battle power was 1, then synchronous playback could increase the battle power by 30% which would be equivalent to 1.3. Coupled with the 5 star godly illusion reality, it could even directly multiply Su Haos ability by 200%, up to 3.3! If it was in the wild terrain, Su Hao even could make the effectiveness increase further!

This also meant that Su Haos real battle power was far beyond the numbers on the surface, up to around 5 times, and the reason Su Hao could do all this was because of the seemingly non-combative origin ability talent!

Hence, although Su Hao was only at level 5 esper, during the college entrance exam, he was not even the slightest bit afraid.

But, this could not deny a harsh fact.

And that was Su Haos basic stats were too low! As for how model analysis worked, the stronger the original stats, the effectiveness of the support would be stronger! If a professional esper used illusion reality, the effect would be unimaginable!

If Su Haos battle power is 1, and the enemys battle power is above 10.

What would further support be of any use?

Basic stats 

The gap was too huge!

And now, what Su Hao faced was exactly this sort of situation.

To talk about levels, Jin Kang was higher than him by 3 levels. As for experience, Jin Kang was also more experienced. Besides, Jin Kangs mastery of origin techniques was higher than his. When comparing Nitai artifacts, the golden axe in Jin Kangs hands completely surpassed his shadow cloak. Furthermore, with Jin Kangs current origin avatar, it could be said that Su Hao simply did not have any advantage!

Then why should the fight continue?

Su Hao was sad.

The one and only origin beam had been destroyed. The energy within his body could create another in a short space of time, but would it be of any use?

Origin avatar, was it really unstoppable?

Su Haos eyes swept across Jin Kangs body. Not resigning to defeat, he once again attacked.





Su Haos confidence was eroding. Even with the might of the Xinghe sword exploding from his hand followed by mountain crash, Jin Kang still instantaneously recovered.

But at this time, Su Hao executed the move flawlessly.


Jin Kangs figure was stunned.


A trail of blood flowed from his body.

After a full few seconds, Jin Kangs body then slowly recovered.

This is

Su Haos eyes brightened.

Indeed it was not invincible! Or in other words, Jin Kang just realized that he had not fully mastered the origin avatar. What he knew was merely at a beginners level. He could dodge a few times, but if used frequently or when he had to face consecutive explosive attacks of origin techniques, Jin Kang would not be able to respond!

Very good!

Su Hao took a deep breath and launched consecutive attacks.



The Xinghe sword swiftly slashed. However, would Jin Kang just stand there and withstand Su Haos attacks? The golden axe appeared and instantly dominated the attacks of Su Hao.



Before the horrific golden axes attack, Su Hao actually could only block! Trails of blood flowed from Su Haos lips. Even though he intercepted the attacks, that powerful shock still hurt his body.

Metal control was this powerful?

Su Hao awkwardly blocked, but his thoughts were moving like lightning.

In this world, there was definitely no invincible origin talent. Also, there was no definite powerful origin talent. In fact, many origin ability talents were restrained.

The truly powerful one was the user himself!


The metal control talent, what could restrain it?

Su Hao immediately thought of Sun Yaotians initial iron element control. Wasnt he eventually electrocuted alive? If that was the case, any type of metal controlling ability whether it was conductive or not, was it restrained by an electric type origin ability talent?

Su Haos mind moved.


His energy swept into the surroundings.

Instantly, it swept around 10 of the association staff members. Finally, he found a similar origin ability talent. Electrical transmission, only a grade B talent but it could definitely inflict heavy damage if used well.

For the current Su Hao, it was enough!


Origin model, return!

Origin model, construct!

The origin model instantly changed. A large amount of energy was exhausted quickly when a new origin model appeared. Su Hao did not hesitate and channeled countless electrical current to be directly added to the Xinghe sword. Directly slashing towards Jin Kang, the sudden scene of electrical current on the sword shocked all the surrounding spectators.


The sword slashed before Jin Kang and rang a crisp metallic sound.

Jin Kang actually did not receive any damage?

How was that possible?

Su Hao was stunned.

Hahaha, electric current? Jin Kang laughed, Do you think that I would ignore this weakness? During my first year in college, this had been pointed out by countless people.


Su Haos eyes scanned.

After using synchronous playback, one could clearly see that the layer of metal Jin Kang used to block the Xinghe sword was actually not a single layer. The top and bottom had a layer and was totally not connected, in the middle there seemed to be a gap. The so-called electrical current was totally unable to conduct to the bottom layer of metal.

He actually used gas to cut off the electrical current...

Su Hao smiled bitterly. Indeed, what he could think of, others had already thought of long ago. There were a countless number of talents in Zhanzheng College. As long as Jin Kang suffered a defeat, the next round he definitely would have prepared for the same trick. Jin Kangs weaknesses had already been overcome that there was nothing to exploit after being in the college for 3 years.


While Su Hao was in his thoughts, Jin Kang quickly attacked.


A loud tremble spread as the wound on his chest again opened. The body of Su Hao that was heavily injured suddenly could no longer take it and his whole person was blasted away.

Could no longer take it eh

Su Hao felt that his vision was slightly blurred.

Jin Kangs power actually caused him to feel despair. Even the courage to fight was no longer there. This was after all an esper comparable to professional espers.

With his current ability, how could he compete?


Jin Kangs figure exploded once again as a powerful attack again was unleashed! Su Haos heavily injured body had become extremely slow, and he actually could no longer dodge!


The chilly cold caused Su Hao to instantly awakened!

The pain in the body was forgotten. Su Hao stared at the huge axe that was about to approach him. With his mind once again raced in thought, how could he block this?

Mountain crash, water split?


With his current body, he could only exert one more attack. Ironically, his current most powerful attack was actually the suicidal origin beam!

Create another origin beam and throw it?


Su Hao smiled bitterly. It was a pity that the Xinghe sword could not self-destruct. Otherwise, that horrific power would be enough to kill Jin Kang!

Wait, if it was Xinghe sword 

Su Haos eyes were enlarged all of sudden. Countless images appeared inside his mind. Instantly, a powerful analysis ability started, it was enough to operate more than ten thousand calculations at one time!


At the moment where Jin Kang attacked, the incoming axe was actually so clear!

Su Haos eyes were never this bright before as the energy in his body suddenly operated wildly. When an origin beam instantly formed, this was just the beginning! On the origin beam, countless structures nodes branches imprints were portrayed, a simple structure was speedily formed.

Creation, production, transformation, was instantly complete!

The origin beam has already changed into a new object. In the model world, it was radiating a unique brilliance!

It was such a dazzling sight.