Godly Model Creator Chapter 406

Gmc Chapter 406

Chapter 406    5 star godly technique!

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The golden axe slashed down!

The shadow cloak flashed as Su Hao jumped up high!

The crowd was stunned.

This position Su Hao was courting his own death? In mid-air, Su Hao was like a blind man completely open to any attack.

Or could it be that in order to avoid the attack just now, he had reached his limit?

Their heart went cold.


Jin Kang sneered, You could finally no longer hold on?


Golden energy could be seen fluctuating.

Rotating around Jin Kang, layers of metal began to condense, forming a powerful whirlpool.

Metal storm!


The dazzling golden energy appeared from Jin Kangs hands.

Within the whirlpool, the energy spread toward the metals and they charged forward. The might if it made the crowd barely able to open their eyes.

That was one formidable attack!

Was it comparable to a professional esper?

Su Hao is in a pinch!

Zhang Lins mind went alert. Energy fluctuations could be sensed from his right hand, but Zhang Yang surprisingly stopped his action.


Zhang Lin hurriedly said, If this continues, Su Hao would be in deep trouble!

Trouble? Im afraid thats not necessary!

Zhang Yang looked at the figure in mid-air, and a shocking color appeared within his eyes, This aura this kids talent is too terrifying!


Zhang Lin was at a loss.

Before the strong golden storm, a bluish flash could be seen, like a star in the night shining in glory, and stunned everyone.

Within Su Haos hand, the light flashed and the Xinghe sword turned into the Xinghe bow which was a meter long. A clear blue line connected two ends, forming the bowstring.

Su Hao put his hand on the bowstring, and a clear sound could be heard.

Pulling the bowstring


Countless transparent energy fluctuated on the bow, and a beautiful glowing blue arrow appeared on the bow.




The invisible force was rotating.

The energy was concentrated on to the tip of the arrow, it carried a horrifying aura and headed toward Jin Kang!

Before the metal storm of Jin Kang reached Su Hao, it was destroyed completely and turned into metal pieces.

The arrow didnt stop and headed toward Jin Kang.

Origin avatar!

Jin Kangs figure turned into a state of metals and was once again in a pseudo invincible state which Su Hao could not previously inflict damage. At this moment, the arrow gently penetrated into the metal.

It didnt pass through and just strangely got stuck there.



A terrifying aura spread around as the condensed energy exploded. Such a scene was like a blue sun forming.

Quickly evade!

The surrounding mens facial expression changed.

They quickly retreated ten meters away. Even Zhang Yang did not dare to stay at his current spot. He grabbed Zhang Lin and retreated ten meters.




The strong quake stunned everyone.


Was this really a battle between two students?

A battle between specialized espers?

Three seconds later, the surroundings finally returned to normal. Due to the bright explosion just now, the crowd spent a short period to recover their eyesight before being able to see clearly.

But when they had a look at the scene, they were stunned!

Jin Kang had vanished. Only Su Hao could be seen, kneeling on the ground. His whole body was covered in blood, and before him, a huge five meters in diameter pit could be seen. As for the depth

No bottom could be seen!

As for Jin Kang?

Only the scattered metals and blood stains around them, as well as the distant broken golden axe, were able to prove his existence.

In front of such powerful move, Jin Kang who was in his origin avatar was completely destroyed.

The staffs of association were dazed.

No matter how they imagined, they would have never thought that Su Hao who would be so strong that he had touched the threshold to be a professional esper!

There was not even a chance to escape!


Su Hao slowly raised his head.

The staff members subconsciously took a step back and then came to realize that he was their people. They felt ashamed to be so tense for nothing.


Su Hao spat out a mouthful of blood. He supported his body with his hands. He swept his sight across everyone, but his real attention was within his mind.


The card establishment is completed.


Card data is shown below.


Name: Unknown

Rating: 5 stars

Description: By using an origin beam as the base, the Xinghe sword can transform into a bow and a horrifying amount force can be produced to penetrating every enemy.

Requirement: Origin beam, Xinghe sword, and shape change


Origin beam!

Even with ten overlays and 1024 compression, the energy beam was still not enough to kill Jin Kang! 

Then a new idea came.

What if the Xinghe sword was able to do so?

Su Hao was tempted by this.

However, to do so was impossible. The reason the Xinghe sword existed as an energy weapon was because of its stable structure.

Su Hao then thought, what if he remade it?

Creating a new structure?

Could the model world create something completely different than the Xinghe sword?

Su Hao then quickly began to try.

Origin beam, he could only have one at a single time. The Xinghe sword was the same. However, if he made the beam into something else, perhaps it could still coexist. Su Hao then quickly analyzed the previous data he had.

To make a structure of new energy weapon?

That was too difficult!

At least, for the current Su Hao, that was an impossible feat.

However, it didnt matter

He could always start from another aspect. Wasnt the Xinghe sword stable? Then from its final form, he would perform a reverse deduction!

Soon, a new framework was done.

Compared to the complex structure of the Xinghe sword, this new structure was unrefined and simple.

In the end, a brand new weapon was formed. One part of it may explode at any time as the other half was formed from an inspiration between the Xinghe sword and origin beam.

An arrow!

It looked ordinary.

Su Hao compressed the energy based on how his mind thought of an arrow. The arrow was ordinary, but it was another form of the Xinghe sword which was unstable and could erupt at any moment.

This was the first origin technique developed by Su Hao with the aid of his model analysis and his mastered universal origin technique. A godly 5 stars technique!


The card recognizes Su Hao as its owner. Please name the card!


Su Hao raised a smile. Since this was derived from the Xinghe sword, then he would call this Xinghe arrow!

Xinghe arrow!


The card is named!


The data imprinted itself into his mind.

Life and death moments were scary.

Jin Kang wasnt the only one who made a breakthrough during this battle.

At least, I won, right?

Su Hao grinned.

Su Hao, are you alright?

Zhang Lin came to support him.

Of course Im fine.

Su Hao said calmly.

However, the moment he finished his sentence

Su Hao felt his sight turned black and his legs became weak. Instantly, he fainted.