Godly Model Creator Chapter 407

Gmc Chapter 407

Chapter 407    Incoming storm

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Finally, it ended!

Zhang Lin sighed.

There was a recording of the battle just now. So they were not worried at all if Zhanzheng College questioned them.

Su Hao defeated Jin Kang in an open, fair and square match.

However, who could imagine that Jin familys case would just end in such a way? Jin family who was always an enemy to Su Hao had become the stepping stone for Su Hao to breakthrough at the last moment.

You guys, take care of Su Hao and cure his wound.

Zhang Lin instructed, For others, search around the Jin familys mansion, report all the items which are still working fine, especially the Nitai artifacts that were hidden by them. All of these should be reported to the headquarters.


The subordinates followed the order.

Everyone started to search around.

There was only Jin Kang from the Jin family who entered Zhanzheng College?

Zhang Lin asked curiously. Even for Jianghe city, there were at least a few candidates who managed to make it into the college. Jinhua city was a much more developed city, how could they not have other candidates who entered Zhanzheng College? The Jin family and Hua family members who went to the college shouldnt be only Jin Kang.

Obviously not.

Zhang Yang shook his head and denied, How could it be possible for a family which controls a whole city to have only one talent who is Jin Kang. However, if considering the main branch of Jin family who entered, he was the only one.

Main branch

Zhang Lin suddenly understood.

The resources were scarce in the era of origin ability. Even real brothers could kill each other for the sake of benefit, not to mention a huge family like the Jin family.

There was nothing to do with those family members who were not in the main branch.

They didnt need to worry at all!

Zhang Lin felt relieved as he thought about it.

Everyone had their own profession. What he needed to do was to just follow the command from his superior.

The staffs from the association started to check around and in the mansion. After checking the whole mansion, they surprisingly were not able to find even a single Nitai artifact!

Well, other than the damaged golden axe used by Jin Kang.


Zhang Lin was angry, Jin family has stolen so many Nitai artifacts, how could it be possible that not even one piece was found!

Would those Nitai artifacts be in the Hua family?

Someone asked in low volume.

Zhang Lin was enlightened! The Jin family and Hua family were always on the same team. If he couldnt find those Nitai artifacts in Jin family, there was only one possibility left. However, someone else was sent to Hua family to investigate as he was only assigned to check on Jin family. Hence, didnt it mean that he wouldnt get any reward for this mission?

Zhang Lin was worried.

Not even a piece in Hua family.

Zhang Yang said.


Zhang Lin was surprised, How did you know?

Oh, while I was waiting for you all, I went to Hua family. Upon confirming their sins, I cleared them up. I couldnt find any Nitai artifacts as well.

Zhang Yang said calmly.


Zhang Lin sweated!

Everyone else sweated!

So the one who was in charge of the mission to clear up Hua family was Zhang Yang too!

However, if what he said was true, didnt it mean that all those Nitai artifacts that Jin family and Hua family get throughout the years were all disappeared?

Just disappeared without any signal?

How could it be possible?

Zhang Lin had no idea at all.

He couldnt report to the management as well in such circumstances.

Oh, ya.

Zhang Yang suddenly said and took out a thing from his pocket, I found this in Hua family mansion, but I couldnt figure it out. Initially, I planned to take this back to headquarter. Since you guys wanted to investigate on that, you all could check on this.

Storage unit?

Zhang Lin had his eyes shined.

He took over the storage unit that had less than one centimeter in its length and width and put it on the device to extract the data. The technician solved its security password, and plenty of information appeared before their eyes.


All of them were astonished when they saw that.

It was a name list in details with all the placement of Nitai artifacts. However, what surprised everyone was it involved various higher-ups in the association and federation.

They knew that the Jin Family had great ambitions.

However, if this name list wasnt opened up to the public, they could never guess that their goal was 

To become a capital city!

The capital city of the Eastern State!

Jin family and Hua family planned to upgrade the Jinhua City from a developed city to the status of a capital city in the Eastern State, becoming a top city among the thousands of cities.

What a grand plan!

Zhang Lin sneered and passed the unlocked storage unit to Zhang Yang and said, Sir, please help to submit this to the top management.


Zhang Yang nodded.

Thank you.

Zhang Lin finally relieved and told his man, Lets go back and report to headquarters, someone else will come and settle this mess. Such a big case, for sure those in the Jinhua branch would be in big trouble. You guys better keep quiet about what you all saw just now.

Yes, sir!

All the staffs replied.

Any leakage on this secret would totally destroy their future, how would they dare do so?

As the staffs from the association left, the Jin familys case was officially closed.

Meanwhile, the news of the Jin familys elimination, the proof of their crime were all disclosed to the public to indicate that they deserve the punishment!

A majority of public were clapping their hand on that.

However, only those who went to the Jin family understood what had happened.

Besides Su Haos powerful advancement, the Jin family was a big problem. However, after they were slaughtered, plenty of new problems arose!

All the powers that were involved couldnt escape punishment, including the Origin Ability Association and the Federation.

A tiny name list was making a butterfly effect, causing a huge storm in the whole Eastern State.

The Eastern State was in a huge mess!

In the Eastern State.

The capital city.

Fenghui City was the administrative center for the Eastern State Government, the so-called only capital city. No matter what aspect of the economy or the size of the city, it was the top among all the cities in the Eastern State.

However, it was in trouble in the recent five years. That was because it had been 5 years since any new young talent was born in this city.

The youngsters were the indication of the Federations future!

Meanwhile, here 

It was like a land of death.

Within five years, forget about Zhanzheng College, there was hardly a student who managed to get into a top-ranked university.

Was it because of their education?

Was it because of the system?

Was it because of the genetics?

Nobody knew!

Fenghui City was never a place for talents to be born. The capital city was chosen as a base for the military in the first place. However, due to the high population, there was also plenty of geniuses born in the city. Too bad, everything changed in the college entrance examination five years ago.

From there, the nightmare started.

The whole Fenghui City didnt even have a candidate who managed to get into a top-ranked university. The next year, parents started to change the school for their children. Then, there was even less candidate who remained in the Fenghui City. A few people with genius talents had died due to an accident during their mission.

The third-year 

The fourth-year 

The fifth-year 

Fenghui City seemed to be entering a dead cycle. More and more of the candidates moved away. Especially when the parents started to realize something, they moved away from Fenghui City. There were even fewer people who were willing to stay and study. After that, not only the top-ranked universities, even the number of students who managed to get into a normal university started decreasing.

Within five years, the Fenghui Citys performance dropped drastically.

In the other side, few of the core cities performances were improving. Every year, they would have numerous students who enrolled into Zhanzheng College. This made Fenghui City even more embarrassed. Every year, out of the few thousands of candidates who got into Zhanzheng College, only 10% of them were from the Eastern State.

Hence, from the aspect of talents 

The Eastern State was always working hard on that. As for the capital city, Fenghui City, it was the shame of the Eastern State. Hence, the top management had approved the proposal of abolishing Fenghui City as the capital city. Once there was a new capital city elected, the abolishment would be executed immediately.

The news had a significant impact on the people.

In an office somewhere in Fenghui City.

A middle-aged man was sitting in his office, and he couldnt hide the excitement on his face at all. The proposal of abolishing Fenghui City had been approved; it indicated that the first step of his plan had succeeded. Next, he could proceed with his second step.

Jinhua City is not qualified to be nominated as the new capital city yet, but I believe that Jin Mang wasnt only seeking help from my side. I have done what I could, the abolishment of Fenghui City is approved. Whether Jinhua City can be upgraded or not all depends on you now. The middle-aged man said.

As he opened his device to contact the Jin family, a piece of news popped out.

He opened the details and was shocked.

Jin family had been eliminated.

The middle-aged man was extremely stunned. The plan had only completed its first step, and now the Jin family was already gone?

What happened?


His face turned gloomy after finished looking at the details.

During the meeting, he proposed the abolishment of Fenghui City as the capital city with the reason of a lack of talent. On another side, he had written a new proposal for nominating the new capital city. As requested by Jin Mang, he proposed Jinhua City as the new capital city. However, Jin family had been eliminated.

What the hell!

He was in trouble now.


The middle-aged man hesitated for a moment and looked at the proposal in his hands. He erased Jinhua City and wrote another city on it.

Jianghe City!