Godly Model Creator Chapter 408

Gmc Chapter 408

Chapter 408    The battle to become a capital city!

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

June 15, 2051

It was destined to be an unusual day.

Just a few days after the college entrance exam ended, the entire Eastern State reported heavily on the news regarding the Jin family, who rapidly expanded these few years, being destroyed by the Origin Ability Association! Jinhua City, which had the opportunity to be a second-tier city, had therefore halted.

If it were only this, then it would still be okay.

This morning, the original capital city of Eastern State had been revoked of its title; when it was announced, it shocked the public! After the officials submitted their respective bills, they had decided to use a duel as the way to determine which city would be selected as the new capital city.

Let the juniors decide the future of their city!

In each nominated city, five teenagers below the age of 20 would be selected to participate in the battle. The winning city would then be the new capital!

In order to show respect, the venue would be held in Fenghui City as a mean to pay tribute to the previous prosperity there and show the strength of the new generation!

Jianghe City, at a remote corner.

A middle-aged man in his forties had his eyes filled with anger as he read the information on his hands.

Jianghe City it really is this damn city! Two days ago, my disciple was still in front of me, mentioning about raising Jinhua City into the capital city. For this reason, I even use my own means. Never did I expect in just a few days, the Jin family would be exterminated! The middle-aged man gripped his fists hard.

Daddy had searched for five years before managing to find one disciple who matched with my ability talent. But he was killed by a little high school student!

Su Hao, right?

I will let you die miserably!

The middle-aged man laughed in a sinister manner.

If there were any Jin family member here, they would recognize this man as the master of Jin Kang and a teacher at Zhanzheng College! He is currently a level 6 professional esper. How much had he committed to his disciple and Jinhua Citys plan?

And now

Everything was wasted due to Su Haos attack.

When he came to Jianghe City, he had already planned to kill Su Hao. Only by doing this would he be able to calm down his anger.


A casual voice could be heard coming from above, Old man, youre so old that you should be preparing your coffin to have a rest. Why bother coming out when you have nothing to do?


The middle-aged man became alert.




A figure then appeared in front of him, looking at him with interest, Havent you met me before? Let me introduce myself then; Im Zhang Yang.

Berserk lion, Zhang Yang?

The middle-aged man had a huge change in his facial expression, No impossible! You how could you be here?!

Smirk, I dont have to explain this to you.

Zhang Yang smiled indifferently. Forming a claw-alike shape on his right hand, he then struck toward the middle-aged man.

The middle-aged man was too late to evade that he received five scratches.

Pu ci!

Trails of blood could be seen.


The middle-aged man opened his eyes wide and looked at Zhang Yang in disbelief. He had never thought that Zhang Yang would dare to make a move on him!

He was after all a teacher at Zhanzheng College!

Ridiculous, I didnt make a move against Jin Kang, so you thought that the association is afraid of you? The reason we cant attack the students is to protect the young ones future. As for you, stop dreaming with your age.

Zhang Yang sneered.

The middle-aged man pointed at him with his trembling fingers, Berserk lion, Zhang Yang. One of the seven guardians of the federation actually offers his service as a students bodyguard! To die under such a man, it is not a wasted death.


The middle-aged man fell without finishing his words.

Sigh, you think I am here for you?

Zhang Yang looked at his body calmly. Then he diverted his attention at the dark corner of a dark lane. With his cold eyes, his right hand raised up high and suddenly became a giant lions claw!


The lions claw slashed at empty air.

It was so powerful that it almost tore the entire space!



Numerous houses collapsed into ruins.

Zhang Yang walked over gently and looked at the ruins. The body of a dead berserk beast was lying there, separated into several segments.

It fled?

Zhang Yang frowned a bit. Indeed worthy to be a king class berserk beast. Even if it is just a split body, it still managed to flee easily. However, since berserk beasts are here, does this mean that Su Hao had finally caught their attention? This matter really gives one a headache.

Berserk beasts are not something easy to deal with.


Zhang Yang disappeared from the scene.

At the same time, Origin Ability Association.

After a few days of treatment, Su Hao finally regained consciousness. Suddenly he opened his eyes and saw a huge face.


Su Hao was so scared that he almost made a move.


Zhang Lin stared at him, My face is so bad that it scared you?

Hehe, no.

Su Hao awkwardly laughed.

Alright, time to wake up. During these three days when you were in a coma, many events had happened. Regarding model analysis, headquarters also rushed here for it. If you sleep again, Jianghe City branchs cash will end up in the negatives by the next month.

Three days?

Su Hao got up from his bed and tested the strength in his body.

Sure enough, the wounds from the battle had recovered. His current body had been restored to the peak.


Zhang Lin nodded and explained what had happened these days.

When Su Hao head about it, he was dumbfounded.


Jianghe City was nominated as a capital city?

How could this be?

No matter how strong Jianghe City was, it was only a bit better than a level five city. It was not even able to compete as a developed city, let alone as a legendary capital city.

Those higher-ups, did their brains get kicked by a donkey?

That Im not sure.

Zhang Lin shrugged, However, Fenghui City has not produced any Zhanzheng Colleges students in many years. And now, Jianghe City dominated the top three in the global rankings. The gap is too huge. Probably the higher-ups considered this. After all, it is just a nomination.

Why is it just a nomination?

Su Hao felt bad about this.

You have to win first.

Zhang Lin looked at him in disdain, There are seven cities nominated. Including Fenghui City, there are a total of eight. Three of them are core cities, and they do have several geniuses. Although this battle is for the younger generation, the requirement is to be under than twenty years old.

Under twenty?


Zhang Lin nodded, So even if you guys managed to get the top three, this basically has nothing to do with you at all. After all, you are still young. This time, the ones involved would be those who were admitted to Zhanzheng College in a previous session.


Su Haos eyes lit up. Zhanzheng Colleges students! Does this mean that they are his future seniors?


Of course!

Zhang Lin reaffirmed, Although Jianghe Citys development isnt that great, our education is still prioritized. If Im not wrong, the ones participating this time should be 5 second-year students at Zhanzheng College.

If so, what is so difficult wait.

Su Hao finally understood.

If Jianghe City was doing this, what about the other cities?

On the surface, it was a battle to become a capital city, but this was just a duel between students of Zhanzheng College! In other words, the other seven cities would be represented by students from Zhanzheng College too!

Su Hao was shocked when he thought of this.

One had to take note that Jin Kang who met the requirement was so powerful! If not because of the Xinghe arrow, he wouldnt have been able to defeat Jin Kang! This level of strength

This time, they would all form a group?

This battle for the title of capital city wasnt that simple.

Can I participate?

Su Haos eyes lit up.

Competing with the strong is the best way to improve. If he had more chances to experience battle with Zhanzheng Colleges students, would he be able to improve again?


Zhang Lin rejected immediately.


Su Hao rolled his eyes and said in dissatisfaction, I have already killed third year Jin Kang, have you forgotten about this fact?

You should know how strong those from Zhanzheng College are.

Zhang Lin smirked, I believe in your strength, but others might not! Of course, the most important fact is this matter is organized by the Federation and has nothing to do with the association. The governor of Jianghe City will select the final candidates.


Su Hao smiled bitterly.

Alright, forget about this. When you enter the college, you can fight to your hearts content. With your current strength, to do so is a bit too forceful.

Zhang Lin frowned as he looked at Su Hao.

Your last move was powerful. But the burden it had on your body was too great! Otherwise, you would not have to take a full three days to recover. Do not use this move if possible.


Su Hao replied with no intention to obey.

Zhang Lin felt helpless.

Alright, time to test your ability talent. Must have been nice sleeping here for three days. The higher-ups have been waiting till they almost went mad! If I still delay I might even lose my job.