Godly Model Creator Chapter 409

Gmc Chapter 409

Chapter 409    Ability talent evaluation

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

In Origin Ability Association.

Once people heard Su Hao was going to test his origin ability talent, it became crowded around the building.

They had looked at the replay of the exam. That various fabulous skills of Su Hao had fascinated the crowd. The good reputation of the association for so many years was also a victim of Su Haos success. From there we can see how impactful Su Haos ability talent was.

Was it really grade E?

Or it was misjudged by the association?

Or did a mutation occur in his ability talent?

The crowd was curious about that.

However, as Su Hao went into the testing room...


Zhang Lin closed the door immediately. This is no joke! If the testing procedure was leaked, everyone would know Su Hao's ability!

It was important to remain mysterious.

How should the test be carried out?

Su Hao tried to be direct.

No need to test the basic part.

Zhang Lin was distressed too, Whether it was during the exam or the way you use it, it was indeed model analysis. However, the suspicious part was you could use others talent, plus you could use those special origin techniques Dont tell me that those are universal origin techniques; I wont believe it.

Too bad, those were indeed universal origin techniques.

Su Hao said.

Zhang Lin flipped his eyes.


Su Hao shrugged and said, Erm How should I say? The field that I am currently researching on is model analysis. However, I have discovered another new field through this research, which is origin model.

Origin model?

Zhang Lin was surprised.

Erm, that means to build up others origin model. Through model analysis, I could analyze and illustrate on other people's ability talents. From that, I could build a model that consists of the ability talent, that is the so-called origin model! By using this origin model, I can use others ability talent as well.

Su Hao said.


Zhang Lin cursed.

Although he had prepared to get some shocking answer, he was still astonished when he heard that from Su Hao. Didnt this indicate that Su Hao could use anyones origin talent? Such a powerful talent, it shouldnt be categorized as grade E; instead, it should be grade S super talent!

Hence, if you build a grade S origin model, then you would own grade S ability talent?

Zhang Lin asked.

Didnt that mean he could use whatever talent was available? All the grade S talents would become a joke for Su Hao!

Such an imbalance talent, how could it exist?


Su Hao smiled awkwardly and said, There is some problem with that, I can only copy whatever my opponents have at the moment. For example, if you are a level one specialized esper with three origin techniques, my origin model would only have that power!

If you said so

Zhang Lin thought and said, It means that the talent couldnt be improved?

Err, yup.

Su Hao nodded and said, I cant learn the special origin techniques as well. I could only temporarily borrow their talent. Due to myself having the origin characteristics of model analysis, I cant copy peoples special characteristics as well.

Oh, I see.

Zhang Lin finally was clear of the situation.

However, Su Hao was already strong enough.

If Su Hao could build models for all talents, wouldnt that mean that Su Hao himself would be able to use any talent whenever he wanted to? If that was the case, this was extremely horrible since Su Hao could choose any talent that was effective against his opponents.


Something was wrong.

Zhang Lin suddenly realized that he had never seen Su Hao use two talents simultaneously. Then, was it a problem with the talent?

Is there any restriction?

Zhang Lin asked.

Firstly, only one origin model can exist at a time. In other words, no matter how powerful I am, I can only have one origin model. Secondly, the consumption of the origin model to use its skills is very huge, almost ten times more than my opponents. Su Hao said.

Hence, if I build your origin model, when we both use the same technique, my consumption would be ten times yours! Of course, I am not sure about whether the multiplication of consumption will change in the future. Moreover, the consumption of building the origin model itself is already horrifying!

With your energy capacity now, how many models you could build?

Zhang Lin asked.

I never tried to build up to maximum before, but I guess it would be no more than ten!

Su Hao said with slight disappointment.

Ten is still not enough for you?

Zhang Lin rolled his eyes and said. It was already very powerful being able to build ten models at once.

My energy capacity now is equivalent to a level 1 professional esper. Moreover, the reason I could build up to ten is from my model return! Since you had been researching model analysis, you definitely know about that godly technique. Model return, the energy recovered from a model could be up to 70% the conversion rate!


Zhang Lin felt blurred.

Let me do the math, so although your talent was powerful, the restriction on its growing opportunity, time constraint, number of model constraint, and the high consumption energy problem, all of them are big problems. It was really not easy for you to perform during the exam.

I agree.

Su Hao couldnt agree more with that.

Although it was just a combination of a few simple techniques, one knew how many times he had made an illustration of it. For example, in his previous battle with Jin Kang, it ended with a simple headshot by the Xinghe arrow. However, it was because of the cast of illusion reality; one wouldnt know how many illustrations had he made prior to the attack.

Origin model seemed to be powerful, but it had a really big problem.

According to what you said, it sounds similar to a grade * talent called origin duplicate.

Zhang Lin frowned.

In the history of Origin Ability Association, there was really a similar talent called origin duplicate. The guy who owned the talent was able to copy the opponents talent and use it on his own. However, due to various problems, the guy was killed and it never appeared again.

High consumption and the number limit of the talent was the biggest problem.

Try to imagine...

How powerful was Su Haos energy capacity now?

With his level of energy capacity plus the help of model return, he could only build up less than ten models. From there, one could see that the model analysis wasnt that powerful.

It really has a lot of problems.

Zhang Lin said.

During the college entrance examination, the excellent performance of Su Hao in the battle by using various and different techniques to defeat his opponent easily had caused the crowd to think that he owned a mutated grade E talent!

However, it did not seem to be that strong now.

It had too many restrictions. It was impossible to have a group of spectators with strong ability talent around him for every battle.

An ability talent that had to depend on others wasnt really powerful after all.

Hey, wait during your college entrance examination

Zhang Lin raised some questions.

Oh, whenever I want to establish the origin model, I would automatically scan the people around me and read the talents of the students around me.

Su Hao said that calmly.

Oh, I see.

Zhang Lin didnt really care that, luck is part of the capability too.

However, in this case...

Judging Su Haos talent was hard.

If you said that his talent was weak, he could easily copy another persons talent who was at the same level causing it to be powerful in the battle with peers. However, if he was considered to be strong, he still depended on someones talent with a lot of restrictions.

His weakness was very obvious during the battle with Jin Kang!

He was being bullied all the way!

Hence, how should it be said?

Origin model was a talent that could bully others who were at the same level, but it was not helpful during a battle with someone who was stronger.

Zhang Lin had his judgment after considering everything.

He made a few tests on the origin model and filed a record of the tests to the talent.

Meanwhile, how about the other functions of model analysis?

There was nothing special about it.

Even for Su Hao, it was just a supporting technique. The only thing that impressed Zhang Lin was illusion reality. It had created an important change in the history of model analysis.

Su Hao had answered all of Zhang Lins question based on his performance during the exam and completed all the tests. At last, Zhang Lin questioned about the new origin technique that he learned a few days ago, Xinghe arrow.

Oh, I modified it from Xinghe sword.

Su Hao said honestly.


Zhang Lin was stunned, You created it based on the basic structure of Xinghe sword?

Yes, any problems?

Su Hao was confused.

It is a big problem ok!

Zhang Lin was furious. Xinghe sword was such a complex technique. Someone who could break it into pieces and modify it into an entirely different technique, this talent 

How scary was it?

Meanwhile, Zhang Lin finally understood.

Su Haos model analysis was really powerful. However, at most, it could be categorized as a grade B talent. The reason Su Hao could outperform his peers was mainly due to his strong talent and understanding skills!

Upon thinking of this.

He completed the ranking process for model analysis. He didnt realize that Su Hao was relieved after the data was fully recorded into the system.

Damn, it is finally over