Godly Model Creator Chapter 41

Gmc Chapter 41

Chapter 0041 Noble circles are really a mess

This student..that dish is for the table next door

The hand of Zhou Wang which was holding the chopsticks suddenly became stiff.

Su Hao glanced at the guy for a second. Suddenly, he felt that this was going to be bad. That prideful guy, his anger was going to burst soon.

He was here to make a friend and not to make enemy. Coughing, he acted quickly to save the situation, Tell them, this dish we will take it. As for the bill, put it in our tab.

After awkwardly looking at Zhou Wang who had taken a bite, the waiter could only bitterly smile and explain the situation to the table next door, and it ended up with the guys there becoming enraged.

That was after all their celebration banquet for entering natural selection class and yet it had been snatched away by another!

So many people were watching the scene. That was not something they could tolerate.

Lets go, we have to calculate this with them! F*ck, Bro Lians food, they dare to snatch it? About 5 people in total from the table stood up and rushed over. Pointing at Su Hao and Zhou Wang, You two, you dare to snatch away Brother Lians food? Do you know who I am? Tell me your names, apologize, and get the hell out!

Yes, since you all are from the same school, you guys should know Brother Lian Li right? Another younger guy standing beside him said in a disdained tone, Brother Li after all managed to get into the natural selection class. He has the chance to even enroll into Zhanzheng College. Faster, tell us your names and get lost!


Zhou Wang pointed at his own nose and then glanced at Su Hao before replying, My name is Zhou Wang. How do you plan to give me a lesson?

Su Hao also indifferently said, My name is Su Hao. Im also eager to know how you are going to teach me?

The man:

The atmosphere instantly turned cold. The mans whole body was full of cold sweat. Zhou Wang, Su Hao? The top two in the school? Those two with such high scores that could make one mad?

This group of men were not opponents tha could even withstand a slap from these two freaks.

Zhou Wang? Su Hao? Alright, we know your names now. Quickly apologise and get the hell out! The younger guy who was obviously not from the same school replied in disdain.

The man who was soaking in cold sweat reacted quickly by turning to his back and slapped the younger guys face. This action of his left half of the younger guys face swollen red.

This, Brother Zhou, Brother Su, this dish since you like it, we will give it to you. Consider this a treat from little brother here. When we are in natural selection class, I hope that these two big brothers will take care of me. After he finished saying that, the man who was called Brother Li quickly left the scene with his underlings.

That left Su Hao and Zhou Wang looking at each other in dismay.

After quite a moment, Zhou Wang blurted out a question, Are we considered as bullying the weak?

Su Hao pondered for a moment, Looking at his appearance, he shouldnt be a good character.

If so, this is good then. Zhou Wang immediately calmed down and continued eating.

Su Hao: .

This juveniles heart really changed so fast!

After experiencing a small episode just now, those two began to get closer and had a conversation. The moment when Zhou Wang knew that Su Hao only had a grade E in origin ability talent, he exclaimed that he completely admired Su Hao.

With only a grade E origin ability, he could get 1200 points? That showed how hardworking that person was!

Heaven rewards the diligent!

As a genius, sometimes he believed the meaning of that sentence more than others.

After Su Hao without any hesitation pointed out the tsundere nature of his, the two guys enjoying their drinks while teasing each other.

When they had finished their rounds of drinking, the day was already late. The two of them then walked outside to have some fresh air.

Lets go to the park. Zhou Wang suddenly voiced out.

Alright! Su Hao faintly said with a cold light flashing within his eyes.

Seeming intentional, both went to a remote park.


Zhou Wangs right hand cut across Su Haos neck. With his sight turned black, Su Hao immediately fainted.

Heng! Such a person suits to be my friend?

Lets think of a way to get him to another place and then deal with him. Zhou Wang muttered to himself. After he finished saying that to himself, Zhou Wang then dragged Su Hao to the side. However, at that time, a footstep sound made his mind tighten.


Sou! Sou!

Two cold arrows shot over. Zhou Wang evaded sideway in a flash. Those two arrows nailed on a tree with a springing sound.

Such strong force!

Take him away! A cold voice echoed. Four unknown men dressed in black appeared from dark, with bows and arrows on their back. With a black blade on their right hands, they directly attacked Zhou Wang.

Who are you guys?

With a cold voice, Zhou Wang asked but he got no reply.

Zhou Wang retreated a few steps in panic as the four person dashed forward at a fast speed. However, when they were passing by Su Hao, he who had fainted suddenly stood up.



He fiercely directed his kick accurately at a persons knee and an elbow at the chest. Su Hao immediately seized the black blade from the guy. Another man who was besides stabbed with his own black blade in panic.

Su Hao then took the advantage of the guy he assaulted as his own shield.


A blade stabbed into his body: the guy in black had been killed by his own comrade.

Taking the opportunity to move forward, Su Hao without any hesitation aimed the blade which he was holding at the other mans chest since his weapon was still stuck in his comrades body.


Another man in black died.

Turning his body to look at Zhou Wangs side, he saw a thrilling scene.

The other two men obviously noticed the situation on that side. That was why they hastened their speed and wanted to deal a killing blow immediately. Two black blades were just within 20 cm away from Zhou Wang.

However, at that time, Zhou Wangs hands each pointed a finger at both men. An electric current flashed. The bodies of the two men suddenly stopped moving, completely stunned, and then weakly fell onto the ground.

Such a strong ability!

Su Hao was surprised. On his side, it was because of sudden attack that he was able to end it quickly. But that Zhou Wang, facing two opponents who were already prepared, he was able to easily destroy them.

The perfect talent of origin ability in battle, so strong!

After finishing the battle, Zhou Wang walked towards Su Hao. Looking at the two men on the ground, he was surprised, You killed them?

Su Hao turned around and had a look. Indeed it was so.

He actually killed?

So decisive, so fast!

Recalling last time, when he first killed a person, he felt uneasy the whole day. Then, after experiencing killing spree of the berserk beasts, the current him was already accustomed to fighting. Even when he resorted to killing, he was still able to keep calm. If not because of Zhou Wang reminding him, Su Hao wouldnt have even noticed how calm he was.

But..perhaps there wasnt any discomforting feeling, so he just nodded his head, En.

Zhou Wang suddenly had a burst of shock. Undeniably, he was making a comparison within his heart.

Just now using his ability to quickly suppress his opponents, he felt a sense of accomplishment. Obviously, he couldnt accept his result today but this time, he had no complaint. Such decisive killing, even killing him, he wont have a duel with Su Hao.

As highschool students, everyone was still a newbie. His tutor had occasionally caught some berserk beasts for him to experience actual combat. He thought that his mental strength was already strong but now..

Why are you looking at me like that? Su Hao snappily glanced at him, What wrong had you done that someone even wanted to kill you.

After recovering from the shock, Zhou Wang had the same doubts, Im not sure. At first, I thought that they were here to kill you..

Su Hao blushed with shame.

In fact, when they left the restaurant, they already felt that they had been spied on. That was why they had a little drama in order to identify who was the real target!

Zhou Wang dropped his head and stripped a man in black. After examining for a moment, his eyebrows wrinkled, They did not fuse any origin abilities. Although they are soldiers, they are just ordinary people!

So, its like that! Su Hao nodded, But to send someone without origin ability to kill you, isnt that too arrogant?

Zhou Wang solemnly said, This was a test! After leaving from my tutors side, I directly went to the exam and hadnt stopped at home yet. Im afraid that they are eager to know my current strength. If Im to be killed, that would be the best result. If not, at least they could guess my current ability.


Who else, obviously my lovely relatives. Zhou Wang sneered.

Zeze, noble circles are really a mess. Su Hao shook his head with emotion, Who asked this big family of yours to have such huge members? You settle this yourself, I want to go back home.


Zhou Wang nodded. Both left their contact information before Su Hao departed from the scene. Zhou Wang then called his own men to come here and settle it. This assassination had completely destroyed the good mood that Zhou Wang had.

When Su Hao came back home, his mother, Li Xiaoru and Su Ling were having dinner.

Su Hao already sent a message so the meal was just a symbolic meal. When Li Xiaoru found out about her sons achievement, she naturally felt proud and happy. Since her son wanted to walk that road, it would be great to take the best route.

First rank in whole school!

That was a good start.

Bro, you have to teach me next time. Last time, people were worried, but I always said that brother is never weak. Su Ling proudly said, that childish mentality of hers was exposed again.

Su Hao patted her head, Okay, I will listen to you.

Looking at that scene between brother and sister, Li Xiaoru suddenly looked a little sad. Su Hao grabbed her hands, Mum, dad is gone but you still have me and sister.

En. Li Xiaoru recovered with a smile.

The family of three chatted for a moment. After finishing the meal, only Su Hao returned back to his bedroom.

Entering natural selection class, the first goal had been completed. The following goal would be to enrol into Zhanzheng College, which was also his ultimate goal.

The college which countless people look up at!

When the school reopened in August, one month would have passed. September onwards, he would officially enter the natural selection class. From tomorrow until June when the college entrance exam would be held, there was a total of 10 months left.

After the completion of the mock exam, there would be a two day break. After the break, students would begin to attend the natural selection class.

Prior to his planning to improve himself quickly, Su Hao first wanted to know what was actually in the natural selection class.

So these two days, Su Hao didnt bother to improve himself. Taking the break days, he stayed at home to accompany his family. Occasionally, he would practice his fighting techniques to maintain the body cells activity in order to recover from the fatigue of this past month.

Soon, Su Hao recovered to the best condition.


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