Godly Model Creator Chapter 410

Gmc Chapter 410

Chapter 410    Sharing luck and fortune

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

Zhang Lins evaluation report was submitted.

Su Haos answers, as well as the various tests, had confirmed Su Haos explanation. Coupled with Zhang Lins evaluation, Su Haos ability talent reassessment was now considered as finished.

In half a day

The final result was finally released.

Although the evaluation result of Su Haos was only grade B, due to Su Haos strong performance during the exam, Origin Ability Association finally decided to grade his talent as grade *.

Of course, the association did explain how they previously evaluated model analysis.

The reason it was graded E was because when model analysis first appeared, it was just a useless talent. Later, a certain architecture master took the path of non-combatant and created a legend in this industry.

That was why model analysis was graded E because of its potential.

As of now?

Su Hao used his research and the same inferior model analysis to create a legend, and when he used this talent in battle it produced great strength!

Even if it was just a combination of various supporting techniques, it was still amazing.

Because all these

Were all self-created by Su Hao!

One could say that Su Hao had single-handedly opened a new path for model analysis. That was why many people looked up to him! While others could only slowly crawl under the route pathed by their predecessors, Su Hao had taken a path of his own!

When the news was released on the Internet, the public was stunned.

Was model analysis weak?

Yes, it was weak!

So what?

There was no strongest talent, only strongest users!

This sentence had woken up many espers with low-grade talents. What are you doing all these years? Just because your talent is weak, you simply give up? Is blaming God for your weak talent a good reason to give up?

If your ability talent is weak and there are no suitable origin techniques, create your own!

Now is the era of origin ability. Nothing is impossible!

Su Hao could do so!

Then why cant they do so?

So what if their talent was weak?

If they chose to walk their own path, they could still creatively create a path of their own!

That day.

It was unknown how many people had been enlightened.

Su Haos story was simply the best template as a motivational story. 

In fact, in the future, many had embarked a road of their own and made a name for themselves after being inspired by Su Hao.

Su Haos fame which cooled down for a few days was once again blooming. 

As a step to clear any suspicion, the Origin Ability Association consulted with Su Hao to produced a guideline called: Road to Becoming a Strong Esper. The content was curated by Su Hao before it was adapted into a novel by the well-known Internet author, -90 degrees. In addition to every ability talent being accompanied by a video.

The amazing model construction!

The strong illusion reality!

The mysterious origin model!

When Road to Becoming a Strong Esper was released to the Internet, the sales had exceeded 10 million in just two days!

As the main character of the event, Su Hao had benefited a lot. He was able to use resources from the association and his strength steadily improved!

Sometimes, being famous was useful in life.

However, this didnt last for long. At this time, the tense atmosphere in the capital was so heavy that it affected the entire Eastern State. As students of Zhanzheng College from various cities returned to their hometown, the atmosphere was getting chilly. All the nominated cities were preparing for this battle.

And today

Jianghe City, the participating students returned!

They came back already?

Since the battle with Jin Kang, he had been curious regarding the strength of the students in Zhanzheng College. Could it be that only Jin Kang was this strong or was everyone else just as strong? Or could it be that Jin Kang was weak in the college? If he could understand the situation in the college earlier, that would be beneficial.

En, in order to let them have a better performance, the city government hopes that our association will welcome them and let them stay here for their final preparations. Zhang Lin nodded and smiled, If Jianghe City has the chance to be a capital city, we will be able to gain benefits too. As for you...

Your injury was healed long ago. After staying here for quite a few days, why dont you go back? Zhang Lin asked.


Su Hao coughed for a bit before showing a serious expression, Road to becoming a strong esper had been established. And we have divided the profit among ourselves as per the agreement. In a sense, I am a partner of the association which is the same rank as your boss. So

So you ass!

Zhang Lin was annoyed, You smelly brat! You think I dont know what are you thinking? If you want to tag along, then you can follow me later.

Many thanks.

Su Hao was so happy.

Zhang Lin felt helpless. As he remembered something, his face turned grave, Yea, Senior Zhang Yang pass a message to you...


Su Hao was stunned.

Berserk lion, Zhang Yang!

Once the incident in Jinhua City was over, Zhang Yang left. For someone like him to leave a message for him, something must be bad.

Your fame is getting huge, but your risk is increasing at the same time! Zhang Lins eyes lit up, This is what senior Zhang Yang said.

What does this mean?

Su Hao didnt get it.

Very soon you will know. All those benefits from glory, naturally there would be a huge negative effect. For example, you now have a bunch of haters on the Internet, right?


Su Hao nodded.

He had used such a short period of time to become a dazzling star and naturally hindered interest of countless people. Thus, a large number of haters appeared and flamed him.

Su Hao wasnt bothered at all with those people.

Even in reality, the situation is the same.

Zhang Lin sighed, Your rise is destined to block the route of countless men and interest. Im afraid quite a number would be searching for you now.


Su Hao scratched his head, I will be careful.

From the moment he took the first spot, he had already prepared mentally but such a level shouldn't be something to be bothered by Zhang Yang.

These are just small matters.

Zhang Lin smiled, The real trouble isnt them but the other side...

Zhang Lin pointed in a certain direction.

Berserk beast?


Zhang Lin nodded slightly. Youre still a student, so you dont know much about it. Berserk beasts are the true problem. Let me ask you if there is a super genius born within the berserk beasts which could be the king of all berserk beasts. What would you do then?

Get rid of it!

Su Hao replied without hesitation.

If such a beast managed to grow up, it would definitely be a huge calamity to humanity. Then Su Hao realized something.

You are trying to say

Yes, their aim is probably locked on you. Zhang Lin waved his hand, Of course, usually berserk beasts wont be able to enter in the human realm, but there is no shortage of beasts with unique abilities. Those high-level ones, the association would take care of it, but you have to pay attention to those weaker ones.

No problem.

Su Hao smirked, Whether it is human or beast if one dares to make a move on me, I will make sure he wont be able to leave alive!

Dont worry too much. You just need to pay more attention than usual. They are just marking you; its not to the point where you must be killed. There are countless people more dazzling than you. They are more than enough to give the berserk beasts a difficult time. Zhang Lin laughed.

Alright, understood.

Su Hao nodded.


Zhang Lins communication device vibrated and a virtual screen popped out.

After a glance, Zhang Lin then became more ease, The five-man team is here. Surprisingly, they are all second year at college. Seems like this time we do have some chance to compete. Lets go. Since you want to tag along, I will bring you there.


Su Hao became excited.

He had long been looking forward to facing students from Zhanzheng College.

These students had arrived yesterday and were personally greeted by the governor. Today, they would complete their final preparation here.

After all, the Origin Ability Association was the best place to train.

At the entrance.

A luxurious limousine slowly descended from the sky, and several staff members quickly opened the doors. Lots of reporters were at the scene.

Several young students walked out from the car leisurely and caused a sensation. Zhang Lin welcomed them before inviting them into the building.

At this moment.

Su Hao who originally planned to meet the students turned cold when he saw them coming.


The floor under Su Haos feet cracked.