Godly Model Creator Chapter 411

Gmc Chapter 411

Chapter 411    Strong killing intent!

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

In front of the building.

There were the five students who were from Zhanzheng College. Four guys and one girl, all of them were neatly dressed and good looking. The one who stood in the middle seemed to be relatively mature. Obviously, he was the leader of the team. Zhang Lin led them and walked towards Su Hao.

Su Hao stared at them coldly while he stopped his eyesight on the cage that the girl was holding.

Inside there was a beautiful butterfly.

The most favorable pet in the market, a blue dream butterfly.

Having such a pet was common in the upper-class community, most of the girls would like to have such a pet. As a student at Zhanzheng College, it was normal for this girl to have such a pet.

However, the butterfly in her cage 

It was obviously bigger and more beautiful than an ordinary blue dream butterfly. The familiar crystal light had almost caused Su Hao to burst into madness on the spot.

Zhang Yating!

It was her!

During the college entrance examination, Zhang Yating couldnt hide from the detection of the machine; hence, she went back to the jungle. She had been growing up in the jungle outside the Jianghe city. With the capability of a specialized esper, the usual beasts couldnt even fight against her. Su Hao had no worries about her safety at all.

Supposedly Zhang Yating should have returned within these few days. However, Su Hao could never imagine that she had been caught! While seeing her in the cage, Su Hao didnt even need to think to guess what had happened.

These people...

Su Hao had cold light flashed throughout his eyes.

Come, let me introduce to you all.

Zhang Lin walked towards them and pointed towards the leading young man, These are the students from Zhanzheng College. He is the leader of the team, Zheng Yun.

Upon saying that, Zhang Lin pointed at Su Hao and said, I guess I do not need to introduce him, the top student of the college entrance exam, Su Hao.


Zheng Yun smiled and said, Su Haos name has been heard for quite some time even when we are in the college. I heard that the battle for capital city was due to the outstanding achievement of him too. With his capability, I believe that he would surpass us in very short time upon entering the college.

Zheng Yun was humble.

However, in his words, people could feel his eagerness. He said that Su Hao would surpass them soon, it indicated that Su Hao was not capable of that at the moment. Dont think that just because youre the top student of college entrance exam you are even on the same level as the students at Zhanzheng College, they are in a different league.

However, Su Hao didnt care about all this. All his concern was on the cage held by the girl.

Zheng Yun frowned and followed Su Haos eyesight before smiled, Haha, you are attracted by this blue dream butterfly too? We caught it yesterday in the jungle area. To be honest, we never expect that there would be a blue dream butterfly at the specialized esper level would exist in Jianghe city.

Hehe, it is beautiful!

The girl smiled and said, then she started to complain, I told you not to hit it so hard, now it is injured. If it cant sustain itself and stay alive, you have to get me another 100 blue dream butterflies!

Alright! I will listen to you.

Zheng Yun smiled bitterly and said.

Obviously, all the team members really cared about this girl.

However, their words had ignited the murderous intense of Su Hao completely! Had they beaten Zhang Yating until she was severely injured before they caught her? No wonder Zhang Yating was unusually weak right now.

Little brat.

Su Hao said gently.


In the cage, the half transparent wings flipped for once. Zhang Yating had obviously heard Su Haos voice. She tried to get up but failed, and she fell again. She looked at Su Hao with her eyes full of tears, which made Su Hao feel heartbroken.

Meanwhile, at this moment.

Everyone could feel something was wrong with the circumstances.

Su Hao never replied to any of the greetings from the students. His first and only word was directed towards the blue dream butterfly. Moreover, what was more astonishing was the blue dream butterfly seemed to be replying to Su Haos call. After connecting all the points, they felt something wrong.

Perhaps this was Su Haos pet?

These people...

They accidentally caught Su Haos pet?

Oh my gosh!

It couldnt be such a coincidence!

Zhang Lin felt frightened and asked carefully, Su Hao, is this blue dream butterfly your pet?


Su Hao replied coldly.


All of them felt relieved.

She is my best friend that I would die for her!

Su Hao continued.


Everyone had their face changed.

Best friend?!

And he would die for her?!

One simple sentence had turned the situation into a serious atmosphere.

Zhang Lin regretted asking. They should have settled it under the table. The circumstance turned into a freezing point where all the reporters around turned silent all of a sudden. They didn't even dare breathe.

At this moment, Su Hao said something.

At this time, he moved his eyesight towards the girl.

Since you are the student from Zhanzheng College, I am willing to settle it peacefully. Su Hao said calmly, Let go of my friend and we would just forget about all this.

Su Hao said all this very calmly. However, everyone could feel the great anger in his words.

The girl who was questioned had her face turn pale.


Zheng Yun stopped Su Haos words and angrily retorted, Su Hao, we respect you as the top scorer in the exam. However, you really think that you are the king of the world? We didnt want to go against you doesnt mean that we are afraid of you. It is just a blue dream butterfly!

Hah! Maybe you just intend to take this blue dream butterfly from us for your own sake. I guess you became overconfident with the title of top scorer in the exam. Remember, before you enter Zhanzheng College, you would never know how huge the gap is between us! This blue dream butterfly is my gift to her, stop thinking about taking it away from her.

Zheng Yun sneered as he looked at Su Hao.

Zhang Lin suddenly felt something was wrong.

This guy was such a retard! The blue dream butterfly had been injured so badly; everyone could see that Su Hao was already making a compromise on this. Indeed, for the sake of a girl, there were a lot of guys who lost their mind.


The girl pulled Zheng Yuns sleeves and said, I think I should just return it to him.

No worries!

Zheng Yun sneered and said, Since it was my gift to you, that is my responsibility. I want to see how egoistic this batch of examinees can be!

You are responsible for it?

Su Hao smiled. However, it was a cold one, There are things that you couldnt afford to be responsible for!

What if I wanted to be responsible for this?

Zheng Yun was angered!

Please stop arguing. Zhang Lin smiled bitterly and said, Both of you are great talents, the top scorer in college entrance exam and the representative candidate for the battle of the capital city. How about we just calm down and talk peacefully?


Zheng Yun seemed to be calm down and said, Since you said that, I respect you as the representative from the Origin Ability Association...

No need.

Su Hao said, I had given you a chance. Since you dont appreciate it, then you may go and die.

Dead people dont need to be respected!


Everyone had their face changed!

What did Su Hao want to do in front of so many media, the association and the staffs from federation?

Su Hao, you

Zhang Lin immediately tried to stop him.

Senior Zhang, I remembered that two days ago when I killed Jin Kang, you told me that if I killed student from Zhanzheng College in an open battle, there would be no problem for me, right?

Su Hao looked at Zhang Lin and said.


Zhang Lin had no idea on what to reply.

Should he say yes or no in such circumstances?

I guess you agreed with that.

Su Hao smiled.

What an egoistic guy!

Zheng Yun was greatly angered as Su Hao had talked to Zhang Lin and ignored them.

Not only him, but all the people around were also in disbelief.

Leaving aside the case of blue dream butterfly, even if Su Hao was the top student in the exam, he shouldnt ignore the students from Zhanzheng College. Even at the same level, the students from the college could easily outperform all those in other universities. Let alone Su Hao who was only in high school.

How dare him?

Was him overconfident with the glory of a top scorer in the exam?

What a Su Hao!

Zheng Yun held his fist tight, Initially I want to let this matter go since the association requested so. Since you want to die, then I will stop being polite. Today I will show you the gap between you and the real students from the Zhanzheng College!


Zheng Yuns aura as a level 6 specialized esper was unleashed.

The strong aura blew away the crowd. Although he was only a level 6 esper, his aura was even stronger than Tian Zis!

Students from Zhanzheng College indeed deserved their reputation!

Only this level of power?

Su Hao sneered. Compared to Jin Kang, Zheng Yuns aura was too pale in comparison!


Two light shined.

Both of Su Haos eyes turned into red and blue respectively.

Illusion reality, activate!


The Xinghe sword appeared and turned into a long Xinghe bow.


A gentle vibrating sound could be heard.

An azure blue Xinghe arrow appeared on the bow. Su Hao instantly pulled the bowstring to the max and aimed at Zheng Yun.


Zhang Lins face turned pale.

This crazy fellow!

He had just told him not to use this technique. Why would he just ignore him and use illusion reality and the Xinghe sword from the start!

This was simply an act of wanting to kill the opponent once and for all!


Zhang Lin only managed to say this single word before strong energy shot out from Su Haos hand and the shining light caused everyone to be blinded for a second!