Godly Model Creator Chapter 412

Gmc Chapter 412

Chapter 412    Reverse scale!

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws


Everyone was confused by the situation.

Even those students from Zhanzheng College were stunned.

No matter what, they would have never thought that a highly respected president of the Origin Ability Association branch would even warn them to flee after Su Hao made a move.

What did this mean?

The crowd was shocked.

This guy, he should be at least a professional esper. Even if you dont stop Su Haos attack, do you have to voice out and ask them to flee? Is this to insult others?

Those students from Zhanzheng College were instantly brimming with anger.

Of course

They were clueless regarding the current situation. If they knew, they would have pointed at each others nose and repeated among themselves. Idiot, would a dead man gain any honor?

Xuanling shield!

Zheng Yun roared.

A shield made of energy was formed in front of them to block the route of the Xinghe arrow. The faint red light on the surface revealed its might.

Xuanling shield, my master personally gave me this defensive origin technique. I have even managed to hold my own against attacks from a level 9 esper. You are just a mere level 5 specialized esper. How...


Xinghe arrow easily pierced through the Xuanling shield.

The so-called Xuanling shield was instantly penetrated that there was not even a chance to evade. The rest had their face change and quickly deployed their defensive techniques. Countless light flashed, blocking the path of the arrow; unfortunately, all obstacles were easily destroyed!


The earth quaked!

Everyone could feel the incoming danger.

The dazzling light covered up to the sky.

Even the reporters who were tens of meters away from the center were bombarded by the resulting shockwave and slammed against the distant walls.

Everyone was injured.

Nobody was spared!

Zheng Yun who was at the center of the explosion finally understood what the run was for. This was a powerful attack which they couldnt counter! Deep in his heart, there was a sense of regret. Too bad, he no longer had the chance to regret.

A moment later.

The light finally dimmed out.


Su Hao spat a mouthful of blood. Even with inner force to aid him, the might of the Xinghe arrow was still too much for him.

Su Hao looked at the spot which the leader previously stood. It was a total mess. Because of the joint defense of five people, the strength of the Xinghe arrow had been reduced, but even so, he still managed to inflict a lot of damage to them.

The reporters who just managed to rise raised their heads and were stunned.

This scene

Was too horrific!

Su Hao single-handedly won over the citys team!

Thinking of the future news headline, the reporters were excited. Even though they were used to exaggerating facts, this scene was still beyond the imagination of the public.

The only reason they could come up with was

Su Haos current strength was stronger than before!

He was too strong that it made one feel disgusted.

Who were those in the team participating in the battle for the capital city?

They had long done their research. Five second-year students from Zhanzheng College! Even the weakest one was a level 4 esper! As for the strongest, he was at level 6! Such strength could compete with a level 9 esper at other places but before Su Hao

One arrow!

They couldnt help but swallow their saliva.

The government did send some escorts to accompany Zheng Yun and the others. Among them, there was a professional esper but looking at the situation now, he silently gave up his intention to act.

To act against Su Hao?

This is no joke!

Forget about Su Haos fame and identity, that strength from Su Hao just now was enough to scare the hell out of him. Even if he could win, that would be a victory with a heavy price!

Nobody would do such a task with no reward!

The atmosphere turned quiet.

Ding, ding, dang, dang!

A series of metal sounds could be heard. Far away, a cage rolled over. The blue dream butterflys figure could be seen clearly.

Such a strong eruption yet the blue dream butterfly didnt suffer any damage?

I remember before the start, the cage had been thrown out...

Perhaps this had been calculated by Su Hao? This is too unbelievable! Could this be the so-called illusion reality recorded in Road to Becoming a Strong Esper?

Very likely. Look at them. They didnt even have the chance to evade. Su Hao probably calculated all this.

Su Hao took a step forward and everyone took a back backward subconsciously.

Su Hao was not bothered with that and went to the front of the cage. With his strength, he twisted the cage to open a hole.

Im sorry.

Su Hao gently said, If I went ahead to find you after the exam...

No. I should be the one feeling sorry.

Zhang Yatings soft voice resonated within his mind. At first, I only wanted to go back and have a look. But those brats were bullied again. So, I stayed a few more days. When I was about to return yesterday, I met them and got injured. But now, it seems I have brought you trouble.

Zhang Yating embarrassedly said.

Although she was still in butterfly form, that familiar face and voice was someone could be seen in his mind. 

These people

Damn it!


Zhang Yating immediately felt Su Haos killing intent and quickly stopped him, Besides that leader, the others are alright. That girl even tried to heal me. Although she only treated me like a pet, at least her heart had no bad intentions. Dont kill them, ok?

Su Hao looked at her pitiful look and helplessly sighed.


En, I knew youre the best.

Zhang Yating gently kissed Su Haos face and once again landed on his shoulder, This is only a reward. Haha, this is still the best spot...


A fluctuation of energy could be felt.

Zhang Yatings figure vanished.

She slept again.

Su Hao sighed. For berserk beasts, the best treatment would be to sleep. During a nap, their recovery ability would greatly increase. Even the blue dream butterfly was no exception. 

Looking at those 5 dogs lying on the ground, Su Hao smirked and walked over.


Zhang Lin quickly came with a bitter smile, Aiyo, my little ancestor. Maybe you can stop making a fuss. This is currently a serious injury for them. Youll be in trouble if you kill them.

The crowd went silent at that moment.

It was just a serious injury

Why did they feel irritated when they heard this?

Dont worry. I wont kill anyone.

Su Hao smiled indifferently and went to their side. He took kicked them a few times to turn their body over.


The pain of their body instantly woke them up.

Opening their eyes, they then became aware of the situation. They were shocked to notice the fact that they had all lost to Su Hao.

How does it feel?

Su Hao patted on the leaders face.

You cant kill me!

The leader went into panic mode, In Zhanzheng College, Im...

I suggest you better stop saying anything.

Su Hao looked at him with a grin, My friend decided to forgive you. So, I dont have any intention to kill you. But, if you keep talking, Im afraid I wouldnt be able to control myself from challenging your so-called backer and see whether he can stop me from killing you.

The leader immediately shut his mouth.

This madman!

This was everyones thought.

Even for Zhang Lin, it was the first time he had seen Su Hao like this. Even when he confronted Jin Kang, he was still as calm as ever.

However, this time

When his reverse scale was touched, only one word could currently describe Su Haos actions.


Thinking of all the things in Su Haos archives, daring to challenge Sun Yaotian and even fighting against Sun Batian! But Zhang Lin couldnt understand why Su Hao did not just hide and train until nobody could resist him before starting his massacre.

Now he understood!

Reverse scale!

Never try to challenge Su Haos bottom line. Otherwise, nobody could predict what he would do next! 

Perhaps the current situation was fortunate. The blue dream butterfly was only injured, and nothing else happened or else Of course, the one feeling bitter wasnt him but the official who followed along, Wang Xin.

Su Hao, they are good candidates for our city.

Wang Xin bitterly smiled, Its alright to teach them a lesson. But if something happens, we wont be able to inform the higher-ups.

Candidates, them?

Su Hao pretended to be shocked, These people who nearly died from one arrow of mine, you actually expect them to be the winner in the battle?

This is already the strongest team in Jianghe City who are under the age of 20.

Wang Xin smiled. How could he not understand that mocking irony in Su Haos words?


Su Haos mouth revealed a smile, How about I build my own team?