Godly Model Creator Chapter 413

Gmc Chapter 413

Chapter 413    Honeymoon

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

Without a doubt.

Su Hao took over the representative position.

In fact, the moment he stepped on the chest of the leader, he already obtained the right to take over the representative position.

Meanwhile, when the government learned about the whole story, they agreed on that.

How could they disagree?

Firstly, Zheng Yun and the team were badly injured. They needed time to recover, but the battle of the capital city was around the corner.

Secondly, Su Hao had shown his strong capability. He defeated the whole participating team with just one arrow, who could deny that he was not the most suitable candidate?

Thirdly, with Su Haos current fame around the world, even the city council wouldnt dare to question Su Hao for a criminal investigation. If they did that, most likely the mayor would be in deep trouble for arresting the top scorer of the college entrance exam.

All in all, the federal government could do nothing to Su Hao, at least not in Jianghe city. Meanwhile, the public was stunned when they found out Su Hao became the new representative for the battle.

Obviously, it was outside of everyones expectations.

This wasnt any competition for 18-year-olds, but 20-year-olds! Su Hao was 2 years younger than them. From Zheng Tais example, one could see that 2 years would make a really big difference in capability.

Could Su Hao win?

The situation in the whole Eastern State seemed to be in a mess again.

The news of Su Hao defeating the participating team of Jianghe City, using only one arrow, had created a bombastic impact around the whole Eastern State.

It spread even wilder with the help of Su Haos fans club in the online community!

It was Su Hao!

The College Entrance Examination Top Scorer!

Su Haos popularity was still increasing drastically that even those people who were seldom online or watched the news still knew about Su Hao.


There were rumours that no specialized esper could defeat Su Hao.

Of course, it was just a joke if it was someone from Zhanzheng College. However, Su Hao was already capable enough to defeat those ordinary peak specialized espers outside of Zhanzheng College!


The participants for this battle for the capital city were all from that college!

Moreover, they were much stronger than Jianghe Citys team!

For example, the representative from the three core cities. In the previous year before the change in the college entrance exam rule, there were a few of them who managed to enter at a younger age. A few of them were already in their third year of college. They just smiled when they saw the rumours about Su Hao.

In their opinion.

Jianghe City 

Was just an unimportant small player.

Although they felt that Su Haos capability was not bad, it was a team match!

They needed five people in order to participate!

Su Hao was strong, how about the others? Could he find a team that could match his capability?

Upon thinking of this, they laughed. It wasnt a one-man show.


Nonetheless, the news was still a famous topic in Jianghe City. The public started to guess the team members that would be recruited into Su Haos team. They included all the top scorers in the college entrance exam.

However, no matter how they count, it seemed not to be enough.

Even adding up Li Tiantian, Zhou Wang, and Li Xin, they would still need another candidate. Su Hao should be worried about that since it was a team battle. He needed capable teammates in order to win the match.

The public was excitingly discussing this.

Meanwhile, at the moment.

Su Hao was lying on the bed to relax. Besides him, there was a pair of white-skinned hands massaging his whole body.

You once again simply used your origin technique.

Chen Yiran said as she put some medicine on her hand and rubbed Su Haos body, You had just recovered from the previous injury, now you have to rest for a few days again.

No big deal.

Su Hao just waved his hand and said, My waist is not injured, at least there would be no problem for me to accompany you tonight, argh dont pinch, I apologize

Chen Yirans face turned red, You always think about those dirty stuff.

It isnt dirty; it is about the survival and continuation of the human species.

Su Hao said seriously.


Chen Yiran continued her massaging, You are so impetuous, have you got the idea of the team member to join the battle with you?


Su Hao nodded, I have a rough list. However, I still have to ask for their opinion. However, overall it should be alright.


Chen Yiran smiled, Hence, you are currently a general without a troop?


Su Hao flipped his eyes and said, Who said I am a general without a troop, you will be the first member of my troop.

Did I tell you that I would accept the offer?

Chen Yiran smiled and said.


Su Haos went blank all of a sudden. He thought for a moment before saying, Erm, just think of it as making your boring and hot summer break more interesting?

My summer break is not boring.

Chen Yiran shook her head and said, Meanwhile, did you just say hot?


Plenty of icicles fell, Su Hao suddenly felt cold.


It was a joke to mention the word hot in front of Chen Yiran.

You better provide me a valid reason, or else, I wont accept it. Chen Yiran smiled and looked at Su Haos bitter face. She was moving her hand around Su Haos body while listening to various types of the funny reason that came out from him.

You couldnt even persuade me, how are you going to persuade others?

Chen Yiran shook her head and said.


Su Hao thought for a moment and suddenly he slapped his thigh hard, Yes, I got it, erm, this could be our honeymoon trip to Fenghui City!

Haha, I am a genius!

Su Hao laughed.

Chen Yiran was speechless, ......

How is it?

Su Hao hugged Chen Yiran and said, Is this reason valid enough?


Chen Yirans face turned red. However, she knew that if it continued, Su Hao might think of some other ridiculous reason. She knocked Su Haos head gently.

Alright, I will listen to you.


Su Hao kissed her gently.

Both of them were in deep sweetness.

A night passed in the blink of an eye.

In the eastern part of the city.

Lis family.

Early in the morning, there was a teen who was training in the garden. He was making a series of ordinary punch technique which seemed to be ordinary yet unique. Sometimes his punch would suddenly create a strong wave and struck on the trees a few meters away.



Li Xins upper body was bare and he was sweating heavily.

The attacks that seemed to be normal brought the air all around the garden gathering together. An invisible cyclical wave revolved around Li Xin as he punched out.

Five times critical strike!


A strong force was unleashed from his hand. The tree that was a few meters away shook but wasnt destroyed. However, if someone observed carefully, he would be extremely shocked. There was a hole in the trunk as if a laser shot it.


Li Xin said excitedly.

Meanwhile, at this moment.


A black shadow appeared and ran against Li Xin.

Li Xin was angry, Dare to assault me?



The battle started.

The sound of battle was loud in the garden.


Yet another confrontation.

Su Hao smiled and appeared, You have a great improvement recently.


Li Xin excitingly shouted, Haha, why are you here?

A few days later there will be the battle for the capital city, are you interested?

Su Hao said directly.


Li Xin replied happily.

Su Hao smiled.


It was easy to persuade Li Xin to join the team. However, Su Hao felt stress about this.

It meant that he had to be responsible for Li Xin!

You have to think clearly.

Su Hao became serious suddenly, The battle for this time isnt in virtual. Instead, it is a real battle. A battle in real life! Your opponents are the students from Zhanzheng College; you might be injured or even killed!

Are you sure you want to join?

Su Hao said seriously.

No problem.

Li Xin just waved his hand and said, Since you are going, I will be going too. Meanwhile, I am sure that I wont be killed in the battle.


Su Hao asked curiously.

Because I am Li Xin!

Li Xin replied.

Su Hao was speechless. He guessed Li Xin was entering the mode of being the main character again.

Alright, I trust you.

Su Hao was affected by his confidence too.

Li Xin asked, Boss, our target is the number one right?

Su Hao said, Err, yes.

Li Xin replied, Shouldnt we make a really cool name or flag for our team?

Su Hao asked, Oh, so what name do you suggest?

Li Xin said, Boss, how about Champion?

Su Hao said, Haha, too bad; the name is fixed. Since we are representing the Jianghe City, our name will be called the Jianghe Team.

Li Xin said, Oh, it is too bad. The name isnt cool at all.

Su Hao said, Erm, I agree.

Li Xin asked, How many people are currently on our team? Can I call someone else to join?

Su Hao said, There are three of us now, two more slots available.

Li Xin said, Oh, then I think we can call Zhou Wang, or else he would say we abandoned him again. Although he is slightly weaker than me, I think overall he still performed quite well, shouldnt be dragging us down.

Su Hao was speechless, ......

Li Xin asked, Boss, what do you think?

Su Hao said, Erm, I agree.