Godly Model Creator Chapter 414

Gmc Chapter 414

Chapter 414    Sudden appearance of a killing god!

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

Recruiting Li Xin was a success.

When Li Xin agreed, he felt that he had forgotten to ask something. After thinking for quite some time, he continued his training again. As Su Hao left, he then noticed the problem. Li Xin actually didnt ask why would Su Hao actually appear in the small courtyard

That was Li familys land.

If enemies knew about this, would they not come over and kill him? This problem, Su Hao was already prepared to explain, but now it seemed that such preparation was meaningless.

This guy...

Su Hao bitterly smiled. He really made one worry. However, since Li Xin had joined the team, the current Jianghe City team had three members. He soon moved his target on Zhou Wang.

Zhou Wang was somehow special.

When he mentioned this, Su Hao had to admit that the thing he felt from Zhou Wang was never safe.

That master of his was a problem.

And it was a huge one!

Su Hao first sent a message to Zhou Wang. After both had a talk, Su Hao surprisingly obtained a surprising answer that he couldnt participate in the battle because of his masters special training.


Su Hao smirked.

After the special training, Zhou Wang might not even be himself.

However, he couldnt just tell Zhou Wang directly that his master is actually just a parasite and wanted to get rid of Zhou Wang. Why not kill him now?

If he did so, he would probably be the first to die.

Su Hao was slightly depressed.

However, after pondering for a moment, Su Hao decided to contact first Li Tiantian and then Bai Lingfeng. If he lacked one, he could still find a replacement. But it would be a big problem if two were unavailable.

Surprisingly, Li Tiantian actually agreed immediately!

You agree?

Su Hao was stunned. This man was even happier than Li Xin.

Of course.

Bai Xiaosheng smiled indifferently, Jianghe City is our hometown. Even after we go out, we cant let others bully our city.


Su Hao nodded and thought of Bai Xiaoshengs talent, Zhou Wang is in a pinch right now. Do you have any good ideas?

Zhou Wang?

Bai Xiaosheng laughed, You just need to tell him. A month later, there will be a huge wave of berserk beasts attacking Jianghe City. If Jianghe City is not developed, the city might not be able to survive.

This reason is a bit too fake.

Su Hao bitterly smiled, Jianghe City has never encountered such a situation before. You think Zhou Wang will believe it?

Of course.

Bai Xiaosheng continued, Because what I said is true!


Su Haos face changed.

Damn, this is a huge problem. Jianghe City was after all their hometown. All their family members were here as well. If there really was a berserk beast tide incoming


Not clear.

Is the time confirmed?

Not sure.

Bai Xiaosheng shook his head gently, It is just a feeling from my origin technique. Im pretty sure it should be around one month later, Jianghe City will face a huge beast tide but I cant pinpoint an accurate time and place.

In other words, we must win this time?

At first, he thought of participating in the battle for the capital city for the sake of his own interest to accumulate experience. 

But now

He must win!

By upgrading Jianghe City to a capital status, perhaps adequate preparations could be made before the tide. 

Then let's aim for first!

Su Haos eyes became firm.

Later, he told the matter to Zhou Wang. Zhou Wang was forced to interrupt his special training with his master and joined the team. No matter what kind of reason his master gave, nothing could persuade him.

At this point, the five team members had been determined.

List of participants: Su Hao, Zhou Wang, Li Xin, Li Tiantian, and Chen Yiran!

And they aimed to be first!

The news came out and shook Jianghe City.

Sure enough, the strongest members in the exam had participated!

However, this only excited those from Jianghe City. To outsiders, this was just a replacement team for the city. 

However, their competitors laughed after glancing at the namelist. The current team was even more tragic than Zheng Yuns team.


Jianghe City.


Captain, Su Hao, level 5 specialized esper, ability talent: model analysis

Member, Zhou Wang, level 3 specialized esper, ability talent: thunder element control

Member, Li Xin, level 1 specialized esper, ability talent: unstable critical hit

Member, Chen Yiran, level 2 specialized esper, ability talent: ice element control

Member, Li Tiantian, level 6 specialized esper, ability talent: ?


This is the member list of Jianghe City?

Everyone laughed out loud.

Previously in Zheng Yuns team, the weakest was at level 3, but now? There was actually a level 1 esper Plus, how could they be on par with Zheng Yun and the others?

Jianghe City, was it joining the battle as a joke?

Almost everyone thought like that.

How could they replace Zheng Yun and others?

Because of fame!

Someone quickly replied, These people, they are now celebrities from the exam. To allow them to participate in the battle after the exam just recently ended, the excitement would definitely generate income for the city. Even if they failed, there is literally no loss.

One could say Jianghe City has decided to abandon the battle and choose a better benefit.

I think Jianghe City is adopting the right strategy. It is better to gain a guaranteed profit than to let Zheng Yuns team fail.

The public was in a heated discussion regarding this.

Obviously, in their eyes, Jianghe City had decided to get the best out of this at the lowest cost. Of course, if they knew that it was Su Hao who forced the city to allow him to participate, what would they think?

Because in the eyes of everyone, Zheng Yun and others were more suitable to represent the city.

One got rid of five at once?

So what?

With such a powerful origin technique, Su Hao must have overused his body. The current him definitely couldnt bear it. Even if he could shoot once, could he shoot five arrows consecutively?

This was one of the reasons.

As for Zheng Yuan and his team, that wasnt a problem. This was the era of origin ability. As long as the government spent some money, they would be cured on time.

This was the second reason.

However, they had forgotten one fact.

Not all cities were doing well economically. Compared to others, Jianghe City was just a slightly developed city at the corner of the state.

Top medical equipment

That wasnt something the city could afford.

No matter what, Jianghe City would be participating in the battle.

The date for the battle was June 20th. For Su Hao and the others, this was nerve-wracking. In the association, they tried their best to familiarize with each others strengths and set their journey to Fenghui City.

However, the battle wasnt going as smooth as they imagined.

When they hadnt reached the airport yet, they were intercepted!

Kuang, dang!

A high-speed bus suddenly stopped abruptly.

What happened?

They were shocked.

There was actually someone who dared to block the team representing the city! Wang Xin was mad. In fact, he was already annoyed when Zheng Yuns team nearly got themselves killed. Now, when they led the team to Fenghui City, he was met with the same situation. This really triggered his nerve.

Come lets go! I want to see who is so daring!

Wang Xin sneered.

The door opened.

Su Hao and others tagged along out of curiosity.

Only three people stopped the road.

Of course, this wasnt the main point. The main point was the military uniform worn by them signified they were from the military! As for the one in the middle, that rows of medals on his uniform blinded everyones eyes.

You all are?

Wang Xins face turned grave.


These people shouldnt have any business here.


The middle-aged man in the middle smiled politely to Wang Xin, This time, you might not be able to join the battle for the capital city. Im afraid I have to bring one of your members away. Of course, if you can win with four members, you can try.

Who are you?

Wang Xin felt depressed. Facing off the aura from the middle-aged man, he felt tiny. This was a feeling which had never happened before since he advanced into a professional esper!

This indicated that the guys strength was far above him!

Owh seems I have forgotten to introduce myself.

Let me introduce myself. Im Lan Tingxu and the head of federation special operation  team.

Lan Tingxu gently smiled at him.

Wang Xin was stunned on the spot.

Federation special operation team

Within his circle, he had naturally heard of it and the worst thing was that they had authority over anyone! In other words, even if it was the mayor of Jianghe City, they could easily kill him before finding any evidence!

How could such a person appear here?

And also

Why did this name Lan Tingxu sound familiar?

As Wang Xin tried to recall, he was finally able to extract out the long-lost memory deep in his brain.

One of the seven guardians of the federation.

Killing god, Lan Tingxu!