Godly Model Creator Chapter 415

Gmc Chapter 415

Chapter 415    Shoot your damn face!

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

Kill killing god?

Wang Xin shivered as he spoke.

These guardians wouldnt be seen unless there was a crisis. Of course, nobody would be able to control their personal interests. Now there was one in front of them and the killing god was the most famous one among the seven guardians!

How could such a strong esper be here?

What did he want to do?

Was he here to kill his boredom or a mission from the federation?

If he was here for fun, as long as this man was able to be pleased, everything would be fine. However, if it was for a mission, what kind of mission would deploy a guardian?

The more he thought, the worse Wang Xin felt.

Wow, little guy. You actually heard of me before.

Lan Tingxu looked at Wang Xin, Indeed youre within our circle.


The atmosphere went below freezing point.

At this moment, a pair of eyes looked at Lan Tingxu and smiled without any reserve, Long time no see, my dear Uncle Lan...

Sure enough its you, Li Tiantian!

Lan Tingxu stared at the young man in front with a complex look.

Who would have thought that he would one day stood on the opposite side of this child which he regarded as his own? Time really could change everything.

Youve grown up.

Lan Tingxu was somehow happy.

Youre also getting old till your about to enter your grave.

Li Tiantian said indifferently.


Wang Xin was shocked, yet he couldnt intervene. Looking at the glares between them, he suddenly remembered his status as an official escort, Who can explain what is happening here.

You dont have to know.

Lan Tingxu immediately replied, You all better dont intervene in this matter. Or else, when I submit the report, I would have to include an additional murder report.

Additional murder report

Wang Xin swallowed his saliva.

So, once killed by a government official, what was needed was an additional murder form? And for this man in front, it was just a minor inconvenience?

Subconsciously, Wang Xins legs went back to their original spot.

Damn this

How could you bully me like this!

He just wanted to complete his task. Why was it that every time he left, he would meet some freaks? If Zhang Lin heard this, he would voluntarily offer a handshake. Luckily you didnt come that day or else you would have met the legendary berserk lion.

Li Tiantian, it seems like you will have to follow me on a trip.

Lan Tingxu looked at him quietly and turned around to instruct the other two men, Bring him away.


Both of them came forward.

Hold on!

A figure came out and blocked the two men, Who allowed you to bring my teammate away?

Lan Tingxus gaze shifted to the figure. With an interested tone, he said, The top student in the exam, Su Hao? Why? You want to stop me too?

So what if Im stopping you?

Su Hao grit his teeth.

The current Jianghe Citys team was fragile. Any member quitting would greatly impact their performance. They didnt even have any backup members. In other words, nobody could be taken away!


Chen Yiran quietly stood behind Su Hao. Zhou Wang also stepped forward with a cold face. As for Li Xin, he seemed to be clueless about the cold atmosphere here and was eager to start a fight.

The participating team?


Lan Tingxu smiled, If so, I will give you all one chance. If you kill me now, perhaps I wont bring Li Tiantian away.


Su Haos eyes turned cold, Team Jianghe, move out!


Lightning suddenly crashed down from the sky.


Countless icicles formed in mid-air and covered Lan Tingxu entirely before charging him.


Li Xins right arm flexed as his veins were exposed. The invisible force was condensed within his fist and aimed at Lan Tingxu. This young masters qilin arm is going to attack now.

Wang Xin was completely stunned at this scene.

They really acted

He wasnt mistaken!

They were only specialized espers, yet they dared to attack the guardian of the federation! Moreover, it was the killing god, Lan Tingxu.

What had happened to this world?

Wang Xin wanted to cry. He could only foresee the deaths of these students. As for him, because he failed his mission twice, he would be blacklisted by the federation and would no longer be promoted.

As he looked around, Wang Xin sighed in relief. At least, Su Hao still didnt make a move. This meant that there was still a room to salvage the situation


When his thought hadnt finished yet, Wang Xins face turned pale.

Because at this moment, Su Hao made his move and the move he chose

It was the same trick!


The Xinghe bow was formed. Su Hao activated his illusion reality as he aimed at Lan Tingxu to ensure he couldnt escape.

Go, arrow!


The Xinghe arrow accelerated forward!

As the arrow approached Lan Tingxu, that dense aura blew his hair off his forehead and then nothing else!

Xinghe arrow just remained stationary in front of Lan Tingxu and could no longer approach. Every other attack from the team became stationary.

Even the wind within ten meters of Lan Tingxu stopped moving.

It was as if time and space was suddenly frozen.

Wang Xin was dumbfounded. Was this the strength of the guardian?

Su Hao and others were stunned too. At first, they thought he was just an ordinary professional esper but this strength what a freakish esper! How could an ordinary professional esper be this strong? Inexplicably, Su Hao then recalled Zhang Yangs aura when he was in Jinhua City. It was in the same realm

The attacks are pretty good.

Lan Tingxu casually said, Too bad; its too weak.

In this silent atmosphere, Lan Tingxu slowly stretched out his right hand, You know what? I have been curious all this time. What if I return the attack to their comrade, how would they resist each others attack?

Everyones face had a huge change.

All these origin techniques were their strongest. If their comrades were to be on the receiving end

A slight energy fluctuation could be sensed coming from Lan Tingxus body.

All the attacks regained their movement and headed in the opposite direction, towards the group!

Damn it!

However, Li Tiantian suddenly waved his hands and the same energy fluctuation spread out.

All the attacks returned back to normal.

Everything returned back to the situation before Lan Tingxu stopped their attacks. Led by the Xinghe arrow, those attacks once again headed towards Lan Tingxu.

In the eyes of Lan Tingxu, there was a hint of shock. Before he could react, he was hit by the attacks.


The dazzling light rays covered Lan Tingxu.


Li Xin was so excited, Shot your damn face!

Everyone looked at him speechlessly and immediately facepalmed.


This sentence had reduced their excitement by several levels.

At this time, forget about them, even Wang Xin himself was stunned. What had he seen? Although what Li Xin said was a bit too much, but the reality was

Lan Tingxu was really shot in his face!

A dignified guardian of the federation!

Had been hit by Su Hao and his members!

This is unbelievable!

Wang Xin murmured to himself as he looked at Lan Tingxu with worry. He was deeply aware of Su Haos attack. Although he could handle this kind of attack, that wouldnt come at a cheap price. Lan Tingxu is a guardian. Naturally, he could easily evade, but he was hit head-on.

He wasnt worried about Lan Tingxu dying. To die under such an attack, that would tarnish his status as guardian. What he was worried was any disfigurement on Lan Tingxus face.


Light footsteps could be heard.

A figure emerged from the smoke and rubbed his face as if his head ached, F*ck you dont you know you shouldnt aim at someones face during a fight? It really hurts.


Everyone was shocked!

Really hurts?


He only felt pain?

When they had a closer look, this man in front didnt even suffer an injury!

What was there to continue the battle?

What is this?

Li Xin exclaimed.

Definitely not something.

Chen Yiran was sure of this.

Is it a human or ghost?

Zhou Wang frowned.

Anyway, he isnt any human!

Su Hao affirmed this fact.

Lan Tingxus mouth slightly twitched. He only said a word and was immediately insulted by these kids. If not because of his identity, he would definitely have a long cursing session.

At this time, a sudden burst of laughter caused Lan Tingxus face to change.

Hahahahahahahaha! Lan Tingxu, are you here to be a clown? This is too funny, Hahahahah! When I thought of your face being shot, I really couldnt stand it. Aiya, this is too funny. My stomach is starting to hurt.

Lan Tingxus face turned black. With his right hand raised, he sent a powerful attack to a certain direction.

Zhang Yang, roll out for this daddy right now!