Godly Model Creator Chapter 416

Gmc Chapter 416

Chapter 416    Why do so in front of my face

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws


A house collapsed on the spot and a figure rolled out.

It was true; someone had rolled out.

That figure rolled out while laughing, Hahahaha, this is too funny. To be hit by a group of specialized espers. I couldnt stand it.

Lan Tingxu: ...

His face turned ugly.

To be witnessed by this useless Zhang Yang, very soon this news would be spread around, especially to that daughter of his. When Lan Tingxu thought of his next encounter with his daughter, he would definitely be asked by that adorable girl, Uncle Lan, I heard your face got shot by a group of specialized espers. That feeling, Lan Tingxu felt like dying right now.


Zhang Yang didnt bother to sit on the ground and laughed as hard as he could.

At this moment.

The members of Jianghe City looked at each other.

Who is this person...

Wang Xin felt strange. He was somewhat familiar with this name, Zhang Yang, but it didnt seem to be popular. He couldnt recall it.

Berserk lion, Zhang Yang.

Su Hao casually replied. He was shocked too as he looked at the laughter of his senior. He really couldnt imagine that this person had single-handedly destroyed Jin family.

Oh, it is berserk lion.

Wang Xin felt something wasnt right.

After a careful ponder, his eyes rolled, Damn, berserk lion, Zhang Yang? One of the guardians of the federation?

Wang Xin wanted to cry.

Could you please dont use such a dull tone to inform me? That tone of Su Hao was as if him talking about a cat or dog. This was after all a dignified guardian!

Huh, Su Hao, you met him before?

Everyone felt strange.


Su Hao nodded his head, That day, during the mission to eradicate the Jin family, this senior was the one who acted. His strength was formidable! Too strong that one would have goosebumps! Just a move and every Jin family member was killed which included a level 5 professional esper. However, it seems like he does know this Lan Tingxu.


Li Xin was stunned, Yet another non-human...

Wang Xin quickly covered his mouth. This man uttered something without thinking. With two superpowers in front of him, he was still this daring. However, Su Haos tone let him wonder, Wait, Su Hao. You dont know who is Lan Tingxu?

Who is he?

Wang Xin felt like getting angry, You dont know, yet you dare to act against him? He is none other than one of the guardians! He is known as killing god and is even more famous that berserk lion!


Su Hao and others looked at each other.

So he is a federal guardian!

Li Xin exclaimed.

No wonder he is so strong...

Zhou Wang murmured to himself.

So, its fine for us to lose, right?

Su Haos eyes lit up.

Yea yea.

Chen Yiran seconded.

Wang Xin really wanted to cry but had no tears.

These young masters, this isnt the problem, okay? Normal people, shouldnt they regret making a move just now? Did you not consider the consequences of acting on a federal guardian? Sure enough, these people had been influenced by that bastard Li Xin.

How could you be here.

Zhang Yang began to regain his composure and slowly got up, Well, no reason really. Some bastard has a little problem. So I came here to offer him a little help.

Lan Tingxu swept his gaze around, and he knew who Zhang Yang was referring to, Since when did you start being a babysitter? And giving your services out for free.

What babysitter? Stop trying to phrase it in such a bad way.

Zhang Yang grumbled, As federal guardians, which of us are not babysitters? Moreover, this issue seemed to be on our side.


Lan Tingxu looked shocked, What do you mean by that?

I could feel the king level of a berserk beasts aura.

Zhang Yangs face turned serious.

How could this be!

Lan Tingxus facial expression also changed, Such a strong esper couldnt sneak into the federation that easily.

It should be just a split of his.

Zhang Yang shook his head lightly, I saw it in Jianghe City a few days ago. Even if it is just a split body, if it attacked, that would be a huge mess. So, Im temporarily protecting these kids.

So that was the situation here.

Lan Tingxu felt awkward. To allow a king class beast to invade the federation even if it was just a split body, that was due to his negligence as a federal guardian.

What about you?

Zhang Yang looked at Lan Tingxu, You are so free that you come here to offer your face to be shot? I dont think youre that busy after all. That brat named Li Tiantian, you two seem to know each other. Your disciple?

Such a rare occasion that Lan Tingxu didnt argue and just coldly uttered a word, S!

Zhang Yang was shocked and could only sigh.

I will not interfere with your job.

Su Hao and others subconsciously took a step back. At first, they thought berserk lion would help them, but they had never thought it would return to the situation before.

And now, his goal was to take Li Tiantian away.

You want to walk on your own or me forcing you?

Lan Tingxu casually looked at Li Tiantian.

At this moment, there seemed to be no method to resist. Zhang Yang could protect Su Hao and others, but not Li Tiantian.

Li Tiantian

Could only he be brought away?

Instead of taking me away, how about we make a deal?

Li Tiantian smiled as he walked out from behind Su Hao.


Lan Tingxu sneered, What do you have to make a deal with me?

The destruction of a city!


Lan Tingxu and Zhang Yang were stunned, What you mean by that?

What else?

Li Tiantian smirked, If you all agree, Ill give you relevant information. If you disagree, then soon, you will witness a city with millions of people being exterminated. At that time, as federal guardians would you be able to have the conscience to continue living?

What you said is true?

Lan Tingxu asked seriously.

Of course.

Alright. I will agree with the deal!

Lan Tingxu agreed without hesitation.

In roughly one month or later, a certain city will be attacked by a tide of berserk beasts. As for the scale it is huge and enough to destroy a capital city. At least with the current military power of the city, it couldnt defend itself. Li Tiantian calmly said.

I want an accurate location and time!

For the time being, I cant see it. Since you are here to capture me, you should have a good understanding of my ability. The closer I am to the real event, the clearer I will be able to see. During the last ten days, I will be able to precisely know the location! Li Tiantian coldly smiled.

One month or later?

Lan Tingxu nodded, After a month, I will find you!

Then, we can leave now?

Li Tiantian smiled.


Lan Tingxu sneered, After this matter is done, I will look for you!

Lets go.

Li Tiantian said to Su Hao.


Su Hao shrugged his shoulder. From the words of Li Tiantian, he had analyzed many interesting facts.


The bus headed straight to the airport.

At the scene.

Zhang Yang looked at Lan Tingxu with curiosity, What he said is trustable?

Of course!

Lan Tingxu nodded, His character isnt bad. In this aspect, his ability is far beyond ordinary ones. He would not lie about a federal crisis.

Seems you know him well?

Know him well? Im not sure myself. Lan Tingxu looked at the faraway bus and revealed a complex look, But he used to be my son.


Zhang Yang went silent.

Remembering the incident of Lan Tingxu just now, he instantly patted Lan Tingxus shoulder, Lets go, Old Lan. Its time to go back. I really wanted to inform your daughter of the feeling I felt seeing her killing god Uncle Lan when he was shot on his face by her idol, Su Hao


Zhang Yang vanished from scene.

Damn you!

Lan Tingxu roared and instantly chased after him.

At this time, on the bus.

Everyone discussed the earlier incident. To be able to meet two superpowers at once, they were naturally shocked. Only Su Hao coldly asked, The berserk beast tide you mentioned just now is Jianghe Citys?


Li Tiantian replied calmly.

Then, youre borrowing the power of government to call the army and for them to defend Jianghe City? Su Hao instantly understood his plan.

They are supposed to do so in a federal crisis.

Li Tiantian smirked, If I directly say that it was Jianghe City, a small city, the federation definitely wont deploy much force. So, I will just inform them of a capital city instead.

At that time, Wang Xin who had been observing from the side felt something was wrong, Wait! What are you guys talking about, it cant be the one with a guardian, right? Jianghe City is not a capital city!

It will be soon!

Su Hao answered in a confident tone.

Wang Xin was speechless.

So the so-called capital city was Jianghe City? Since he knew about it, he should make a report but to do so or not? Not to mention he couldn't contact Lan Tingxu. Even if he did, it would still be an issue on who Lan Tingxu would believe. 

Wang Xin was really depressed by this matter.

Damn you all!

Why must you discuss this in front of me?!