Godly Model Creator Chapter 417

Gmc Chapter 417

Chapter 417    Couldnt accept the challenge!

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

Fenghui City.

This city had never been this crowded before.

The battle for the capital city had attracted espers from all around the world. The competition brought the city back to life, but everyone knew that it was just a temporary glory for the city.

The final glory for the city to enjoy.

It was drizzling over the city.

There was a constant flow of people within the city. Only three days left before the battle for the capital city began. The venue had long been set up; they were just waiting for the arrival of the participants.

The Le Mansion located at the center of the city was the accommodation prepared for participants.

Right now, at the place of the Jianghe Team, there was a weird sound which seemed like a wolfs howl which was not lacking sadness. However, what accompanied the howl was human laughter. This situation would make passersby confused.

Shh! Be gentle.

Su Hao took a deep breath and said, Are you trying to kill your own husband?


Chen Yiran rolled her eyes and decided to be firm with her actions as she stuck hot and glowing plaster onto Su Haos body.


It was stuck directly on his back.


A pitiful cry could be heard.

Su Haos heart trembled. He turned around and looked at Li Xin with an ugly expression, I am the one getting plastered. What are you screaming for?


Li Xin laughed and said, I am screaming on your behalf.

Zhou Wang and the others enjoyed his misfortune.

Although they were friends, it was pretty normal that they were slightly jealous with Su Hao being the top scorer of the college entrance exam. At this moment, they felt happy to see him suffering from pain.


Chen Yiran finished sticking the plaster, Who asked you to use the Xinghe Arrow again. I imagine you would be useless right now if it werent for the medicine I obtained from the Origin Ability Association. There are only three days left before the battle for the capital city. Rest well, or else your performance will be affected during the match.

Alright, alright. It was just an accident.

Chen Yiran could only helplessly accept Su Haos explanation.

However, she admitted that there wasnt any other way for Su Hao to take in such circumstances. While facing someone like Lan Tingxu, they could only fully unleash their capability to secure a chance. However, the bitter fact was that the five of them didnt even manage to inflict any damage to him

The Federal Guardian!

He deserved to have that title!

After a moment, when Chen Yiran calmed down from anger, Su Hao finally felt better. He looked at those few who were enjoying his misfortune and said, What are you all looking at?! Go back to your training!

You can challenge me to a one-on-one if you are not happy.

Zhou Wang sneered.


Su Hao was stupefied as he couldnt believe what he just heard. Since when had Zhou Wang become so shameless that he would say something like this when Su Hao was badly injured!

Damn, who taught him this?

Su Hao stared at Li Tiantian angrily.

Challenge me if you are not happy.

Li Tiantian sneered.


Su Hao then diverted his gaze to Li Xin. Although he seemed to be nervous at first, he then thought of something and smiled, Boss, you want to have a challenge?

Su Hao was speechless, ...

Such a bunch of shameless people!

How dare you make fun of me when Im injured?!

Su Hao angrily said, Yiran, help me get up.

Chen Yiran smiled sinisterly and bent forward in front of Su Hao, exposing her cleavage before gently coming close to his ear, Dear, you want to challenge me?


Su Hao could feel a strong reaction coming from some part below his waist.

You naughty girl!

Not waiting for Su Hao to continue his next words, Chen Yiran moved away, leaving a series of giggles, Humph, little fool. Who asked you not to listen to my words!


Su Hao looked up at the sky as Zhou Wang and the others had a good laugh.

Damn it. When I recover, I will teach you all a good lesson!

Su Hao said in a disdainful tone.

The atmosphere was lovely at Jianghe Teams lodging.

There were a few more days before the battle. At first, they thought that the details would be announced one day before the battle. However, during the afternoon of the same day, the matchup for the first match had been announced.

When this news came out, it had a great impact on the entire Eastern State!

June 21st.

Jianghe Team VS Fenghui Team!

June 22nd.

Lanhua Team VS Wangxiang Team!

June 23rd.

Yongkou Team VS Quanan Team!

June 24th.

Gaojian Team VS Baiwu Team!

There were a total of eight cities participating in this battle for the capital city including the three core cities, Quanan, Baiwu, Lanhua, and three other developing cities: Wangxiang, Yongkou, and Gaojian. Other than these cities, there was still the soon-to-degrade capital city, Fenghui City, and the rural city, Jianghe City.

As of now, almost all the developing citys teams had to face the core citys teams during their first match. Meanwhile, Su Hao and Jianghe Team were assigned to battle against the soon-to-degrade capital citys team, Fenghui Team!

Moreover, it was the very first match!

Was Fenghui Team weak?

Of course!

Or else it wouldnt be disqualified as the capital city.

However, how weak could they be?

They might not be able to compete with other core cities, but they were definitely still stronger than normal developing cities.

The city lacked genius?

No student coming from Zhanzheng College?

These were true statements.

However, this battle didnt require the participants to be from the university. As long as the candidate is below the age of 20, then one could participate in this battle. In fact, when the public looked at the candidates' list of Fenghui City, they were shocked.

It was all because of their team leader.

Jiu Hefeng!

Jiu Hefeng, male, born in Fenghui City, age 20, ability talent, Grade A: Poisonous Body. He was disqualified from the college entrance exam because he killed a few of his classmates by using poison. Although he didnt manage to enroll in any university, he was able to stand by himself with another route.

However, his fame wasnt because of all these things.

According to rumors, he had once started a feud with a professional esper. He was chased by the expert for a few months before he finally managed to escape. However, when everyone almost forgot about this matter, Jiu Hefeng returned and ambushed the hotel to poison the expert to death. The whole Fenghui City was shocked upon learning of Jiu Hefengs revenge.

It would be better to fight against a professional esper instead of Jiu Hefeng!

These words were well spread in Fenghui City. The public was worried that once they started a feud with him, they would find their dishes poisoned. Hence, throughout the two years, Jiu Hefeng had been doing great in the city. Although he was only a level 6 specialized esper, no one dared to look down on him.

When Fenghui City invited him to participate, they were surprised.

Fenghui City had actually called back someone they disqualified previously in order to join the battle. Of course, they wouldnt be allowed to know what kind of the deal was between the parties.

A total of eight teams were participating in this battle for the capital city.

Hence, some people made a ranking list. Jianghe City was definitely last while Fenghui City was ranked at number 5 which was even higher than the other two developing cities. Meanwhile, Baiwu Team was ranked first!

Baiwu Team, the team from the core city, Baiwu City. The city itself is huge and strong. They have a lot of geniuses and grade-skippers. In the past, when there werent any rankings in the college exam, the geniuses usually chose to skip a grade. Hence, although the Baiwu Team consisted of participants at the age of 20, most of them were in their third year at Zhanzheng College!

They were extremely powerful!

Their capability absolutely outperformed the other seven cities. Hence, some people mentioned that instead of saying this was a battle for the capital city between the eight cities, it was more like a one-man-show of the Baiwu Team!

Their strong capability would enable them to outperform the other teams.

And this was just the team rankings.

Among the 40 candidates who participated, the public had made an analyst on their respective capability and statistics before a final list of personal capability was made.

In the list.

Su Hao was ranked at number 10!

Li Tiantian was ranked at 15!

Zhou Wang and Li Xin were ranked at 30+. Meanwhile, due to not showing her real capability in the exam, Chen Yiran was ranked at 40!

As for Jiu Hefeng, he was ranked at number 8, two place ahead of Su Hao.

Moreover, most of the people in Fenghui Team had a higher ranking than Jianghe Team. From the ranking perspective, Jianghe Team had no chance to compete with Fenghui Team at all.

This doesnt seem good.

Su Hao looked at the details of Jiu Hefeng and he began to worry.

Poison Body!

Poison type ability

This ability talent is very scary.

If it was another type of ability talent, one could just avoid the attack. However, it was too hard to avoid poison which was colorless and odorless when exposed to air.

Moreover, the battle was held in reality!

Even if they managed to win, if they accidentally inhaled poison substances, they might be dying too. Hence, no matter from which aspect, having Jiu Hefeng as the opponent was definitely a disaster.

The first match is already a disaster.

Su Hao said, Those who could participate in the battle for the capital city aren't easy opponents for us.

The name list was confirmed. Now, the rules and regulations were more important for Su Hao. Only when two of these were confirmed, then he could proceed with strategic planning. Regarding this, the federal government was acting efficiently. After the match list was announced, the rules and regulations were soon published.

However, the crowd was shocked by the rules.

Even Su Hao himself was stunned.

One-on-one battle!

In his initial plan, he thought it would be a team match. Then, his Xinghe Arrow could bring him some advantages. However 

What had been decided was a one-on-one battle!

In such a battle, the first person who entered the ring could fight against a different opponent for multiple matches. As long as the candidate managed to win, he could remain in the ring until he was defeated. When he left the ring, someone from his team would replace him. The team which had all their members knocked out first would lose the match.

One-on-one battle

Su Hao pondered on that.

Didnt this mean that a really strong candidate could just defeat five opponents in a row?