Godly Model Creator Chapter 418

Gmc Chapter 418

Chapter 418   I Fell

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

Five consecutive battles?

Was this possible?

Five consecutive battles might sound amazing, but when you looked carefully, something was amiss.

The matches would be held in reality!

Not the virtual world!

Energy consumption would be a huge hindrance. To achieve five consecutive battles, how could they solve their energy deficiency? It was very likely one would have to tap out after one battle.

Su Hao started analyzing.

In the previous battle of Su Hao with Jin Kang, even though he emerged victorious in the end with his Xinghe Arrow, he still suffered serious injuries while emptying his gas tank. If another esper appeared at that time, he would literally be finished!

The rules had made Su Hao realized the problem he was facing. With the current strength of the Jianghe Team, it was still difficult to win the battle for the capital city.

Forget about the formidable Baiwu Team; the current Fenghui Team was already an obstacle.

Can we win?

Su Hao was unsure in his heart.

The matches werent a personal battle, but a battle as a team!

Trust in his teammates?

To be frank, Su Hao wasnt even confident in himself. Jiu Hefengs capability was unknown. In contrast, his own strength was clearly known due to the exam. Under such circumstances, the odds were even smaller. However, Su Hao was clear on one point. No matter how big the odds, they had to win!

Su Hao stood up in an unstable manner.

He wanted to keep training but noticed that his body couldnt cope with it.

Bang, bang!

Many currents pulsed through his body.

Body Forging Technique was once again activated, and his inner force quickly vanished. His body slowly became better as one unit of inner force was consumed to recover his body. He could feel his body was getting better.

Phew, if I cant train, how about I do some scouting. Even though everyone knows of our teams strength, we are still clueless regarding the other teams strengths. Lets go and gather information on their origin techniques and ability talents. Then I will be able to make better preparations.

Su Hao's mood became brighter as he carefully planned out his following actions.

His plan was simple. By using his model analysis, he would read his opponents cards. Based on their ability talents and origin techniques, he would then roughly estimate their strength.

Fenghui Teams rest area.

The team was examining data regarding Su Haos team. In fact, they did not need to do this as they had seen everything during the exam. The general strength of Su Hao and the others were clear from the exam clips.

What do you all think?

Jiu Hefeng casually looked at his own teammates and asked.

Not much of a problem.

A young man sitting left of Jiu Hefeng voiced out, To be frank, they are all geniuses. They might even have more talent than us. This fact can be seen from his battle with Tian Zi. Their potential is unimaginable. Given two years, we might not be able to compete with them. Too bad, theyre too young right now!

True, I agree with Li Yans opinion.

A man with rather a huge body said, Su Hao has learned many techniques, but few of them are offensive techniques. Although that is because he is still in high school, overall it wont be enough to compete with us.

As for the others nothing worth mentioning about them.

Li Tiantian was able to score high in the exam which was all because of his ability talent. As for his actual combat ability, it seems to be ordinary. Meanwhile, Zhou Wang seems to be capable of using many powerful origin techniques, but his level is too low. Even if he faced me, I bet he would not be able to break my defense!

Li Xin, he is just a joke in the eyes of espers. The one called Chen Yiran is unknown. She wasnt even attracting any attention during the exam. Probably she was pulled into the team due to the sudden team reformation.


Jiu Hefeng listened attentively and didnt express any opinion before looking at the others, What about you two?

I agree with them.

Me too.

The remaining two nodded in agreement.


Jiu Hefeng smirked and casually stood up. Inexplicably, he released some invisible pressure on the others.

A virtual screen was brought out.

He then pointed on top of the screen, First, lets talk about Su Hao whom you all think isnt strong. It was this man who killed a third-year Zhanzheng Colleges student named Jin Kang two days ago.


Li Yan exclaimed.

Even if they hadnt enrolled in university, they knew about this fact.

They were well aware of the strength a third-year student at Zhanzheng College possessed. Yet such an individual was killed by Su Hao? They suddenly felt worried about this match. Could it be that Su Hao was still hiding his strength during the exam?

You really think this is it?

Jiu Hefeng coldly sneered, You know why Jianghe City is having Su Hao and others who are mostly 18-year-olds as their representatives?


They scratched their head, Isnt it because their reputation is so good that the city cant take any others?

Jiu Hefeng continued, If you think so, then you have done something terribly wrong! If you get any news from Jianghe City, you would understand! The original participants of Jianghe City were second-year students of Zhanzheng College!

Second year...

Everyone had their face turned grave.

Indeed, second-year students at Zhanzheng College would have pretty much the same strength as them except their leader. But why did Jianghe City not proceed with that team?

Did they have something urgent to do and go back?

Someone made a smart guess.


Jiu Hefeng calmly revealed the truth, In front of the Origin Ability Associations main door, those five students from Zhanzheng College were beaten the hell up by Su Hao.


They were all stunned.

Was that a joke?

They were no ordinary people but second-year students of Zhanzheng College!

And the most important point was they were together as five!

It was different from beating Jin Kang who is always alone. With five men acting together, the strength increment wouldnt be as simple as one plus one. That was a small team!

Su Hao only used one move and got rid of all of them at once. They are still lying in Jianghe Citys hospital.

And this is the so-called weak Su Hao you all mock! As long as you are serious about getting information, you would be able to obtain all of this. You are all too careless!

Everyone looked down.

True, while facing a small rural city like Jianghe City, they had been slacking too much.

As a result of them not feeling any pressure.

Although Fenghui City invited them back to participate, even the city itself was sure that they wouldnt be able to be the champions. They did not bother with the citys glory but

The semi-finals!

It was fine as long as they won a match!

They would be able to enjoy a bonus! If they somehow managed to win two matches and entered the final, the bonus would be doubled. Be the champions, and it would be tenfold!

The lucrative reward was enough to attract the attention of Jiu Hefeng and the others. If they had no sense of crisis, then how could they feel pressured? When they thought of this matter, they started sweating. It might even be possible that they would mess up during their very first match.

Have you all cleared your head?

Jiu Hefeng smiled widely.

Yes, we have thought through!

Everyone replied in unison!


Jiu Hefeng nodded in satisfaction, Our goal is to beat Jianghe City with a landslide victory! Target their ability talents!


The crowd replied.

Let me have a visit with this team leader of Jianghe City. To be able to be ranked first in the exam, he must not be an ordinary person. Jiu Hefeng smiled, To understand the nature of the enemy earlier is definitely a good thing.

They were all impressed.

However, before Jiu Hefeng exited the rest area, a knocking sound could be heard from outside the door. When the other team member opened, they were shocked to notice a young man in front of them.

Jianghe Teams leader, Su Hao!

This brat

He couldnt have heard what they were discussing, right?

Hello everyone. I am the team leader of Jianghe Team, Su Hao.

Su Hao said with a huge smile. Jiu Hefengs cold gaze swept past. Watching the young leader, he immediately went and shook his hand, Hi, I am Jiu Hefeng, the leader of Fenghui Team. May I know why are you visiting us?

Of course to visit you all.

Su Hao smiled, No matter what, Fenghui Team is the home team here. We will be having away games; therefore, it is naturally more appropriate to visit you all.

Youre too polite.

Jiu Hefeng then invited Su Hao, Lets come in and have a chat.


Su Hao nodded and then walked in with a weird body gesture.

Then only they realized

Su Hao seemed to be injured?

There were only a few days left before the match starts, and he got himself injured?

Captain Su, I noticed you seem to be injured. Jiu Hefeng was shocked too at this scene.

Owh, you mean this...

Su Hao continued, I fell while on the way here. Ill be fine in two days. It shouldnt affect the battle.


He fell

Was he trying to lie to three-year-old kids?

Big brother, cant your brain think of a better reason?

Although they were on opposing team, Su Hao could at least come up with something convincing. 

Or did he think they would believe him?

Somehow, Fenghui Team felt that they were insulted with his insufficient IQ.

Well, be more careful.

JIu Hefeng laughed for a bit.

No harm done.

Su Hao waved his hand and asked sincerely, Because Im injured, that was why I am here to ask you all. Are there any interesting places in Fenghui City or perhaps any virtual battles? At least, I could play during this times.

Owh, you mean that?

Jiu Hefeng replied after thinking for a bit, In the training hall, there are some devices. However, its usually closed and would only be opened when a team leader personally requests to use the training hall. After all, actual combat and virtual combat are two different things. The higher-ups dont encourage us to use the virtual combat as training.

Well, since this is the case, many thanks for the information.

Su Hao smiled and then made a polite gesture to everyone before leaving.

He really was here to ask about the virtual combat?

Someone doubted.

It should be...

Li Yan said in an unsure tone.

Asking for directions?

Jiu Hefeng smirked, He should be here for our ability talents...


Everyone was stunned!