Godly Model Creator Chapter 419

Gmc Chapter 419

Chapter 419    Artificial Intelligence

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

Ability talent?

They were shocked. What did this mean?

The Road to Becoming A Strong Esper, havent you guys look into it?

His teammates stressed Jiu Hefeng.


Li Yan bitterly smiled, Boss, during our usual days, were all investing our time into hunting berserk beasts. Who would have the time to look at other things? To be able to watch the exams clips is considered not bad.


Others also agreed on this.

Jiu Hefeng felt helpless regarding this matter. He could only show the information to them.

After they listened to it, their facial expression instantly changed.

You mean, Su Hao was here just now to read our ability talents? Li Yan asked.

It should be. It said that Su Hao could establish an origin model of them. Of course, how he established it wasnt clear. Just that, the copied ability wont be as powerful as the original. With all kind of restrictions, it seemed that during battle, it wasnt as effective as one imagined.

Jiu Hefeng explained his analysis.

After knowing Su Hao was here to check on their ability talent, then let him do so. After all, their ability talents werent a secret to be protected.

No matter how strong Su Hao is, can he face all five of us by himself?

The huge man laughed, This Su Hao, he is different from other people. But his teammates arent as strong as him. They only served as cannon fodder. I think we should focus on Su Hao. As long as we get rid of him, everything else wont be a problem.

They had no objection to this idea.

Their sense of crisis began to show. It was time for some special training to face against Jianghe Team.

However, was Su Hao just here to stalk their ability talent? If they thought so, that would be a huge mistake!

Jianghe Citys rest area.

Su Hao rested on his head and countless data appeared in his head as he quickly analyzed them.

Ability talent?

He was not bothered with that.

Origin model?

He was not interested enough to establish them for himself.

After a quick and accurate reading on Fenghui Team, the detail information of those five men was clear in his mind. Su Hao exposed each origin technique they owned.

Currently, Su Hao was sorting out the data and analyzing the strength of Fenghui Team. Then using his teams data, he made a rough comparison.

Su Hao was doing complex calculations in his head for a long time.

A moment later

Su Hao finally obtained a result.

Jianghe Team VS Fenghui Team.

Winning possibility rate: 9.82%.


Su Hao was speechless.

Although he knew their possibility of winning would be low, he didnt expect it to be this low!


They would be fighting a losing battle!

Their team leader is no ordinary guy.

Su Hao frowned. If they were facing an ordinary team, the members naturally wouldnt bother with a small team like Jianghe Team. However, Fenghui Team

Under the guidance of their team leader, this thought process would have been fixed.

But Su Hao had already considered all these things.

Ill wait for them to return before I brainstorm.

Su Hao sighed.

Everyone was training and he mustnt feel relaxed.

Based on the directions given by Jiu Hefeng, very soon, he managed to find a virtual machine here. The admin was a huge man with a laid-back attitude. After receiving Su Haos request, he then quickly processed it. However, Su Hao then noticed an interesting matter.

Youre a programmer?

Su Hao was slightly surprised.


The admin smiled, After designing the virtual system for so many years, I felt tired and decided to do a management job. Without any combat ability talent, I could only find a way out in another field.


Su Hao seemed to have thought of something yet was unsure what it was. That feeling of something about to appear yet it didnt was so annoying.

Virtual design

Model analysis

Su Hao murmured to himself and his eyes suddenly lit up. He then asked the admin, Virtual design, how did you design it?

Virtual design?

The admin wondered why did this team leader of Jianghe Team ask him this question, Obviously, by writing the code and then...

Forget about it. You dont have to say anymore.

Su Hao frowned.

What the admin wanted to convey was different from what he imagined.

He looked at the admin and activated model analysis without any hesitation.

Character modeling!



The character model of the admin appeared within Su Haos mind. Countless cards were hovering around the model. Sure enough, very few cards were related to combat. Most of them were one-star cards related to virtual design. Su Hao didnt hesitate to read them all. Almost instantly, every card was in his grasp.


Various information and data regarding virtual design imprinted in his mind.

This so-called virtual design was to build a 3D model through computer coding which was literally the same concept as Su Haos model analysis.

Was the so-called architectural model different from virtual reality?


What about character models?


A light bulb appeared in his mind.

Su Hao suddenly realized this.


What about humans?

For the first time, Su Hao began to think of this issue.

Character modeling had always been the basis of model analysis and it was activated when he wanted to read someones cards. Because he had been used to it, Su Hao never really gave it a thought.

Building model could be derived.

Previously, Su Hao was only able to create a simple building. Now the current him was able to create all sorts of models and even achieved perfect modeling. One could say that within his model world, what Su Hao created was totally different than in real life. In fact, it was even more beautiful!

Then, what about a human?

Su Hao went into deep thought.

Wasnt Illusion Reality also based on humans?

Based on all data from the cards, he was able to make a prediction and respond accordingly.

Since that was the case, why couldnt he apply the predictions to the models?

If he was able to extract the enemys actions and sync them with their character model, what would this be called?


The so-called AI, or in other words, artificial intelligence.

The NPC we meet in games, they were all powered by AI! 

Could he equip the models with AI?

Su Hao looked like a madman now. He felt that he had discovered something new. He used to think that he had reached the peak of the virtual world. However, artificial intelligence had opened his eyes to a whole new realm!

No wonder

He was unable to achieve realization. It turned out that the route ahead of him was still long. Now a brand new route emerged in front of him, equipping models with AI!

Can this be achieved?

Su Hao closed his eyes and pondered.

Of course it was possible!

Computers with just binary numbers could even design an AI.

Why couldnt his model world achieve the same thing?

Extracting the information which had been predicted and then fusing it into the model. 

Silently thinking of this, Su Hao had yet to realize that he had just accomplished something unimaginable. The current him had entered a new realm.

Model analysis, could it really create people?

Su Hao asked himself.


In the model world, the admin model appeared!

The admin moved.

In the model world, the admin began to walk around with a goal as if he was an NPC in games. Because this was just a test, Su Hao just fused it with a simple AI which acted similarly like the NPC guards in games.

However, the actions of the admin were like a drunken man. This made one feel ridiculous when looked at it. However, this still made Su Hao excited, because the existence of AIs had a deep meaning!

The model world was now alive!

The lifeless model world suddenly became full of life because of one mans movement. It seemed like this wouldnt be a simple model world anymore but

A real world!