Godly Model Creator Chapter 42

Gmc Chapter 42

Chapter 0042 Mysterious subway

Su Hao!


Zhou Wang!


Bai Lingfeng!



The leading teacher called the names one by one according to the order on the name list as each student responded with a loud voice.

No wonder they were so excited, today was the first time they entered the natural selection class. Right now, it was the final roll call before everyone was ready to set off.

Good, everyone is punctual. The leading teacher nodded in satisfaction, Since all 100 students are already here, lets hop into the bus.

Soon, after the students all went into the bus, the bus started moving towards downtown.

Su Hao looked through the window to enjoy the scenery. A burst of emotion appeared in his mind. If he was before, could he even think of realizing his dream? Besides observing other students in the bus, occasionally his sights would land on Chen Yirans eyes and they would both smile at each other.

Some things were definitely not able to be blocked distance alone.

Ignoring the look of Sun Yaotian biting his teeth, Su Hao went back to observing the surrounding scenery. Natural selection class was not in the school. It should be in another campus, that he was very sure.

Howeverto everyones surprise, this bus stopped at a subway station.

To go to natural selection class, you have to take the subway?

Was the school that daring? Most of the students here are from rich families. They were already used to using sport cars to stroll around. How would they be willing to sit in this low-grade subway? The school shouldnt be so poor as to not able to afford hiring private cars.

People were discussing this, but they still followed the leading teacher to the elevator.

Unexpectedly, the teacher brought them to a dark place besides an elevator that had a few words written on top: elevator for staff.

The leading teacher put his right thumb on the elevator door: Fingerprint verification completed!

Top 33 enter first, others hold on. After the leading teacher said indifferently, he led the students entering the elevator. The elevator was spacious but Su Hao himself was having doubts all the time.

What made one amazed the most was that Zhanghe Citys subway station was located on ground floor. Thus, generally, the elevator only had one button -1 to press. But this time, as the leading teacher handled the screen, surprisingly there was an extra button -2.

Second ground floor!

Here there was still a second ground floor?

In the eyes of crowd, the elevator door opened. Another subway station with a different style than usual appeared. Surrounded by bright lights, the so-called second ground floor only had an area about 200 square meters, which could accommodate 300 people at once.

This place.. Su Hao looked at the scene in front of him with great surprise. At the platform on the second ground floor, there was a pale white screen which seemed like a mysterious barrier.

A curious student touched it for a second, and suddenly a sound from an electric shock echoed. This thing seems to protect this area like a room.

Su Hao dropped his head and looked at the scene outside the screen. There were two thick yellow light ray tracks.

Its very amusing right? Zhou Wang came over to have a chat.

Su Hao laughed, I have sit in this subway for so many years yet I didnt know that there was a second ground floor. But, where does this track lead to?

Soon you would know. Zhou Wang said in a mysterious tone.

A moment later, the leading teacher had brought all the students down. Looking at his watch, Not bad, there are still 30 seconds left.

30 seconds left?

The subway was arriving?

Everyone no longer spoke, quietly waiting.

Sure enough, 30 seconds later, a light ray dashed over there. The speed was so fast that one couldnt even see the body. When the light ray reached in front of everyone, only then did it slow down. The subways body was gradually revealed.

All students looked up, and immediately sucked a mouthful of cold air.

This was not like a subway at all, it was more like a steel beast!

Compared to the usual appearance of a subway, it was totally different. This subways appearance had clearly defined edges and numerous blades protruding out that seemed able to shoot at any second and behead everyone on the scene!

The subways head was modified into the shape of a ferocious beast. The headlights were a pair of terrifying eyes; it was a hideous facial expression. The windshield, meanwhile, was the opened mouth of a beast with sharp dangerous fangs.

The body of the subway was not long. There were only three compartments. In each compartment there were 100 seats, which was more than enough.

Ka ka!

The blades contracted and exposed three entry doors. The crowd was extremely shocked with this scene.

The leading teacher smiled. Leading everyone up the subway, everyone looked at each other for a moment. Hesitating for a while, they began to follow the teacher. It was just that when they passed by the door, they hastened their speed worrying that the door would suddenly closed.

After all students entered.

The waiting platform seemed to have detected that nobody was there. Light began to extinguish leaving the beast subway alone in darkness.


The subway turned into a stream of light rays and instantly disappeared without a trace.

The dark scene outside, not knowing how much distance had been covered, finally there was light entering the subway. That moment, the subway slowed down and slowly stopped.

Ka ka!

The blades once again activated. From inside, nothing could be seen. Thus, all students exited the subway one by one.

Such an eye-catching scene, it really made everyone spirited.

Green hills and clear waters, the distant forest could be seen clearly. For those who trapped inside Jianghe City since young, who didnt dare to explore outside of the city walls, the scene was really too beautiful!

Was this the downtown outside the city?

Noticing the amazed look on everyones faces, the leading teacher casually said, Welcome to the natural selection class.

Observing the surrounding scenery, Su Hao himself was also startled.

He had gone out from the city and killed berserk beasts, he could be considered as someone who had some understanding of the scenery outside. But it was completely different from the scene in front of him right now. This was definitely not the downtown of Jianghe City. Based on the speed of the beast subway, perhaps they had already left Jianghe City far away and might be in the middle of the wildness.

No wonder they were using that special kind of subway. If not, halfway through, the subway would have been destroyed by berserk beasts.

Wilderness, that was the territory of berserk beasts!

Natural selection class, it was located in between berserk beasts territories. Such courage!

Alright, students. This subway, everyday at eight in the morning and six in the evening, there will be one trip here and back. If you want to return back to urban areas, dont miss it then. The leading teacher faintly said, Now, please follow me. Theres some necessary equipment you all need to take a look at and familiarise yourselves with.

The leading teacher led the crowd into the inner part. Along the way, he explained some basic rules about the natural selection class.

First of all, let me tell you all. Under the circumstances that there isnt enough preparation, dont exit the schools gate more than 10 meters. Exceeding 10 meters, there will be a high chance of meeting berserk beasts. As for the campus defense system, it definitely wont be activated to help you, so you could only pray for your luck. Natural selection class is a completely free class. As long as you complete the basic tutorials and become familiar with the natural selection class, you are free to move as you like.

Later Ill bring you all to receive a communication device. This is an essential tool for every student in the natural selection class. There will be a lot of records in it to help you complete your studies.

A moment later, the leading teacher led everyone into a room. Inside, there were lots of glass cabinets with corresponding names on them with school uniforms and communication devices.

Now, wear them!

Natural selection classs communication device, it was exactly the same as the ones outside. Looking at what looked to be like any ordinary wristwatch, Su Hao couldnt differentiate them. However, to Su Hao, this was a rarity, much like a treasure.

Carefully wearing the communication device on his left wrist, Su Hao activated the device after it was fixed comfortably on his wrist. A screen appeared which showed his personal information.

The communication device is like a microcomputer. There are some special features in it. Next time, Ill gradually introduce them. But theres one point which I must tell you now! In every communication device, there is a program installed. We call it the life and death command!

When the leading teacher said so, everyones mind was tightened. Listening to this name, it mustnt be good stuff!

This so-called life and death command, its for the safety of natural selection classs students. Whether you encounter danger in school or outside, you can activate it. Once activated, the school will immediately send someone to rescue you! It will be your ultimate life saver but.everyone only has three chances. When the command has been used three times, the communication device will destroy itself. In other words, you will be expelled!

Everyone was startled when they heard the explanation. Expelled! Natural selection class can even expel students?

As for activation, you could set it according to your preference in the system. Voice activation, fingerprint activation, body movement etc. Whatever you want, you can set it from the system menu. But the moment when the option for rescue appear, dont simply select it or else your 3 chances will be used up.

As the leading teacher was explaining, one student raised up his hand. But teacher, when we are in danger, until the school sends someone to us, we would already be long dead.

Rest assured, since the school has guaranteed your safety, that means the school is definitely capable to do so.

Really? The student muttered, Ill try it myself.

The communication device had to be bound with the owners DNA for the screen to displayed. Unless the owner automatically allowed the screen to be shared publicly, nobody would be able to see the screen.

After messing for a while, the student then shouted, Help!

The very next second, everyone turned around and looked at him like an idiot. The student seemed to not care about this and said to the teacher with unsatisfied tone, Teacher, I have activated the command just now but there is no response at all.

The leading teacher smiled at him mysteriously. At the same time, he was staring at the student with a strange gaze.

The student felt something wrong. When he looked at everyones gaze, only then did he notice that they were not looking at him but behind his back!

HIs body turned stiff as he saw a middle-aged man standing behind his back!



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