Godly Model Creator Chapter 420

Gmc Chapter 420

Chapter 420    Intelligent model

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

It really moved!

A simple AI had given a certain spark of life to the model. He could use his own thoughts to complete the instructions like a perfect soldier.

However, what Su Hao aimed for was more than this!

What was a true AI?

It would be like the man in green, one who could judge and act independently. The man in green was on a whole different level compared to the patrolling soldier in front of him.


Once again, he fused a brand new AI with a different logic into the admin.

Doing this created a much more complex AI. After fusing the new logic, the admins movement became more human. However, the gap between him and the man in green was still far. Ordinary computers and quantum computers never belonged to the same level and was a gap which Su Hao was helpless in overcoming.

To have an AI with the intelligence like the man in green, Su Hao would have to wait until he could achieve the same processing power as a quantum computer.

However, this advanced AI should be sufficient for the current Su Hao!

It would be useless to have the man in green right now.

It would be in his own model world and he would be unable to get outside.

To play with himself, that would be boring.

It wouldnt be much help for his strength either. Su Haos real purpose was not the AIs intelligence but rather to derive the character models!


The admin ran at a fast pace. Even though his body was still stiff, he was getting pretty close to a normal person.

The model at this time was just like the real-life admin but operated by an AI.

Even so, this was insufficient!

Conduct differentiated a person and a clone. 

An AI didnt have human-like conduct and needed to reproduce a persons habits to accomplish this!


Illusion Realitys prediction was extracted and directly applied to the admin.


A crisp sound could be heard.

The admins body suddenly emitted a bright light. Soon, the character appeared exactly like the actual admin whether it was his action or how he carried himself!



Through X number of prediction and analysis, model analysis had successfully extracted out the admins habits and added them to the AI. In a way, the current admin in the model world was 90 percent similar to the real world one.

For the first time ever, Su Hao copied a real human into a model.

A human model with life.

Looking at the admin who walked around confusingly, Su Hao smiled. So, the admin would act like this under such circumstances?

What what happened?

In the real world.

The admin was nervous after being stared by Su Hao for quite some time.

Owh, nothing.

Su Hao gently shook his head. He thought of an important issue. His lacking ability in realization would only mean that this character model could only be permanent in the model world.

If that was the case, how could he make good use of this?

Su Hao looked at the virtual machine in front and an idea appeared. Since this was a virtual world, it had a lot of similarities with the model world. Transitions between these two worlds were possible.


Could objects from the model world be transferred to the virtual world?


Su Haos eyes lit up.

The data of the virtual world rapidly passed by his eyes as they were collected and analyzed. The data from the model world appeared at the same time as Su Hao quickly compared them.

How does a virtual world create an object?

How does the model world create an object?

The process of establishing and destroying models had been repeated countless times.

Su Hao was doing a translation between two different languages. Almost like he was creating a program that could easily translate between these two languages. 


A new translation system was completed!

Su Hao analyzed the translation between these two languages. He looked at the admin in the model world. The virtual world equivalent codes appeared in his mind.

He was eager to test this program.

Is there any software to design a virtual world?

Su Hao suddenly asked.

Yes, there is...

The admin was still confused regarding the current situation. The Jianghe Team leader was too strange! However, this person wasnt someone he could offend!

Soon, the admin opened the software to design a virtual world.

After Su Hao took over, he began to design.

Tac tac tac...

Sounds of the keyboard being used could be heard. When the admin looked at Su Haos strange expression, he went silent and then became surprised before widening his eyes!

This this is...

The admin was mind blown.

He was a programmer himself. Naturally, he understood what was happening. This seemingly splendid virtual design would require an unknown number of programmers to complete the code overnight. You can be sure that behind every NPC in a game, countless programmers worked hard all day long to create them.

After working in the industry for several years, he was able to escape to management. Naturally, his ability shouldnt be underestimated. Nevertheless, to design such a virtual world, he would take at least a week. From the character concept, base stats, functions, testing, and more; all these would take a long time to complete.

And now

In front of his eyes, a horrific scene was on display.

Su Haos fingers were dancing on the keyboard that he could barely see a shadow. What he could see was a black line dancing around. On the virtual screen, countless lines of code appeared.

The admin swallowed his saliva.

How could this be?

The same code written by different people would have different results.

For example, to achieve point A to point B, a newbie might need thirty to forty plus lines of code before being able to complete the program. Meanwhile, for someone with experience, perhaps only a single line of code with some nesting would get the job done.

The less code, the more efficient the program!

The best codes are naturally the program that runs the fastest and was what optimal code is all about.

And now

The one written by Su Hao was the best one he had seen. There was no repetitive code, not even a single bit of extra code.

The admin couldnt believe what he just saw.

Tac, tac, tac, tac...

The coding session continued.

Soon, Su Haos fingers stopped moving.

On the screen, dense lines of code could be seen.

Su Hao rubbed his sore fingers for a bit. Sure enough, to type at such speed was still a burden for him.

Huh youre done?


Su Hao nodded and silently ran the program.

Begin test!


The virtual world changed.

The virtual background appeared on the screen and it was an ordinary one. Without even making any adjustments, Su Hao directly chose the existing map, martial ring.

In the middle of the screen, the character which Su Hao had designed silently appeared.

The admin was stunned when he saw this.


Isnt this me?

The admin opened his eyes wide as he looked at the screen in disbelief. He was speechless. Why would he be in the middle of the martial ring? Could it be the character designed by Su Hao was him? What kind of situation was this?

Su Hao smiled. With a quick tap, a new NPC was born. It was just an ordinary combat NPC equipped with the most common AI for training in the virtual world.


When the NPC appeared, he quickly charged toward the admin who was in the middle of the ring.


The admin fought back.

It seemed that both of their strength were equally matched. Surprisingly, how the character moved was exactly like what the admin did in real life! Even the habits and fighting techniques were the same as his. 


If not for Su Hao programming it in front of his eyes, he would even think that he was watching a video!



The admins model defeated the combat NPC!

The battle ended!

Everything returned back to normal.

Su Hao looked at the result of this test as joy could be seen in his eyes.

He succeeded!

By using model analysis as the core, he copied the opponent and then fuse an advanced AI into the character model before transferring them into this virtual world.

What if he could use this system to train himself?

What if he used this method to train Jianghe Citys team?


Countless ideas appeared in his mind. Jianghe City might even be able to appear victorious!

Su Su Hao?

The admin was clueless as he tried to read the expression of this strange team leader.


Su Haos eyes lit up, This virtual machine set, can I borrow it?


The admin was somehow reluctant. He could understand if Su Hao asked for permission to use it, but to borrow it? However, when he thought of Su Haos action just now, he knew that Su Hao was a genius and wished to play with this.

Alright, but dont take it to the rest area. After all, this belongs to the government.

The admin warned cautiously.

No problem.

Su Hao grinned and looked at the equipment in his hands.

He had already obtained the data of Fenghui Team. As long as he finished the software design, they might be able to have an earlier match with Fenghui Team.