Godly Model Creator Chapter 421

Gmc Chapter 421

Chapter 421    Su Hao VS Jiu Hefeng

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

Code conversion.

First, through the ultra-processing power of the quantum computer, it might be possible to achieve an AI with high intellect. However, there are factors which couldnt be calculated, such as habits and conduct. With his own ability, Su Hao perfected this aspect which led to virtual designing.

And now, he had succeeded a seemingly impossible task.



In the virtual software.

The final version was finally completed. The first character produced by Su Hao finally appeared in the virtual world.

After witnessing his accomplishment, Su Hao smiled and destroyed the character model in his mind.

The AI model was after all not a permanent model. For him, the consumption wasnt small. After completing the conversion process, there was no longer a need for it to exist.

On the virtual screen in front of Su Hao.

Jiu Hefeng stood there with his gloomy face. Turning left and right, he paid extra attention to everything on the martial ring.

Jiu Hefeng...

Could you perform your actual ability here?

Su Hao pondered.


After setting up the virtual machine, Su Hao directly entered into the virtual world. He wanted to see for himself how realistic the character designed by him could be.

The admins simulation was a success, but he was just an ordinary staff worker. Someone who was lacking combat strength did not have much of a significance in test data. Only someone like Jiu Hefeng was qualified.

Let me experience it myself.


Su Hao and Jiu Hefeng appeared in the martial ring.


The moment Su Hao spawned, he could feel killing intent.

The martial ring was the same as usual. Except for the killing intent that locked on to Su Hao as he stepped into the ring.

What quick reactions!

Su Hao went alert.

0.1 second.

When he wasnt even fully prepared for the environment, Jiu Hefeng already discovered him. How could it be that fast?

Could it be

Su Hao thought of one possibility and revealed a smile, If it is as I think it is, then this would be interesting...

Su Hao?

Jiu Hefeng opened his mouth.


Su Hao nodded as a sign to start the battle.


As if Jiu Hefeng had received his instruction, he suddenly charged at Su Hao.


All sorts of dark green liquids appeared in mid-air. The liquids then formed into strange looking circles. In mid-air, five circles with a mixture of size were formed. Instantly, he shouted at Su Hao.

Confine: Poison Ring!

The five dark green rings appeared on five of Su Haos body parts: wrists, ankles, and neck. The rings opened and wanted to restrain them.

Su Hao retreated as the Xinghe Sword appeared within his hand. He immediately slashed towards the rings.



Dividing the rings into two parts, what made him surprised was they did not take damage. After the sword passed through them, they merged back as if nothing had happened.

Attacks from the Xinghe Sword were ineffective!



The rings directly locked themselves onto Su Haos body and were instantly absorbed into his skin. The skin in contact with the rings turned dark green. Immediately, Su Hao felt a terrifying numbness spreading from these five places all over his body.


Su Hao fell to the ground.

He died.

I lost?

Su Hao couldnt even believe it himself.

He lost too quickly and easily. Su Hao didnt even have the chance to use his Illusion Reality and Xinghe Arrow.

How could it turned out like this?

Su Hao was not happy with this result.

The gap between him and Jiu Hefeng was this big? They were only one level apart. Su Hao was not afraid of Jin Kang who was three levels above him!

However, when he confronted Jiu Hefeng, Su Hao seemed to have understood something.

Was Jiu Hefeng strong?

Of course!

However, when compared with Jin Kang, there was still a gap because Jiu Hefengs attacks were deadlier! When he confronted someone who was weaker, the effect would be even more apparent.

Under Jin Kangs assault, Su Hao could still face injuries.

However, to do so under Jiu Hefengs attacks, that would be an impossible feat!

Once his toxins poisoned someone, the battle would change in a different direction. Even if it were just a tiny bit of toxin, that would greatly impact the flow of battle. For example, the so-called Poisonous Ring, Su Hao only had one chance to counterattack.

And that was before the rings reached him, he would destroy them!

However, the result went without saying.

The Xinghe Sword did not affect the rings. Su Hao could have used Mountain Crash, Water Split or even techniques like Illusion Reality and Xinghe Arrow, but would he use these at the very beginning?

Once Su Hao failed to grab the chance to counterattack, he would be destined to fail!

There was no room for a second chance!

Those toxins were too terrifying.


Su Hao started again without hesitation.

The same challenge once again began. However, this wasnt an NPC in a game but a real person being copied. Thus, Jiu Hefengs attacks werent fixed. He would act as he liked and responded to Su Haos attacks with the best combination of techniques he learned.

In short, this was like a real human!


Su Hao punched out.

He died due to poison.

Su Hao punched at Jiu Hefeng.

He died due to poison again.


The toxins covered Su Hao.

He died again.

The whole afternoon, Su Hao kept repeating and it ended up with only one victory after countless of challenges!  And that was when he directly used his best move the moment he entered the ring without giving Jiu Hefeng any chance to react.

Yes, Illusion Reality and Xinghe Arrow!

However, that was the final card to be used. If Su Hao was injured, what about the following matches?




The successive failures left Su Hao dejected.

Although he knew that there was a huge gap between himself and Jiu Hefeng, how could the gap be this huge?! If that was really the case, there wasnt even any need to continue the battle.

Su Hao was getting irritated by this.

After calming himself down, he analyzed the initial reaction of Jiu Hefeng before the battle.

After testing it again, Su Hao finally understood.

So that was it!

It was actually this!

Su Hao exclaimed.

Was Jiu Hefeng stronger than him?


But definitely not at the level which Su Hao was simply unable to fight back. The real reason was the computer controlling Jiu Hefeng. The smart AI provided by Su Hao coupled with the processing power of computer

They produced an incredible effect!

The model behaved like a human due to the computers super fast processing speed that allowed the model of Jiu Hefeng to calculate the most precise time for each attack.

Nobody could beat it!

Even Su Hao was unmatched in this aspect!

The strongest department of model analysis was analyzing and definitely not calculating!

Right now, Jiu Hefeng was at his peak.

He was even much stronger than the real Jiu Hefeng!

A model was actually better than their real-life counterpart?

This this...

Su Hao sighed helplessly.

At first, he wanted everyone to understand the strength of their opposing team so that they could be more prepared but he never predicted that the model would perform better than the real-life counterpart.

Should I adjust the attacks to be weaker?

Su Hao quickly rejected this idea.

Changing anything from Jiu Hefengs attacks, origin techniques, and talent would be meaningless. The only thing that made him powerful was awareness!


Su Haos eyes suddenly lit up.

Why must he compare?

Wasnt the purpose to compare all for winning the battle?

Right now, the model in front in front was much stronger than the real Fenghui Team. If they could beat the models, then wouldnt their matches be easy? Just defeat these intelligent models and you will easily be victorious, right?

Su Hao got excited the more he thought of this.

Su Hao looked at the time; the day was still early.

Su Hao created the intelligent models of the other members of Fenghui Team. When the others came back at night after their training, they would definitely be shocked. As for reminding them about the models, there was no need to do so. They were all geniuses. He mustnt be the only one to experience the feeling of being abused.


When he thought of this, Su Hao grinned and left the echoing sinister laughter in the rest area. People who passed by were shocked by the laugh.

Everyone else was training.

Su Hao was also busy with his agenda. He spent the whole noon before completing the model of every member. 


Su Hao looked at these intelligent models in satisfaction.