Godly Model Creator Chapter 422

Gmc Chapter 422

Chapter 422    Bitter fight

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

The training during the day easily passed.

After dinner, Su Hao summoned everyone.

Everyone once again gathered at the rest area.

What happened?

Li Tiantian asked in a somewhat strange tone.

I went over to Fenghui Teams rest area to judge their team. Su Hao shook his head gently, With our current strength, to beat them is extremely difficult! Or in other words, our chances of failure is so high, as high as 90%.

It cant be.

Li Xins eyes widened.

The rest were also slightly shocked. Obviously, no one would believe such an outcome.

Everyone was a proud son under heaven.

A team who had members in the top ten in the global exam ranking, but they only had a ten percent chance of victory when confronting the other team? Was this a joke? At least from the surface, Fenghui Team was only slightly above them. They were quite confident in facing a team who had zero members from Zhanzheng College.

Su Hao swept his gaze at everyone.

He naturally understood what they were thinking. Previously after the exam, wasnt he in such a phase too? Brimming with confidence, if not for his encounter with Jin Kang, he would probably still be obsessed with his exam result.

Therefore, the battle with Jin Kang had enlightened him. The battle with Jiu Hefeng made it even clearer that the route for him was still a long journey.

And now

This same situation fell on them.

Su Haos lips revealed a smile, I know you wont believe it. So, I have made preparations for this.


The rest area was closed!

Su Hao immediately showed the result of his hard work this whole afternoon. The scene of a five-man team was revealed on the screen. The others curiously looked at the characters on the screen. They had seen their opponents face before so what was Su Hao trying to do?

To brief them about their opponents strength?


Su Hao established a virtual scene.

The characters spawned and the test mode began.

Then he said to the crowd, Based on our opponents strength and level, I have designed their virtual character. Their virtual characters strength is definitely close to their actual strength. So, you can now experience their strength. As for whether you can win or not, that will depend on your ability...

Everyone stared at Su Hao in a stunned expression.

They knew Su Hao was a bookworm with lots of knowledge. But he actually knew how to design characters in a virtual world as well? Rumor said that this was still under research and Su Hao could already achieve it by himself?

High degree of simulation?

Zhou Wang was somehow interested.

Of course.

Su Hao smiled, You will definitely want to enter this virtual world again.


Su Hao showed the information on these five characters, Here, these are the information of our opponents. You can pick one and fight with them in the virtual world.

They then began to look in curiosity.


Fenghui Team.

Team leader, Jiu Hefeng, ability talent: Grade A, body toxin, level 6 esper.

Li Yan, ability talent: Grade A, fire element control, level 5 esper.

Xie Yuanjie, ability talent: Grade B, infinite strength, level 5 esper.

Zhang Jiang, ability talent: Grade A, solid boulder, level 4 esper.

Chen Yongning, nicknamed Thin Monkey, ability talent: Grade B, heavenly storm, level 4 esper.


From the surface, Fenghui Team did exceed the team by quite a margin. However, Jianghe Team was naturally confident in their strength due to not showing all their cards. Still did the opponents show all their strength?

Let me try.

Zhou Wang was the first to step up.

Lookin at the name list, that guy nicknamed Thin Monkey with his heavenly storm somehow had some similarities with his lightning element control.


Su Hao grinned as he set up the equipment before sitting with the other members at the side to enjoy the show. Although their state of mind was pretty calm right now, Su Hao knew that once the battle broke out, they wouldnt be able to relax anymore.


The virtual fights preparation was done.

Zhou Wang entered the room.

The map was selected by default.

Battle begin!


The most common combat ring appeared. Zhou Wang spawned at one of the corners while opposite him, Thin Monkey appeared. He stared at Zhou Wang with his cold eyes as if he was about to deal his strongest blow.

Its about to start.

Everyone sat and watched carefully.



Zhou Wang immediately displayed his best condition as countless lightning struck down onto his opponent. The lightning covered the whole area at a terrifying speed.

However, what was even more amazing was the performance of Thin Monkey.

Too fast!

Faster than Zhou Wang!

A breeze blew, the speed of Thin Monkey was even faster than Zhou Wangs lightning. Not one of the countless lightning managed to land a hit!

How is this possible?

Zhou Wang was stunned.

He was someone with the ability to control lightning which was the fastest! The opponents strength wasnt that strong with his wind-type ability, yet how did he evade all his attacks?



Sounds of thunder clapping could be heard.

That small body of Thin Monkey was so flexible and evaded every one of Zhou Wangs attack. Then Thin Monkey quietly arrived in front of Zhou Wang.


Another lightning struck in front of Zhou Wang.



A loud bang could be heard.

Zhou Wang fainted!


Zhou Wang was directly brought back to reality.

Everyones eyes opened wide.

Nobody would have thought that Zhou Wang to lose in such a fashion. What a one-sided battle!

I lost?

Zhou Wang was still confused.

He lost too quickly!

Too quick that he couldnt believe it!

He had always thought that his speed was the fastest but now his opponents high-speed movement actually countered him. The result of this fight was something hard to swallow. Zhou Wang might not be able to feel it, but Su Hao and others could clearly see every move from their perspective.

The gap between the two was speed!

That agile body that moved like wind easily defeated Zhou Wang.


Was this the strength of Fenghui Team?

The very first battle had stunned everyone.

Who else wants to try?

Su Hao grinned as he asked.

Looking at Zhou Wangs shocked expression was such a joy.

Let me do it!

This time, it was Li Tiantian.

Li Tiantians ability talent was rather unique, and his actual combat strength wasnt that strong. That was why he chose Xie Yuanjie who was nicknamed Huge Ox.

Grade B talent, infinite strength. That should be easier, right?

As he entered the room and map loaded

The battle began!

Li Tiantians ability was one that Su Haos Illusion Reality could barely match. Other people did not seem to be able to offer any resistance in front of Li Tiantian.

But this Huge Ox


Li Tiantian evaded the dangerous incoming attack in shock. A huge fist barely passed by his ear and he was already cold sweating.



Huge Ox was the most barbaric fighter they had ever seen. The moment the fight started, he had nearly destroyed the martial ring which restricted Li Tiantian.


A huge axe appeared.

Huge Ox lifted his axe with both hands and chopped down directly toward Li Tiantian!

An invisible crack appeared.

The sky seemed to have been split in half by the axe and Li Tiantian who was standing far away was instantly killed!


The scene vanished.

Li Tiantian lost!

Everyone looked at each other and noticed the shock from everyone.

Su Hao sighed.

Li Tiantian came out in confusion and didnt understand what had happened.

His only conclusion he had about the fight was he couldnt defend against Huge Oxs attacks.

Every blow from Huge Ox was so terrifying that he couldnt resist. If he tried to do so, the end result would be just like now.

However, the most frightening fact was he couldnt even dodge!

He had already calculated it well

He had already foreseen it

But when the attack was incoming, it felt like he was about to die and desperate to live!

He couldnt evade or even block.

Would you like to try?

Su Hao looked at Chen Yiran and said.


Chen Yiran said in a serious tone, I want to experience it myself how strong this Fenghui Team is.


Su Hao was about to set up the machine, but Li Xin rushed out and pointed at one of the characters, Boss, let me fight first.

Su Hao looked at his choice.

Zhang Jiang, grade A, solid boulder, level 4 esper.

Li Xins aim was indeed the one with defensive ability talent.

No problem, you will go first.

After Su Hao set up the device, Li Xin entered into the virtual world.

Zhang Jiang was only a level 4 esper, but he was one with a burly figure. Coupled with his solid boulder, that was quite a good combination. Not many would be able to break his defense.

The martial ring wasnt huge, and soon, both clashed in battle.




The progress of Li Xin was pretty obvious. He could already control low-level critical strikes. Against someone as strong as Zhang Jian, the battle was proceeding at a stable pace. He only had a short-term disadvantage.

And right at this moment

A powerful force just erupted from Li Xins hands!

Ten times critical hit!