Godly Model Creator Chapter 423

Gmc Chapter 423

Chapter 423    This is illogical!

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws


A huge force erupted from Li Xins fists!

The seemingly weak attack turned into a horrifying force after the eruption and headed straight to Zhang Jian.


A loud roar could be heard.

The entire martial ring had a quake which showed how powerful was this attack of Li Xin.

I hit it!

Li Xin exclaimed in excitement.

With his current strength, a ten times critical hit would definitely cause Zhang Jian to die. However, after the attack finished, the figure in front of him was still standing.

As solid as a boulder!

With a weird posture, Zhang Jian then pushed forward.

He blocked it?

He actually blocked a ten times critical hit?


Even Su Hao had to wipe his sweat.

That kind of force eruption, even he did not dare to bear it. But this guy actually withstood it?

At this time, when everyones doubt hadnt settled down, Zhang Jian moved. The same posture and movement was then used against Li Xin.


Li Xin was blasted away!

The battle was over!

Li Xin failed.


Everyone looked at each other.

Another failure.

Damn it! Damn it! This bastard copied me!

Li Xin cursed out loud as he came out from the room.

Su Hao was speechless.

However, from Li Xins sentence, they were able to guess the situation.

Youre trying to say that not only did he block your attack, he also used yours to counterattack? Su Hao asked seriously.


Li Xin nodded.


Li Tiantian was so sure about it, Reflection is another concept of defense. By using the opponents attack, one could absorb and reflect back the force. So this is Zhang Jians ability. Its impossible to stop Li Xins attack, but the force can be absorbed.

Absorb and reflect.

Such a perfect combination.

What a great ability talent!

Zhang Jians attacks were weak, but with his reflection, he was able to overcome his weakness. Li Xins shameless unstable critical hit had been completely restrained.


Those five members of Fenghui Team, each of them had their own trump card.

Too strong.

Zhou Wang and others went silent.

Su Hao frowned. Reflection

It was indeed a terrible ability to face.

But to absorb an attack and reflect it, it was necessary to grasp the timing of the incoming attack to make contact at a margin of 0.01 second. The intelligent model could easily perform this, but what about the real Zhang Jian?

Su Hao was doubtful about that.

Of course, he wouldnt say this to anyone. As fellow classmates, he naturally knew their attitude. The bigger the blow, the greater the rebound! Right now, he wasnt doing this alone but as a team leader!

At this time, Chen Yiran stood up and pointed at Li Yan.

Fire element control was a truly strong talent and perfectly countered Chen Yirans.

Water and fire are always opposing each other.

After Su Hao set up the device, Chen Yiran entered the virtual world. In the martial ring, a gorgeous colorful battle began.

Light blue ice.

Fiery red flame.

Two contrasting colors shined all over the sky. Each strike was exceptionally powerful. Chen Yirans power was so strong that it made everyone feel amazed.

Her current strength was much stronger than during the college entrance exam!

Chen Yiran seemed to be toying with Li Yan, a level 5 esper.



Chen Yirans ice crystals were full of dense killing intent that Li Yans flames were totally suppressed.

Li Tiantian voiced out, Chen Yirans ice crystal is restraining Li Yans flame.

Ability restraint...

Zhou Wang sighed, Chen Yirans ability talent is so much better than what I imagined. It seems that she spent most of her time in cultivating her ability talent.

But isnt ice and fire restraining each other?

Li Xin asked with a strange tone.

The two elements were restraining each other?

These words from Li Xin shocked everyone.

True, ice could restrain fire but on the other hand, couldnt fire also suppress ice?

And then at this moment

A roaring flame appeared and surrounded Li Yan. With that, Chen Yirans ice crystals could no longer approach him. Immediately afterward, a huge stream of fire fell from the sky. Chen Yiran quickly set up her ice defense, but facing such an attack, it turned weak!

The scene vanished.

Chen Yiran failed.

Sure enough.

Su Hao bitterly smiled. He was wondering what was happening at first, but now everything was clear. That intelligent model was calculating this from the very beginning. Naturally, more time was needed to prepare such a huge attack. Right now, when he thought of it, each step of the model was well planned. Only nobody noticed.

Chen Yiran lost.

It was a terrible loss too.

In fact, everyone lost in such a bad fashion.

When they gathered together, nobody said anything but unwillingness could be seen on their face.

Fenghui Team.

A team ranked fifth which meant there were four more powerful teams in front! Meanwhile, they were completely destroyed by the current Fenghui Team.

They had imagined that they would fail.

But definitely not in such a way that there was no room for a comeback.

Was this battle even necessary?

Boss, why dont you try?

Only Li Xin was interested.

I have tried and lost.

Su Hao sighed.

Everyone was shocked.

Su Hao actually lost?

I challenged their leader. Su Hao was frank, If I dont use the Xinghe sword, I will lose without a doubt. At least, for now!

Everyone went into silence.

What, have you all lost your confidence?

Su Hao smiled as he asked.

You all are clear of the beast tide mentioned by Li Tiantian. Su Hao said calmly, If that really appears and Jianghe City is still not a capital city, the government would only send an ordinary defensive squad to defend the city. Resisting such a huge tide would be impossible. At that time Jianghe City would likely be destroyed.

Su Hao didnt encourage them, but instead, he stated the facts.

And Jianghe City is our root! We must not lose this battle! If we lose, we will have to consider the matter of moving our homes.


Zhou Wang was somewhat depressed, The strength gap...

Su Hao smiled.

Three days.

Zhou Wang bitterly smiled, What can you do in three days?

I can do a lot of things in three days!

Su Hao smiled indifferently, I will settle the virtual machine, and everyone can practice at any time. If there is a huge gap in level, I have nothing to say. But our gap right now with the opponents is not this but awareness!

The consciousness of combat!

If we lost in this department, we wont have the face to meet anyone. After all, were the future students of Zhanzheng College and they are just ordinary espers who are not even in a college.

Ordinary espers!

These words had ignited the spark in everyones eyes.

What he said was no joke.

Just two days ago, they were still stars of the college entrance exam.

And now, they were about to be abused by people who didnt even pass the exam.




For three days, nobody left the house.

Everyone was madly training in the rest area including Su Hao. The atmosphere was so tense as they thought of the incoming battle.

In three days, everyone was making some progress.

The ultra-difficult battle had made everyone change unknowingly. Everyone was able to compete with the opponent for longer and longer. 

The final training had ended, and it was about the time for the real battle.

At this time, they still couldnt win!

At the resting area.

Everyone was stressed.

So what if they had improved?

So what if they could last longer?

In the end, they still couldnt defeat the opponents.

They had no chance to win!

At this time.

Chen Yiran challenged Li Yan and once again defeated.

She lost again

Chen Yiran who was unwilling for the first time picked Zhang Jian as her opponent. However, unexpectedly she won

She won?

How could this be?

Everyone was dumbfounded.

Looking at Zhang Jian being tortured by Chen Yiran, they then seemed to have realized something. They then challenged the other opponents as a test.

Su Hao won!

Li Xin won!

Zhou Wang won!

Li Tiantian won!

Everyone won.

As long as they were not facing the original opponent, everyone except the leader of the team, they were able to win.

What happened?

What was the situation here?

Everyone was stunned.

Why was it that when they trained to beat the opponent which they picked, they couldnt win at all? Instead, when they exchanged opponent, they were able to win easily?

The result was illogical...