Godly Model Creator Chapter 424

Gmc Chapter 424

Chapter 424    Ambition!

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

What happened?

Su Hao looked down as he pondered for a moment.

Fenghui Team, except for the team leader, Jiu Hefeng, the strength of the others were ordinary. The only big difference should be ability talent.

Could it be because of ability talent?

Su Haos eyes lit up.

Ability talent restrain!

You all first pick the one with similar ability talents as yourself. But in fact, the opponent might be the perfect counter for you. Maybe they werent strong but definitely a perfect restraint for you all! That was why we all couldnt win.

The crowd was stunned.

After listening to Su Haos analysis, they finally understood what had happened.

So, they had chosen the hardest path from the beginning?

Everyone laughed when thinking about it.

Then what about you?

Chen Yiran asked Su Hao.


Su Hao felt helpless.

Su Hao had challenged Jiu Hefeng so many times which all ended up as defeat! As long as the toxins get close to him, Su Hao basically lost on the spot without any chance to counterattack.

These three days, he was not able to win even once!

That was the main problem!

The matches were a battle where all member would fight till the last man stand. There would always be someone who had to deal with Jiu Hefeng or else Jiu Hefeng might be able to deal with them single-handedly. Right now, nobody dared to fight with Jiu Hefeng. Even Su Hao couldnt do so.

The other members had tried Jiu Hefengs strength.

And they ended up even worse than Su Hao.

Just leave it to me.

Su Hao smiled, In these three days, I have realized something. I definitely can beat him!


Everyone nodded.

Li Xin rubbed his head, Boss, leave Zhang Jian to me.

Zhang Jian?

Everyone was shocked. Li Xin had countless battles with Zhang Jian and he was not able to win. But he still wanted to fight Zhang Jian?

This brat, was his brain damaged?

Li Xin, you...

Zhou Wang was about to persuade Li Xin, but Su Hao interrupted him, Are you sure you can win?


Li Xin replied with confidence.


Su Hao agreed.

Zhou Wang: ...

Both of them were crazy.

In other words, they had to deal with the one they picked at first in the real match? Plus, it was an opponent they had never beaten!

Zhou Wang suddenly felt bad about this.

To match with a favourable opponent

Wasnt this the basics of battle strategies?

What were these guys thinking?

Just that when Zhou Wang didnt have the time to open his mouth, Chen Yiran already said with a firm expression, That Li Yan, leave him to me. I will defeat him!

You sure?

Su Hao looked at her.

Of course!

Chen Yiran said seriously.


Su Hao agreed.

Zhou Wang felt like collapsing.

Were these people crazy? 

Hey, little Zhou.

Li Tiantian looked at Zhou Wang and laughed, If you can cope with your opponent, I dont wish to change with you. I have been beaten for these three days. Its about time for me to give it back.


Zhou Wang was shocked, Not you too!

What happened to them?

It seemed like everyone on his team went crazy. If it were normal circumstances, that would be fine. However, this was a battle which would affect the fate of Jianghe City!

What were they doing?!

Zhou Wang couldnt understand.

During a battle, I thought the name list was handled earlier. We cant know the others list. Then, we cant be sure of who is our opponent right?

Well, in theory, it is.

Su Hao smiled.

In theory?

Zhou Wang noticed this point.

Li Tiantian shrugged and took out a piece of paper on the table. Zhou Wang had a look and was dumbfounded. Impressively it was the opponents list.

This this...

Zhou Wang was stunned.

The opponents hadnt even decided yet!

The order might change at the very last minute before the name list passed to the government. This Li Tiantian actually took out the list and was so confident of its accuracy?

Looking at the list on the table, Zhou Wang went even more depressed.

Alright then.

Su Hao patted on Zhou Wangs shoulder and encouraged him before going back to train. Of course, the others left to rechallenge their opponent, leaving Zhou Wang with a blank look.

What has happened...

Zhou Wang really didnt understand.


A gray shadow appeared.

Zhou Wangs master, the old man was next to him, Havent you thought about it yet?


Zhou Wang said in a bitter expression, Think about it wait, master. Youre saying that their decision is the right call?

Of course.

The old man praised, At this moment, that should be the ideal choice.

The ideal choice?

Zhou Wang really couldnt understand.

This is the difference between you and them.

The old man sighed, You have a stronger heart but lack of ambition!


Zhou Wang was confused, Isnt ambition a bad thing?

Bad thing?

The old man said in an ironic tone, A lot of people are successful due to being driven by their ambitious nature. You have been taking these three days to fight your opponent but have you ever thought of truly overcoming him?

Zhou Wang went silent.

After careful consideration, he had only thought of fighting with Thin Monkey as training. 

But wasnt the essence of training to get stronger?

As long as he knew he kept getting stronger, that would be enough.

As for whether he would win or not, he never really considered it. Or perhaps, he had subconsciously thought Thin Monkey as someone he couldnt overcome.

They want to win!

The old man calmly emphasized this.

But this is still a tournament.

Zhou Wang was puzzled, This is about the faith of our city. Even if they want to win and save their face, they must not do so under the condition that such an act might destroy Jianghe City.

That is why I said they had picked the best choice.

The old man sighed. Looking at Zhou Wang, he then asked, What do you think of Fenghui Teams strength?

Very strong!

Then what about the opponents after that?


Alright, then if you all easily win in this round, the next ones you have to deal with are stronger opponents, can you win?


Learn to gain benefit and avoid harm. Everyone knew about it but is it really good? Can you improve then? These are fights till the last man stands. Trying to avoid a certain opponent wont help much.


Thats why I said they made the right choice.

They knew they had never won before and also wanted to taste victory badly. But the strength of your friends and their opponents are divided by one thin line. During a difficult battle, they might even have a breakthrough and overcome their opponent!

Zhou Wang was stunned.



So, they had actually thought of all these?

A situation of life and death was terrifying!

Only by experiencing it would one be able to breakthrough and enhance their strength. Only when you guys confront the second team would they give a good fight.

So that was it.

Zhou Wang clenched his fist, Then, I will win!

Zhou Wangs mind became firm.

Back to the training area, he saw Li Xin went through a failure again and then said, Good luck. We can definitely defeat them and make a breakthrough!

What breakthrough?

Li Xin stared at him blankly before diverted his eyes back to the screen, Damn it; this grandson had beaten this young master numerous times. This young master will definitely make a comeback soon!

After saying so, Li Xin happily challenged again.

Zhou Wangs face changed. Why was it different from what he imagined?

Had he asked the wrong person?

Fenghui City.

Early in the morning, countless people had rushed to the venue.

The legendary battle for the capital city was about to begin. Not to mention this was a battle involving the home team.

In any case, it would be courteous to come and support their home team, right?

In fact, everyone knew from the bottom of their heart that this team wouldnt be able to win.

They just hoped the team would be able to give some fight and provided the final glory to the city.

The first battle was about to begin.

Even if Jianghe City was full of candidates within the top ten of the exam, nobody was confident in that team.

Eastern State.

Numerous virtual screens were set up for the public.

June 21st. 10 am.

The first match officially began!

When Jianghe Team and Fenghui Team made their debut, they caused a stir. Everyone went crazy over the team they supported, and screams could be heard everywhere.

The crowd knew that the real battle had started!