Godly Model Creator Chapter 425

Gmc Chapter 425

Chapter 425    I won

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

Who could win?

Jianghe City could be said to be creating history again.

In normal circumstances, such a battle would surely have a gambling bet. However, this time around...


Even the casino didnt want to be involved in this match. It was almost impossible for Jianghe Team to win the match so nobody would bet on Jianghe Team. The casino would just incur a huge loss.

Hence, in such abnormal circumstances...

The match between Jianghe Team and Fenghui Team started peacefully.

Fenghui City.

The battlefield center.

More than ten thousand spectators were in the hall with screens and cameras around focusing at the center. In the middle of the hall was a battlefield as big as a football field and this would be the stage for the participants to battle. On the other side, all the VIPs from the Origin Ability Association and the Federation were sitting on the VIPs seats.

It was an internal battle of the Eastern State, but it still had an impactful global presence that concerned everybody.

All the online networks and the screens were live-streaming the matches.

Moreover, unlike the college entrance exam, this was a real battle. In order for the spectators to understand the battle, one narrator was assigned to explain and analyze the battle for the people. Meanwhile, the narrator of this match was Li Jie, the hottest narrator in the Fenghui City.

Hi all, I am the narrator of this battle for the capital city. My name is Li Jie.

Li Jie was good looking and famous on the Internet. In Fenghui City, he had a great reputation as well. His opening words had excited the crowds.

Good, seemed like all of you know me. Then let me get straight to the point. Li Jie smiled and said, The first match is the battle between Fenghui Team and Jianghe Team. The leaders from both sides had submitted their sequence of candidates and it has been confirmed.

On the battlefield.

Su Hao and Jiu Hefeng submitted their teams name list respectively.

Soon, the name lists were announced.

First battle.

Li Xin VS Zhang Yi!


Once the news was announced, the crowd roared.

They never expected that two of them would meet up with each other. Li Xin who was famous for spamming his unstable critical hits was good in the matches against opponents with defensive talents. During the college entrance exam, Li Xin had proved his capability against such opponents.

Then how about Zhang Jian?

A huge guy with a defensive ability talent, the supertanker of Fenghui City. Moreover, his origin ability level was much higher than Li Xins.

Their battle could be described as a battle of spear and shield.

The spectators were looking forward to the match.

In the Jianghe Team, Su Hao nodded at Li Xin before Li Xin went down to the battlefield. At the same time, Zhang Jian also went down to the battlefield from Fenghui Teams base.

On the battlefield.

Both of them finally got ready.

Would it be the strongest attack or the strongest defense that would have the last laugh?


The judge counted down from three seconds and then the battle started.


Both of them had the same style which was a direct confrontation. Once the battle started, they rushed towards each other and soon they met up at the center of the battlefield.

Long time no see.

Li Xin smiled and punched towards him.

Zhang Jian was stunned for a second.

Had they met before?



Their attack frequency was fast. Li Xin struck all his attack on Zhang Jians non-existence shield. Surprisingly, he managed to stop every attack of Li Xin.

Multiples of two, three, and four!

Once in a while, Li Xin would unleash his powerful critical strike.

However, Zhang Jians defense was totally unaffected.

It indicated that even an attack at a multiple of four, Li Xin was still unable to break his defense. His attacks werent even able to break the opponents basic defense! However, everyone knew Li Xin might have a rare probability of having an ultimately high multiple critical hit chance.

Meanwhile at this moment...

Li Xin attacked again.

Strong momentum from Li Xins hand was struck against Zhang Jian.

An attack at a multiple of ten!

Finally, it came!


The ground was shaking.

The crowd was shocked with such a horrible power.

Zhang Jian sneered and went into a defensive position. It was the technique that killed Li Xin countless times.

Origin ability technique -- Reflection!


Zhang Jian absorbed the power and immediately returned it to Li Xin. It happened in less than a second. However, Li Xin who was already ready avoided it easily and the attack struck the battlefield behind him. A ten times critical attack had become the exchange between them.

While looking at the two candidates who were not injured at all, the crowd were surprised and looked at each other.

Was it a tie?

The counter-attack of Zhang Xin was just on time.

However, Li Xin avoided it easily.

With Li Xins speed...

How was it possible for him to avoid it?

They couldnt understand that.

Obviously, they didnt know that the Jianghe Team were already familiar with their opponents techniques and battle style through various virtual battle simulations.

For them, the battle had just started!

Li Xins ten times critical hit was blocked.

Zhang Jians counterattack was avoided.

The battle seemed to return back to the initial stage. However, as the time passed, it became a disadvantage for Li Xin. All of his attacks were completely blocked by Zhang Jian whether it was a normal critical hit or ultimate critical hit.

After a few times.

Li Xin failed to avoid the reflection and he was injured as a result.

In fact, in the virtual battle, Li Xin was defeated by the AI of Zhang Jian in such way. There was no way his opponent would make a mistake which was why he didnt even have a chance to counterattack. However, the person in front of him was the real Zhang Jian now. He would make a mistake once in a while.

Hence, Li Xin was able to think even when he was in the battle.

However, to get the victory as the weaker side wasnt as easy as he imagined. Although Zhang Jian was not as strong as the AI version of himself, he still managed to suppress Li Xin.

Li Xin kept attacking.

Zhang Jian kept defending.

However, the pace of the battle was led by Zhang Jian.

Currently, Li Xin wasnt in a good position.

If it continued, the ending might be the same as in the virtual world.


Once again, Li Xin was struck.


Li Xin was hit by the reflection again.



It lasted for a few times.

Li Xin always made his attack by simply running in front of Zhang Jian and striking. Whenever there was a critical strike, Zhang Jian would reflect it. How did Zhang Jian nimbly counter-attack regardless if the attacks were powerful or not?

The crowd was curious.

However, Zhang Jian had easily done that.

Super fast reaction.

Calm battle pace.

It was very similar to how the AI system performed.

How can this be possible?

Su Hao was stunned.

One of the reasons he agreed with his team to join the battle was that he thought the AI would be slightly more powerful than a real human. However, the performance of Zhang Jian now was as good as the AI.

Such a fast reaction...

Something was wrong.

Did he advance within these two days?

Su Haos face turned bad.

In the past three days, they werent the only one to improve but their opponents too!

The battle was still ongoing. The astonishment did not only belong to Su Hao but the others as well. They didnt expect Zhang Jian to get stronger. However, what even more surprising to them was that Zhang Jian couldnt defeat Li Xin at the moment as well. Was he really the guy who was said to have an extremely good luck during the college entrance exam?

Although he was badly injured, Li Xin didnt give up the battle.

He earned the respect of the people through this battle.

You should have stopped.

Zhang Jian looked and Li Xin and sighed, You already did a good job, just surrender.

Upon listening to his words, Li Xin stunned for a second before looking at Zhang Jian and said, I said, I will not lose this match!


The sky changed.

A powerful momentum was unleashed.

A layer of powerful momentum circulated around Li Xins body with a glow. Soon, the force was accumulated inside his body. Li Xin seemed like turning into a different person. He held his right fist and jumped up to the sky, aiming at Zhang Jian.


Zhang Jian sighed, You still dont understand? The stronger your attack is, the stronger my reflection strike. Your attack has totally no effect on me


The strike produced a deafening sound.

It was like an old giant bell being struck hard, causing all spectators to cover their ears.

Zhang Jians spot exploded and dust was flying everywhere.

When the dust settled on the ground, only one man was standing on the battlefield.

The crowd looked carefully and they were stunned.

Its Li Xin!

How could it be possible?

Where is Zhang Jian?

The crowd was shocked.

Li Xin won the match?

The current outcome was outside of everyones expectations. Zhang Jian had a really strong defensive ability that he could even block a ten times critical hit. Such a level of defense 

How could it possibly be broken?

Everyone was astonished.

On the seats of the participants, Su Hao and the team were shocked too. Although others couldnt see what had happened, they could see everything clearly. Li Xins last attack was an attack through the air. His attack had passed through Zhang Jians defensive skills and struck him.

Through the air!

He had made an advancement!

In the battlefield, Zhang Jian was sent out of the battlefield by Li Xin and he fainted. Nobody cared about him now as he was the loser. They were only concerned about Li Xin, the new genius that appeared.

The battlefield went completely silent!

Li Xin turned his head over to his teammates and smiled.

Boss, I won!

Upon finishing his words, he fainted.