Godly Model Creator Chapter 426

Gmc Chapter 426

Chapter 426    Green hat turtle

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

Li Xin won.

That really surprised everyone.

However, nobody would have thought that this was just the beginning.

Li Tiantian versus Big Ox.


Chen Yiran versus Li Yan.


Zhou Wang versus Thin Monkey.


These espers from Fenghui Team had yet to show their full potential before they were already absolutely suppressed by Jianghe Team.

The crowd was stunned.

The narrator of the match was speechless too. He was from Fenghui City. Naturally, he would want to lean towards his home team, but when he witnessed four failures in a row, he had nothing to say. What the crowd didnt understand was why Jianghe Team kept changing player even after they had won.

What was the situation here?

Did they run out of energy?

It would still be explainable if only one person tagged out, but for three of them to do the same was very strange! Furthermore, even if their energy ran out, under normal circumstances, shouldnt one try to waste the next opponents energy before swapping to another member?

However, those participating teams were stunned when they noticed that increasingly confident look on Jianghe Teams members.


They were actually using Fenghui Team as training!

This Jianghe Team which everyone disregarded from the very beginning actually used the Fenghui Team as a training target to become their stepping stone.

When the other teams realized this, they were shocked.

Could they label Jianghe Team as being arrogant?

But when they looked at the state of the battle, was it true?

With a domineering manner, Jianghe Team had crushed every single member of Fenghui Team except the team leader, Jiu Hefeng. The others had all been beaten to a sorry state.

While everyone was stunned at this situation, they didnt know that the team leader of Jianghe Team, Su Hao was relieved. Fortunately, only Zhang Jian alone managed to breakthrough. If each of them had a breakthrough and became stronger than the intelligent model, then there was no need to continue the matches.

However, had they secured their victory?


The members had completed their task; but for Su Hao, the real battle was about to begin!


The team leader of Fenghui Team stepped onto the stage without hesitation.

Regardless of what method he used, he did defeat a professional esper before. Such a fact had made him into someone popular. His appearance had a great impact that it silenced the crowds anxiety.

You know what?

He stared at Su Hao coldly, Im mad right now.

I can tolerate a fair and square loss but definitely not when you are using us as a springboard! Trying to step on us to ascend?

Jiu Hefeng smirked, Be careful that it might backfire!

Are you retarded?

Su Hao coldly smiled.

Anyone who wins has the choice to step down the stage. This is a ring battle. Stepping down meant a defeat. Right now, you have won four times but the score is four to four. As long as I win, our team will the be victorious! Has the glory from the exam made you all arrogant?

Jiu Hefeng licked his dry lips, They trust you that much?


Su Haos facial expression remained unchanged, This is just our task! Since they had completed their task, I will definitely do so too. This time, I wont fail.

Su Haos tone was very flat as if he was stating the facts.


Su Hao had finally triggered Jiu Hefeng's anger.


The sky changed.

The sky was filled with green light, almost covering the whole arena. The spectators in the scene were amazed by that. Who would have thought that Jiu Hefeng actually had such a strong origin technique?

Confine: Poison Ring!

Jiu Hefeng pointed at Su Hao and the green light condensed into rings, attacking Su Hao.

A move which I am familiar with

Su Hao sighed.

He had fought many times with Jiu Hefeng in the virtual world but never could he appear victorious! That toxin attack from Jiu Hefeng seemed like a deadlock for Su Hao. With no way to break through, every Su Haos movement was restrained.

He saw no hope to win!

How to win such a battle?

To win?

Su Hao murmured to himself.

Xinghe Sword!


Light flashed as the Xinghe Sword appeared within his hand. The world changed again as he raised his right hand!


The sky which had returned back to its usual calmness was once again covered with golden light. The same movement, the same origin technique, Su Hao finally used his origin model!

Confine: Poison Ring!


The golden-green energy wave spread all over the arena. The top-rated melee combat counter, Poison Ring by Jiu Hefeng was easily countered just like that.

Origin model?

Jiu Hefeng was stunned.

The interview by the Origin Ability Association had made everyone know about this technique of Su Hao. Although the details were not written well, the description of it was enough to make public have some understanding of this origin technique. He could easily copy ones ability talent, but it did have its own flaws.

Unable to keep it permanently

Unable to upgrade it

Lack of origin characteristics

With so many flaws, that was the very reason Su Hao could perfectly escape from being investigated by the association. Who would have known that his real ability was actually card reading and not the origin model?

Jiu Hefeng smirked, You wont be able to control my ability well without origin characteristics, which makes it equivalent to trash. I will allow you to witness the gap between you and me!


Jiu Hefeng took the initiative!

The intense dark green light flashed!

A drop of liquid drifted along the air and merged into Jiu Hefengs body. The liquid then spread around his body, forming a layer to cover it. Then, it immediately solidified to form a set of dark green armor!


Battle armor?

It cant be...

His whole body is covered up. Even his head too. How can he fight in such a state?

Sigh, I dont care about whether he can fight or not but why is his helmet also green in color?

The battle is more important. Forget about all these little details. Why are you being so fussy? Are you perhaps the legendary Virgo?

The crowd was stunned by this.

Energy turned into armor!

The crowd witnessed this for the first time. Thus, such reaction was pretty normal. Just that since Su Hao had established the origin model of Jiu Hefeng, couldnt he perform the same move too?

Sure enough.

Before the crowd was able to regain their calm, they noticed many golden lights flashing, covering up Su Haos body with golden armor. With a touch of gold, it was dazzling like a sun.

Damn, hes so cool!

Indeed Su Hao is worthy of his fame!

Wow, my idol is so strong!

The words of several female fans had made many around them unhappy, What cool! It is obvious that Su Hao didnt copy the origin characteristics. Thus, even with the same origin technique, the gap will still be there! Cant you see the concentration of golden light is less then Jiu Hefengs?


The girl smirked and rolled her eyes. Without bothering him, she continued to look at Su Hao on stage with sparkling eyes, How could that green hat turtle match my beloved Su Hao?

Green hat turtle...

Green hat turtle...

Jiu Hefeng who currently stood on the stage almost vomited blood on the spot.

He thought that with his energy concentration being above Su Hao, he would be able to gain some fame. However, the fame went to Su Haos side instead. Raising his head and looking at Su Haos golden armor, he then looked at his green armor with an ugly expression.

How could you bully me in such a fashion!

The same origin technique, why was the effect so different when he used it?

Too bad, nobody would be able to answer this.

Staring at Su Haos poker face, Jiu Hefeng took a deep breath to calm himself down. I will let you be proud for a minute. So what if youre good looking?

As soon as you fight, I will destroy your armor!

He was familiar with his own origin technique. Naturally, he knew how to counter it easily. Let alone, Su Haos weak energy concentration.

As soon as he kept exchanging moves, Jiu Hefeng was sure that he would be able to crash Su Hao!


Jiu Hefeng made a move.

With his body carrying all his anger, he attacked Su Hao without hesitation.

With his right fist raised high, he condensed green light within it. The armor which covered his hand instantly softened as it formed a strong green wind, blowing toward Su Hao to block his escape route.


Su Hao coldly smiled and activated the same technique.

I was waiting for this moment!

Jiu Hefeng grinned.

This battle was between two poison type ability. Jiu Hefengs ability talent and Su Haos origin model! The concentration of green light was obviously better than golden light. A little amount of green light was enough to destroy a huge amount of golden light. Based on the current state, in a matter of seconds, the golden light would be completely destroyed.

Jiu Hefeng madly laughed.

You think that your fake origin technique could compete with the original? Haha, I have already mentioned that without origin characteristics, youre just trash! Hahahaha huh?


Jiu Hefengs laughter abruptly stopped.

The green and golden light had intertwined with each other. But the dark green light, which he thought was winning, gradually turned weak. What was even more shocking was as time passed by, the obviously weak golden light began to surround the concentrated dark green light!

Jiu Hefeng was dumbfounded.

How could this be possible?