Godly Model Creator Chapter 427

Gmc Chapter 427

Chapter 427    New concept!

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws


Su Hao smirked.

In term of strength, he obviously wasnt as good as Jiu Hefeng. However, this idiot actually competed with him in terms of energy capacity. When two identical energies confronted each other continuously, the one factor which would set them apart was the continuous usage of energy. Fortunately, in this department, Su Hao had never been afraid of anyone.

Jiu Hefeng actually challenged him in this?

He was courting his own death!


The dazzling light exploded.

The battle suddenly entered a new pace, and it seemed to return to the moment when Su Hao confronted Sun Batian. Although without origin characteristics, by relying on his large amount of energy, he could still gain the advantage.

The golden light easily engulfed the green light. As for the remaining light, it condensed into a beam by Su Hao and went straight for Jiu Hefeng.


You think you can beat me?

Jiu Hefeng was brimming with anger. His face was very red. He stared at the incoming golden light and gritted his teeth. Jiu Hefeng held both hands together, and a strange aura came out from them and instantly covered his whole body.


Jiu Hefeng just stood at his original spot as the light beam hit him.

The scene went into silence.

Is he dead?

Everyone was shocked.


JIu Hefeng moved. He rubbed the chest which was hit and smirked.

He actually suffered no injury!

Nothing happened!

The crowd was stunned!

Nobody would have expected at such moment, Su Haos mouth actually revealed a smile. Your biggest card had finally been revealed. The strongest origin technique, poisonous body! When Jiu Hefeng activated this technique, his whole body would contain a high amount of toxin!

In virtual reality, Su Hao had died countless times under this technique!

He couldnt even get close!

He was helpless in trying to appear victorious!

I have already said this. You wont be able to win.

Jiu Hefeng roared for a second. With his green body, he charged forward.


Su Hao still maintained his indifferent smile.


The surrounding scene changed again!

As his model analysis activated, the familiar view was presented in front of Su Haos sight again. Su Hao silently swept pass Jiu Hefengs cards and looked at the information above. The reason he was so fearless when confronting Jiu Hefeng wasnt because of the differences between the intelligent model and a real human but

He was better in a real-life battle!

The potential of model analysis was limitless! The reason it was currently weak was because he had yet to achieve realization. During the college entrance exam, he had all the students in his school to help him. And now while on this stage, he had tens of thousands of spectators around. Each of them could be helpful to him!

What fear did he have?


The cheer from tens of thousands of spectators all over the stage seemed to be still.

What a strange and weird feeling.

It was also a feeling which he had never experienced before.

Since the beginning, model analysis had to be done one person at a time. If he tried to create models of many people at once, his energy wouldnt be able to sustain it. However, with the increase of his energy capacity, Su Haos quantity could be described as monstrous! 

And now

At the venue of battle, tens of thousands of people gathered here.

Each of them might be even more powerful than those so-called candidates. Except a small number of spectators which Su Hao couldnt establish, most of them had exposed their strength to Su Hao. Character models, cards, origin model

The number was too much!

The energy fluctuation was still ongoing!

Su Haos brain seemed to be in a pinch right now. Dealing with information of tens of thousands of people at the same time was too much of a burden for Su Hao which he had never considered.

Now he was in trouble!

All along, Su Hao always kept track of the energy needed for each character model but he had not considered this. There was an upper limit for his brains calculation! It wasnt the upper limit of his energy but the processing power!

This unexpected situation had dragged Su Hao into a crisis.

This feeling was like using a cheap processor to play a complicated game

And then

It hanged.

The whole machine was hanged.

No matter how one clicked, there wont be any response. If it was a computer, one could have just forced the machine to restart.

But in reality

Su Hao couldnt move.

His entire person was stunned there. When Jiu Hefeng blasted his punch over, he was bombarded out and landed on the ground.

You cant continue anymore?

Jiu Hefeng madly laughed, Hahahahaha!



Jiu Hefeng seized Su Hao and kept punching him.

One could clearly see the think green light fused into Su Haos skin. The place where the punch hit had turned into the same green color as the current state of Jiu Hefeng. Jiu Hefeng was transforming his body into Poisonous Body, but Su Hao was being poisoned.

One punch!

Two punches!

Three punches!

Su Hao didnt offer any resistance against Jiu Hefengs strikes. Su Haos whole body had turned green that one could say he was entirely poisoned.

The scene went into silence.

The reversal of the situation was too quick!

Su Hao just had his advantage and then Jiu Hefeng transformed into a man in green. The next moment Su Hao was getting hit here and there! Was it because the current Jiu Hefeng was too strong?

The crowd was speechless.

Forgive them for not being able to notice anything of this battle.

At this time, they were allowed to keep silence but someone must keep talking!

After being stared for some time, narrator awkwardly said, We can see that after Jiu Hefeng transformed, he seemed to have entered a state which is similar to going Super Saiyan. His combat ability had increased drastically and Su Hao is now in a pinch!

Wasnt this all nonsense?

Everyone cursed.

However, they had no time to bother about him. Watching the scene on the stage, they held their breath. With Su Haos strength, there wont be any problem, right? Su Hao was very domineering during the college entrance exam. He wouldnt die, right?

Jianghe Team.

Chen Yiran had her fists clenched as she was worried. The others were also watching the battle nervously. Their eyes were also revealing a shocking color. With Su Haos strength, a problem shouldnt have occurred. Even during the virtual battle, Su Hao never lost in such miserable fashion. What had happened?

A new way to deal with Jiu Hefeng?

Li Xin scratched his head.

Its unlikely.

Zhou Wangs expression looked bad.

A problem has occurred...

Li Tiantian secretly said so in his heart.

Just now, at that moment before Jiu Hefeng reached Su Haos body, he had already discovered that Su Haos body was stiff. In other words, the problem lied upon Su Haos body.

Su Hao!

He was in danger!

Should we concede?

Li Tiantians heart had this thought.

They couldnt!

And that was just his own guess.

Forget about the crisis awaiting Jianghe City, Su Haos pride wont allow him to fail! Those three days of continuous training If Su Hao was to concede... Li Tiantian recalled back the words of Su Hao to trust him before going up the stage, Li Tiantian resisted the urge to concede.


Li Tiantian cracked his knuckle.

Compared to Chen Yiran, he was suffering even more. Su Hao, I believe you can win but what kind of situation are you facing now?




In front of Su Haos views, data kept flowing which almost drowned him. He simply couldnt handle such a big flow of data.

The current processing power of his brain was actually slower by twice compared to the usual days!

It really hanged

Jiu Hefeng was wracking his body, and Su Hao was well aware of it.

However, even if he could see it clearly, it was useless.

His body was not able to move.

What to do now?!

He must remain calm!

Su Hao took a deep breath and forced himself to calm down.

The data flow was still in progress. Just like having several tasks opened at once, they wont be able to be canceled and went into the processes list. Only after these tens of thousands of characters data were all processed would Su Hao be able to return to normal.

He had to organize



Part of Su Hao was used to manage the current thought.

Every second was important for him!

If such a state were to continue, he would be killed by Jiu Hefeng!

How to improve his processing power?

How to be stronger?

He had no clue at all!

Sigh, if I had the analytical power of a quantum computer wouldnt this be instantaneous?

Su Hao bitterly smiled.

After all, he was just a human and could not compare with a quantum computer; he was still far apart hold on!


Su Haos eyes lit up. He couldnt help to swallow his saliva. What if...if he build a computer into his mind?

What if he builds a computer in the model world?

When he had data which he wasnt fast enough to process, he could pass it to the computer. Using this method, wouldnt he be able to speed up the analysis process?

As he thought of this, Su Hao was excited.


There wasnt any quantum computer here!

However, there were many ordinary computers! 

These would be enough!

Model analysis!

Object modeling!


A computer model was formed.

Su Hao just established a computer model. Based on his understanding, a model in his model world would be true to other models.

This meant that this computer should be operational.


Su Hao booted up the computer.

There was no response.

He booted again.

There was still no response.


Su Hao was somehow at a loss, This idea is really not possible?