Godly Model Creator Chapter 428

Gmc Chapter 428

Chapter 428    Strong!

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

Is this impossible?

Su Hao frowned.

As he swept his gaze around, he noticed that there was a plug extending out from the computer. Then only he realized he had made a retarded mistake

There is no power!

Todays computer in this era was using a special transformer which had been modified.

One could say that as long as there is energy, one could continue using the computer with zero pollution. 

As of now, Su Hao had established a computer but he had no transformer to supply energy to it.


Although energy could power transformers, it still needs to undergo many conversions. If Su Hao directly used energy to power up the computer, it would likely short circuit from the huge supply of energy!

Of course, it wasnt without any solution.

In order to not let the device run out of energy, many devices were equipped with many small transformers. The moment when the power was cut off, energy could be used as an emergency backup.

The emergency backup?

Su Haos eyes looked at the communication device.

Sure enough, he discovered the so-called micro-transformer system. With his intelligence, he would be able to get the correct formula. However that wont be enough! This kind of formula was used to power up communication devices. Even if he did some modifications, it was simply a small transformer which was not powerful enough to power up a computer.

What to do now?

The flow of data was still ongoing.


Su Hao suddenly recalled something in a scene which shined.

That device

Backup transformer!

That was a huge transformer and could easily convert energy. It was rather expensive and bulky. Obviously, that was quite an old design. It was prepared just in case there was a power outage.

This old transfer would be the key!

Su Haos eyes shined!

The backup transformer appeared.

Su Hao directly channeled his energy which was then stored in the transformer. Su Hao quickly plugged it into the computer and pressed the power button again.


The machine rang.

A familiar screen appeared.

He succeeded!


In one second.

The computer booted up. Su Hao quickly diverted a small amount of data into the computer, and his brain felt much better. The effect of a computer was actually much more powerful than him alone. Almost instantly, the processing time was reduced by half.

I guessed right!

Su Hao was very excited.

The experiment was completed and it was time to start the plan!

The computer and backup transformer were destroyed!

New models were then established.

This time it was a permanent model!

It wasnt exactly that efficient to use the backup transformer. If he could thoroughly study the device, he would be able to come up with a better plan. However, currently time what was Su Hao lacked

Su Hao immediately diverted the data into the computer, reducing the time by half.

This computer was still not enough! Too much data remained!


Su Hao once again created computers and backup transformer models!

A moment later, there were ten computers within his mind. Booting up every device, he then divided the data in between them!


What could a processing power that was ten times better than Su Hao offer?

Almost instantly!

All the data was cleared!

Tens of thousands of origin abilities and origin techniques were all organized and neatly entered into a database. Not only that, but they were also left in the computers as records.

Such a fast speed.

Su Hao was shocked.

If he compared the current speed to a sports car, then the previous him was just riding a bicycle 

The moment when all data were cleared

Su Hao felt that he had regained the control of his body.

Before celebrating his gain on body control back, Su Hao felt a wave of numbness and pain.

He had been poisoned!

Isnt it Poisonous Body?

Su Hao smirked, Just the right timing. Let me see the effect of the computer processing power.


Jiu Hefengs toxin ability was selected out.

Then the ten computers under Su Haos control began to analyze. 

Since Jiu Hefeng could poison people, he could definitely cure them too.

Su Hao had established an origin model of Jiu Hefeng, but due to the gap between them, his detoxification effect was weak and definitely wont be enough to deal with the current level of toxin.

The computers continued to analyze to find the formula to detoxify the poison.





Very soon, a brand new detoxification formula or to be more precise, a new origin technique was freshly baked out from the oven.


Su Hao received a punch again.

As his body rolled over the ground a few times, he almost fell out of the ring. The spectators couldnt stand to watch this.

This scene was too awful to witness!

Without a doubt, Jiu Hefeng had won this match.

You are about to drop off the ring?

Jiu Hefeng smirked, Oh well, its time to end this anyway.

As Jiu Hefeng was prepared to give the final blow, Su Hao opened his eyes.


The dazzling light almost shocked everyone.

He opened his eyes!

I thought he was dead!

Whats the situation now?

Could he continue the battle?

Youre still alive?

Even Jiu Hefeng felt this was unbelievable.

Since his first punch, he felt that Su Hao had fainted. After taking so many punches from him, this Su Hao actually opened his eyes again?

Could this be the final radiance of a setting sun?

Jiu Hefeng secretly thought so.


Su Hao smirked and slowly stood up while staring at Jiu Hefeng. The current Su Hao had been beaten blue and green; he was so miserable that it couldnt go further than this.

In such condition, you still plan to stand up?

Jiu Hefeng madly laughed, You know, how many toxins had entered into your body? I have to admit your perseverance for being able to stand up. However, to try making a comeback? Thats just a wishful dream.


Su Hao didnt answer.

With a gentle flick of his right hand, a breeze appeared.


If there were a cool breeze during summer, one would feel happy. However, this light breeze gradually turned the green color on Su Haos skin vanish.


Jiu Hefeng opened his eyes wide.




Almost instantly, one couldnt detect any green color on Su Haos body.

The toxins had disappeared.

How could this be?

Jiu Hefeng went mad. How could the toxins just vanish after he attacked Su Hao countless times? He had created all sorts of toxins and they were actually removed?


Jiu Hefeng murmured to himself.

However, soon he noticed the state of Su Hao.

So what if he could get rid of the toxins?

Just now, his explosive punch had beaten Su Hao to a sorry state. Even if the toxins were cleared, Su Haos body had been injured badly!


Blood could be seen dropping.

After the toxins were removed, one could clearly see Su Hao being covered in blood as his body was full of wounds.


Jiu Hefeng madly laughed, So what if you managed to get rid of the toxin? With your current state huh?

Jiu Hefengs sentence was stopped as if a duck had been stuck in his throat and could no longer speak a word. In front of him, Su Hao waved his hand gently and a strange light appeared, covering his body. Unfortunately, this light was something which Jiu Hefeng had seen before

That was when Su Hao was battling with Tian Zi!

It cant be...

Jiu Hefeng felt his liver twitching as an idea appeared in his mind.

When the light disappeared, Jiu Hefeng was instantly dumbfounded when he looked at the current Su Hao.


It was really true!

Everyone opened their eyes wide.

The scene was hit with a sensation.

Numerous loud voices could be heard, echoing in the venue.

Su Hao was going to make a comeback!

When everyone thought he had no hope at all, he had returned! The toxin and injuries had all vanished. At this time, it seemed like Su Hao had gone back to his perfect state before joining the battle.

Su Hao just stood in front of Jiu Hefeng calmly without doing anything. One could clearly see such a domineering aura emitted from his body. Jiu Hefeng was actually taken aback by this.

Jianghe Team.

There was a smile on everyones face.

When Su Hao opened his eyes, they already knew that Su Hao returned!

In this place

As long as Su Hao didnt run out of energy, nobody could dream of defeating Su Hao!

A venue with tens of thousands of spectators!

That was enough for Su Hao to create another legend!