Godly Model Creator Chapter 429

Gmc Chapter 429

Chapter 429    An angry roar!

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws


Jiu Hefengs face turned pale as he cried.

He was very diligent and had not relaxed for a moment. Even when facing against Jianghe Team which was labeled the losers, he was cautious. However, he still couldn't win.

This moment was too bitter to endure.

There was not even an opportunity left.

Su Hao was too strong that it caused him to be in despair!

With a pair of gloomy eyes, he stared at Su Hao. The hatred in Jiu Hefengs heart increased rapidly. The so-called calmness was a joke. When he had the advantage, he wanted to eliminate Su Hao. But when he was humiliated, hatred and the intention to kill emerged in his heart.


No, no, no, no!

What he was truly good at was assassination.

The intrusion of toxin was not something one could guard. Todays revenge, sooner or later he would exact it on Su Hao!

Jiu Hefeng sneered for a bit.

He deliberately lowered his head as he did not want Su Hao to see the intention to kill in his eyes. He plainly lifted both his hands and pretended to speak calmly, Indeed youre the top student of the college entrance exam. A truly well-deserved reputation. Since you are this powerful, I admit


A sudden sound of an explosion could be heard!

An ear piercing sound disrupted Jiu Hefengs speech. He was shocked as he lifted his head. A cold light could be seen, followed by a pain in his chest.


Jiu Hefeng inconceivably saw the Xinghe Sword that pierced through his chest.

Su Hao...

Actually killed him?!

In front of tens of thousands of spectators, he already admitted defeat, yet Su Hao actually dared to violate the rules?

What did you say?

Su Hao laughed as he said, I didnt hear anything.


Su Hao pulled his sword out.

Jiu Hefeng covered his chest that was spurting blood. As he faltered, he pointed at Su Hao as if he wanted to say something. However, he couldnt say anything. With a flop, he collapsed.

Jiu Hefeng died.

The scene was silent.

Nobody would have thought that such a change would actually happen. The swift changes of the battle seemed to be out of everyones expectations. Su Hao suddenly countered Jiu Hefeng who earlier had a definite advantage over the battle and when everyone did not have the time to react, Jiu Hefeng was already dead.


This match was not a virtual fight!

But it was a real battle!

The first match in the battle for the capital city and someone had already died!

Everyone was stunned.

At this moment, a shout of anger rang out.

Su Hao, how dare you!

It was the referee.

Everyone was stunned.

Jiu Hefeng obviously had conceded defeat. According to the rules, when the opponent concedes defeat, any action is not allowed! The referee furiously said.


Su Hao laughed. He conceded defeat?

Of course he conceded defeat!

The referees eyes widened, Everyone saw this, yet you still dare to argue? According to the rules, I have to disqualify you!

What a joke.

Su Hao raised his hand and pointed his sword at the referee.

I remember. According to the rules, if the referee cheated or is being unfair, that would be a grave offense. With such slander from you towards me, could it be that you have received Jiu Hefengs money? Or did you two have a suspicious relationship?


The crowd was in an uproar.

The sword was pointed at the referee!

This damn boy was too daring!

He as a government representative had judged that Su Hao broke the rules. But Su Hao actually dared to fight back and even without any hesitation! He also accused that the referee was bribed. This retort was too much.

You! You!

The referee trembled in anger. He was already quite old and was actually accused of having a suspicious relationship with Jiu Hefeng. This accusation was simply the greatest humiliation he had ever received!

If you wish to point out that I have broken the rules, bring out the evidence!

Su Hao sneered.

Okay, you want to see evidence, Ill let you have a look. The furious referee said, Someone, playback the earlier video. Play it once again.

The scene was very quickly replayed on the screen.

Jiu Hefeng bowed his head and did not look at anyone. Instead, he softly said that sentence, Indeed youre the top student of the college entrance exam. A truly well-deserved reputation. Since you are this powerful, I admit


Jiu Hefeng was killed!

The playback ended.

You saw that?

The referee angrily said, Jiu Hefeng already


Su Hao raised his hand and interrupted him, I say, could it be that you are already too old that you cant hear clearly? Why didnt I hear him say these three words I admit defeat?

Three words!

Su Hao said accurately.

The referee was at a loss.

Again he looked at the replay. Indeed, the third word from Jiu Hefeng, that word had not been said as Su Haos attack killed him.


The referee angrily said, Rubbish! You think that the crowd is blind? Jiu Hefeng had already given up on making any resistance. He raised both his hands and said I admit, Your offense has doubled!

You are wrong.

Su Hao smiled and said, I feel that Jiu Hefeng was just pretending. What he wanted to say should be: Since you are this powerful, I should also reveal my hidden card. I will let you see, how I am I able to kill a professional esper!


The crowd was speechless.

How could there be such an explanation?

However, when one thought carefully, it seemed logical too.

Am I right?

Su Hao laughed, You see, I would never stupidly wait for him to gather his energy. So I should attack first. Otherwise, that origin technique that could even kill a professional esper Its terrifying.


The referee was so angry that he got confused.

Of course, if the referee thinks that I am wrong, then go ahead and punish me. But if that is the case, if I need to gather any energy during the next fight, I will raise both of my hands, give up all resistance, and spit out these two words I admit and defeat him when the opponent puts down their guard.

Hmm.. that is also not bad. What do you think, Mr. Referee?


The referee already had nothing to say.


If these two words I admit were enough, later when someone decided to use their ultimate attack, they would first shout these two words. To attack, or not to attack, and should they just let them gather their energy?

This situation already conflicted with the rules.

If Su Hao was really punished because of this, he was afraid that the problem would escalate.

Furthermore, with Su Haos current fame...

Since he couldnt punish, he could only give up. The referee sighed, silently gave up the act of wanting to give him a red card and could only open his mouth to announce that Jianghe Team was victorious and successfully moved on to the next round!


The crowd was shaken.

Su Hao actually persuaded the referee.

Jianghe Team was victorious!

This team which had been considered a joke had actually beaten the 5th ranked Fenghui Team and entered into the top 4 and the 2nd round of the competition. Especially, the final powerful counterattack by Su Hao gave everyone a feeling of shock. Su Hao had improved even more.

Countless noises emanated from the crowd.

And at this moment, a roar rang the ears of everyone.

A life for a life!

We are not satisfied!

A few furious people charged from the spectator seat and directly jumped onto the stage. Taking advantage of the chaos, they charged towards Su Hao. When the crowd saw this, they were immediately stunned.

Its them!

The members of Fenghui Team!


The frustration of losing.

The anger from the death of Jiu Hefeng.

The despair of the referees illegal judgement towards Su Hao.

These had caused those few members of Fenghui Team to attack. The four of them attacked at once and directly charged towards Su Hao. At this time, Su Hao who was walking back did not seem to have any leeway to resist. This time he had to face four opponents! And these four were all strong specialized espers.


Countless attacks arrived.

Su Hao actually didnt move.


Countless snowflakes floated around them.

Winter had arrived.

The movement of the four members suddenly slowed down a lot. They were slow like an old man. As Chen Yiran leisurely floated from afar, she carried an unlimited amount of intention to kill and surrounded four of them. The ice crystals that filled the sky fell downwards like knives and viciously pounded towards the four.


Big Ox let out a furious shout.

His muscles expanded and the snowflakes on his body were literally bounced off. The sturdy fists released unlimited power and were suddenly launched towards Chen Yiran.

One punch!

A skinny figure stood before him. Without hesitation, he raised his fists and launched them towards Big Ox. The skinny arms seemed like a joke before Big Oxs strong and powerful figure.


Big Oxs body flew outwards and viciously landed on the ground. His right arm was mutilated, as it seemed to be crippled!

How can I let you hit my bosss wife.

Li Xin grinned.

Big Ox!!

Li Yan furiously shouted. Suddenly wild flames appeared and began to surround them, melting Chen Yirans snowflakes. In the midst of the uproar, his right arm was raised high.



Countless flames condensed in the sky.

A fist 5-6 meters in diameter was created, the intensity of the flames seemed to cause everyone to go silent and fearful.


Li Yan actually achieved a breakthrough in such a situation!

I want all of you to die!


The horrific flame fist fell from the sky along with Li Yans waves and crashed towards Su Hao and the rest. Before the attack could reach, the horrific might had caused everyone to be terrified. Everyone in the spectator seats seemed to be shocked by this powerful attack until they seemed to be not able to speak, left in shock and awe.

At this moment.


A seemingly faint light flashed pass.

The flame fist was suddenly stuck. Behind Li Yan, Zhou Wang calmly stood there. Zhou Wang lightly laid his right hand on Li Yans shoulder and countless of thunderbolts flashed.

The powerful thunderbolts numbed Li Yan!

He was not able to move!

Not good!

At this moment, Thin Monkey had just finally escaped from Chen Yirans shackles.

As he saw that Li Yan was not in a good situation, he immediately charged towards Zhou Wang. In the battle, Zhou Wang barely obtained a win against him. He believed if there was another chance, he definitely will not lose! With his current unbelievably high speed, he definitely will not let Zhou Wang catch his figure.


Thin Monkey charged before Zhou Wang but was kicked back by someone.

Li Tiantian leisurely stood before him. Before Li Tiantians ability talent, speed was merely a joke...


A flash of cold light passed.

Su Hao finally made a move. With a slash, Water Split was used with the Xinghe Sword. The sharp edge caused the four members of Fenghui Team to be shrouded.


Fenghui Team was completely wiped out.