Godly Model Creator Chapter 43

Gmc Chapter 43

Chapter 0043 Battle of honor!


The student was scared and embarrassedly ran to one side. That was too scary, the room was surrounded by glass doors and completely transparent. Plus, he was standing in the middle of crowd. How did that man suddenly appear?

Another idiot testing the life and death command? The middle-aged man smiled with satisfaction, Whats your name?

Li.Li Xin. That student said while shaking.

En, good.

After saying that, the middle-aged man suddenly disappeared without a trace.

At that time, Su Hao had already understood the situation.

Origin ability talent!

It should be a talent that was something like instantaneous movement. That was why he was able to appear in front of the student who used the command in just a moment to save him.

Such a terrifying ability, and the school used the guy to be in a rescue team?

Thanks to that idiot student, the crowd had a thorough understanding of the life and death command. Nobody would just simply trigger the command. Li Xin, with his pale expression, said: Teacher, that uncle wont be angry with me right and not willing to save me next time?

The leading teacher laughed, Dont worry. How would he do so? Instead, he likes you even more. After all, he charges according to number of times he is called. Each time he rescued a student, he would receive a huge sum of money. This time he rushed over without doing anything yet he earned a lot of money. How could he mind it.

Thats good, thats good. Li Xin let out a sigh.

The leading teacher then reminded, From now on, your life and death command only has two uses left.

Rest assured, who knows, until I graduate, I might not even use it once. Li Xin confidently tapped his own chest.

The leading teacher smiled and didnt speak any further.

There was only one word that flashed through Su Haos mind: idiot!

Recalling last time, he had heard a line that went like this: in every team one-tenth of the members would be silly idiots. Before that he didnt believe it, but now he was convinced!

Having high talent didnt mean that his IQ would be high too.

Alright fellow students. Since you have taken all your items, all other information could be viewed from the communication device. From now on, the schools notice, assignment request etc, you can get them all from the device itself. So now, you can have a walk around the school and familiarise yourselves with the environment. The leading teacher said to the whole crowd.

Oh yea, when you all graduate, I hope to be able to see you all in complete.

Finished his sentence, the leading teacher left the scene.

Zhou Wang and Su Hao glanced at each other. Each of them could notice that within the others eyes, they were filled with excitement.

Wilderness, this is the true wilderness!

Originally they thought that only after entering university would they begin to experience this, but never did they expect that in the natural selection class students would be able to start exploring the wilderness. No wonder, even Zhou Wangs tutor wanted him to be enrolled into this class.

This place was where the real deal began!

Su Hao activated his devices virtual screen. With the schools map displayed, the schools distribution was very clear.

Living area, classroom area, business district, training area, staff area. Besides staff area, other places were free for everyones access.

Living area, students hostel, eating area.

Classroom area, different courses of teaching, teaching area.

Business district, students handling work, purchasing and selling materials, requesting task, all matters related to work.

Training area, there were a lot of equipment for training and cultivation, virtual fighting, various kind of usual training regime areas.

As for the final region, staff area, it went without saying that this was the place where all the teachers and school leaders resided.

Just that.. What Su Hao found strange wasnt that the school area was not that large, naturally it was to tighten the defence against berserk beasts. But, for just one hundred students.wasnt it a bit too big?

While being puzzled, unexpectedly, the crowd looked at a distance and was suddenly surprised. Not far away, a student wearing natural selection class uniform was walking towards their direction.

In addition to them, there was still the existence of other students?

Each year, natural selection class would only accept 100 students, the true elites. How could there still be other people?

Who was this man?

Noticing the puzzled eyes of crowd, the student smiled as he walked here, New students? Hi, I am Zhao Feng, last batchs natural selection class student.

Last batch? The crowd was shocked, Last batch, then why..

That cant be helped. I didnt pass and had to continue being assessed. Zhao Feng smiled.

At that time the idiot, Li Xin, appeared again, Repeaters? Even you failed to enrol into universities? Natural selection class still keeps such people? This is really ridiculous.

Su Hao looked at him in silence. This idiot, how could he survive all those years up to now, such a miracle!

Zhao Fengs eyes flashed and the very next second, his stature suddenly disappeared.


Li Xin was severely kicked until he flew off, followed by a huge step on his face. Zhao Feng bent down and coldly said, Little bastard, in the natural selection class, you will soon learn how to be polite.

Everyone, I need to go now. Bye! Zhao Feng smiled at the crowd and then turned away. For a long time, Li Xin didnt get up.

Everyone glanced at each other, seeing the shocked expression on other side, this man, such a strong ability!

Although Li Xin was an idiot, his ranking was tenth in the whole school! This was something he was proud of but just after arriving here, he had already been under Zhao Fengs foot.

Zhou Wang, who was beside Su Hao, said, The school will definitely not keep ordinary students. If there are repeaters here, that would only mean one thing. Such people only aim to enter Zhanzheng College and not others. Thats why they are repeating, such people are very terrifying!

Su Hao nodded, Each batch of 100 students, if 20 manage to enter Zhanzheng College, 40 students entering main universities, at least there would be 30 students choosing to repeat and try again!

Participating once in the college entrance exam, these kind of students, their strength isnt to be looked down at. Zhou Wang frowned, Fortunately, based on what the leading teacher mentioned just now, we shouldnt be having any interaction with them.

No interaction? Su Haos mind moved. Activating his communication device, searching the keyword repeaters, very soon, data regarding repeaters appeared.

As what the leading teachers mentioned, all the rules and regulations could be seen from here. After viewing the search results, Su Hao was caught in surprised.

What happened? Zhou Wang noticed the ugly expression of Su Hao.

Su Hao selected the option to share the virtual screen. Instantly, everyone was able to see it. Look at here, the natural selection class. Every month, there would be a battle of honor! In the virtual combat room, the one participating would be new students and repeaters!

No way!

Thats impossible!

As the crowd looked at it, everyone began to complain for a while. Asking them to fight against the repeaters who had already gone training for one whole year, wasnt that just bullying the weak?

Su Hao, whats your opinion? Zhou Wang asked.

Su Hao pondered for a while, It should be our school trying to push us with this method, not letting us to relax. Even if these repeaters cant be overcome, what qualification do we have to take the college entrance exam?

Thats the way!

The crowd, one by one nodded secretly. What Su Hao said was right. If they cant even compete with these repeaters, how could they still sit for the college entrance exam?

So, at first, we are doomed to fail. However, as new students, we have unlimited potential! Our strength could still be improved by leaps and bounds. On the other hand, the school is using this as stimulus for repeaters. If they dont continue to work harder, they would only be able to helplessly look at new students gradually surpass them!

Just now, that Zhao Feng, although he didnt show his full strength, from his moves, it could be estimated that his origin ability should be around 15, very formidable! A student with dark expression said, The first battle of honor will be held on the 1st of October. Most probably, we will fail badly.

As long as everyone does their best, everything will be fine. Theres still a long period of one month. During early stage here, I believe that well have a huge boost in strength. Su Hao smiled indifferently.

The crowd then secretly nodded again. Putting aside the battle of honor, the students began to get to know each other and discussed stuff related to the natural selection class.

But soon, a voice disrupted the harmonious atmosphere.

Hahaha  pathetic, where is that Zhao Feng just now? He even dared to surprise attack this daddy! Li Xin, that idiot finally got up, and angrily said: If you are brave enough, lets have 300 rounds then. Sneak attacks are for weakling!


Everyone was speechless. How could this guy not be killed by the kick just now.

All students slowly exited the scene. Each group strolled around the school on their own. That bustling crowd just now, disappeared without trace.

Li Xin blankly raised his head. Looking at the empty room, what situation was this?


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