Godly Model Creator Chapter 430

Gmc Chapter 430

Chapter 430    Bai Wu, an unbelievable counterattack!

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They were all dead.

The smell of blood filled the scene.

The crowd went silent.

Who would have thought that nobody from Fenghui Team could escape death?

Everyone died

What was more amazing was the strength of Jianghe Team.

In the previous battle, Li Tiantian and Zhou Wang both won, but it was a difficult one. They should have only been stronger than Fenghuis team by a bit.

But now

Fenghui Team had broken through!

Whether it was Big Ox or Li Yans fiery punch, they were all much stronger during the battle. Obviously, after experiencing failure, one would make progress.

However, they still failed.

They failed once again to the same Jianghe Team!

And they lost so easily!

Chen Yiran tried to disrupt the charge from the four of them by using her powerful snowflakes and ice crystals. Although Li Yan and others managed to break free later, Zhang Jian had been toyed around with by Chen Yiran. How could he, who had a defensive ability, fight against her?

As for Big Ox who relied on his raw power, that was even worse. He was actually crippled by the critical strike from Li Xin. 

What about Li Yan?

At first, he managed to breakthrough with his anger.

That roaring fiery punch almost reached the threshold of professional esper but then

Zhou Wang destroyed it.

What about Thin Monkeys speed?

He was beaten easily by Li Tiantian.

Just by changing opponents, Fenghui Team was easily defeated!

Only at this moment did one realize that the strength of Jianghe Team wasnt just as simple as on the surface. These five participants in front of them were the best proof.

You all...

The referee was speechless.

He was just mad because of Su Haos kills. In just a blink of an eye, he actually killed another four!

What you all...

Su Hao sneered, We have the right to question the responsibility of the government of Fenghui City for this matter. After we won, there was actually an attempt to assassinate us. Is the security here just for show?


After finished his words, Su Hao immediately turned away and left, leaving behind the dumbfounded referee. Damn you

This was too arrogant!

As Su Hao left, Chen Yiran and others followed along.

At this time, the scene was in an uproar.

This was too awesome!

At first the spectators thought that it would just be an ordinary show. Who would have thought that the matter would escalate to such degree? Jianghe Team revealed their might for the first time in front of the audience.

They were much more domineering than Fenghui Team!

The staff quickly cleaned up the dead bodies of Fenghui Team. Although most who were present here were all citizens of Fenghui City, that last assassination attempt by Fenghui Team really disgusted the audience.

The first day ended.

Jianghe Team obtained the perfect outcome.

Fenghui City, Jianghe City and in fact, the entire Eastern State spread the news of Jianghe Teams victory. The strength of this team needed to be re-examined again.

The final conclusion they obtained


For specialized espers, was the gap of one level huge?


The gap for one level at most would show the energy intensity to be better by a bit or slightly better energy cultivation and then nothing else. The true factor that would affect strength was ability talent. 

Of course, if the level was too far apart, a more superior talent would be useless too.

However, for those participating in this battle, it seemed to not affect them. After all, the oldest ones to participate would be 20 years old. No matter how strong one was, that would probably be around level 8 or 9. 

Thus, the public could only be amazed by the strength of Jianghe Team,.

With the display of strength especially at the final moment, to say that they had the chance to win the whole competition wasnt too far of a stretch, right? However, whether they really had the chance to win or not would depend on the other battles.

The first round lasted four days.

The crowd was also excited for the next three days.

June 22nd.

Lan Hua Team VS Wang Xiang Team.

A core city facing a developing city, compared to Lan Hua Teams victory, the crowd was more interested in whether Wang Xiang Team could force a counterattack like Jianghe Team and obtain a gorgeous victory. However

Reality and expectation would always be different.

The team members of Lan Hua Team went to the stage and acted like Su Hao and others. After winning once, they would step down. Finally, when their leader came to the stage, he released a strong aura and they won the match!

Although the score was 5:4, everyone knew the actual result was 5:0!

They were actually toying around with Wang Xiang Team!

This was so terrifying!

Especially the leader of Lanhua Team, his domineering level eight had shocked everyone and he easily destroyed his opponent. Indeed a core city, Lanhua Team had the qualification to win the competition.

Lanhua Team won!

June 23rd.

Quan An Team VS Yong Kou Team!

Again, it was a core city against a developing city. As for an upset, it seemed to only exist in fairy tales. After Lan Hua Team showed their might, it was Quan An Teams turn.

Quan An Team won!

June 24th.

Bai Wu Team Vs Gao Jian Team.

This was also an exciting match.

Different from the other teams on the surface Bai Wu Team was the strongest. From the start, they were expected to win the competition. However, more often than not, those expected to win would be challenged by dark horses. Therefore, whether the team could really win would depend on their true strength.

However, such a team which ranked first shocked the audience! Even Su Hao and his friends were stunned too!


What happened!

Bai Wu Team only had four participants.

One looked fine but the other three

Two were seriously injured while one had been disabled!

Where is their captain?

Damn, that guys arm is gone his body is full of scars. What had happened to them?

Im clueless too.

The crowd was stunned. Even the referee was shocked too. This was the very first time he had seen such an appearance in a fight.

The referee asked with concern, What actually happened?

Nothing much.

The only guy who looked fine calmly said, Two days ago, we went out for some task and something happened. Well, we did have some small injuries.

Small injuries


Damn, you all were on the verge of dying, alright?!

Everyone looked at the other two members who were resting on stretchers. Such degree of injury was considered minor?


Everyone quickly realized something was amiss.


They actually accepted tasks during the middle of a competition?

Looking at their state now, one could imagine how difficult the task was. To accept task during the competition was just simply courting death!

Although they knew they were strong, couldnt the team take this more seriously?

But no matter how

Bai Wu Team was finished.

This was what everyone thought.

Are you here to concede?

The referee asked them helplessly. This team just let off a great chance for victory. It was such a waste.


The man laughed, Who says that Im here to concede? We are here to join the battle! Stop saying such nonsense. Quick, start the fight now!


The referee was stunned.

He even thought he had heard it wrong.


With these four people...no, only one looked normal.

Stop wasting time.

The man frowned, I am Ceng Yong, the deputy leader of Bai Wu Team. Our leader had some matters to attend to. So well just join the battle first.


The referee was speechless. He felt that his brain couldnt process this. Were they here to greet their own deaths?

After confirming with Ceng Yong, he announced the start of the battle.

This team

Were they being funny?

However, their opponent, Gao Jian Team was delighted. This was the battle they thought they had no hope to win at all, but since the opponents were in such a state, how could this be any better for them?

Thus, the leader of Gao Jian Team walked up the stage and looked at Zeng Yong, No matter what happened to your team, to insist on participating in the battle in such state, your team deserves to be praised. Everyone should learn from you all. Even if you all fail, at least you deserve to be proud.

The crowd was surprised.

So that was all for their own pride?

However, before he had the time to think, he saw Ceng Yong utter a cold word.


A dazzling sword appeared.

The leader of Gao Jian Team died.

You actually dared!

One of Gao Jian Teams members was angry but he was killed by one slash too! Ceng Yong was like a killing god while standing indifferently on stage.

The rest were stunned and dared not come up the stage.

Such strength

Was there any need to continue the fight?

A moment later, Gao Jian Team admitted defeat.

Two of the strongest members on their team were killed with one sword slash. Where was the need to fight anymore?

We won?

Ceng Yong slowly raised his head and suddenly fainted to the ground after the referee announced that they had won.


Lying on the ground, Ceng Yong gasped for air and traces of blood could be seen on his shoulders. Instead, he revealed a smile. Leader, we have completed our task. The rest, we will leave to you.