Godly Model Creator Chapter 431

Gmc Chapter 431

Chapter 431    Return!

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

Team Bai Wu won.

They won unexpectedly.

This team with only one seemingly good condition man, one handicapped, and two seriously wounded teammates had won! Although they were truly strong, with their current state, they still managed to surprise the audience.

One person defeated a whole team?

No, it was not the case here.

The real case should be that one person defeated two.

When Ceng Yong defeated the opponents instantly with two strikes, no one from Gao Jian Team was courageous enough to step forward.

However, only when Ceng Yong collapsed did the crowd realize that not only those three, but Ceng Yong himself was also seriously wounded! His limit was only two strikes. If one more person from Gao Jian Team entered the stage, they could have won.

Too bad, nobody dared.

The strong aura stunned the crowd.

No one who was brave enough to come forward.

Team Bai Wu had won.

However, no one who looked down on Team Gao Jian because there was no point even if they won. The strongest two in the team had been defeated. There was no point for them to continue fighting.

All in all, Team Bai Wu had won.

With two seriously wounded and one handicapped, no, it was three seriously wounded and one handicapped! Ceng Yong who was seriously injured had defeated Team Bai Wu. He had surprised the crowd by reversing the battle.

This power displayed what a peak specialized esper could do!

Ceng Yong, what a strong esper.

If Team Bai Wu were in top condition, this team would undoubtedly be the champion with Ceng Yong and his captains strength!


What about now?

Team Gao Jian had been defeated.

But Team Bai Wu who had won wasnt in a good situation either.

Initially, only Ceng Yong who was seriously wounded was able to move. But with that two final strikes and his fatigue, Ceng Yong was exhausted.

At least for half a month, he would not be able to move.

He even needed to be carried by the staff down the stage. As for the other two who were seriously wounded, they could barely speak.

Team Bai Wus only chance to win would be on their captains shoulder.

However, it was uncertain when their captain will be back. Even if he were back, he would need to fight against five people by himself. The other teams were not like Team Gao Jian. For those who qualified for the second round, each of them would compete for the championship. Every team was competitive.

Those who are strong fight against the strong.

Even there is only a slight mistake; the results would be significantly different.

One versus five?

That is impossible.

Team Bai Wu was destined to lose. Let alone the final round; in fact, they might not be able to participate in the second round!

Now, the first round was over!

According to the rules, after the first round, there would be two days off. Then the second round would start.

On that day.

The news regarding the match spread wildly. Team Jianghes comeback, the domineering Team Quan An and Team Lan Hua, and Team Bai Wus amazing win. Every match was fascinating and stunned the crowd.

For the second round, these four teams would fight against each other.

However, for the team who is matched against Team Bai Wu, they would be at a great advantage. For the other teams would able to fight in their best condition. According to the analysis ranking report based on their strength, ranked first would be the strong Team Lan Hua, followed by the amazing Team Jianghe, with Team Quan An ranked at third.

Team Jianghe was ranked higher than Team Quan An?

The public was amazed.

This ranking had no meaning in fact.

It was just a ranking posted online. Team Jianghe was the lowest in ranking before, but they managed to reverse the victory at the very end. Therefore, Su Hao and his teammates would not care much about this.

However, it was different for the others.

Du Ze, Team Quan Ans captain, was one of them.

He was mad at the ranking.

When looking at the ranking, he got angry. Based on what? Based on what?! Forget about Team Lan Hua. I acknowledged the strength of those bastards, almost on par with us. But how come this Team Jianghe is ahead of this daddy? A group of high school students?

In Team Quan Ans resting area.

The complaints of Du Ze could be heard clearly.

The staff ignored the complaints.

Everyone knew his temper after knowing him for a few days. Even though he was strong, but with his temper

It was not easy to speak to him.

He was like a grenade which could explode from the smallest spark.

They were used to his complaining already.

However, his complaints did not last long. Because at that night, the second round match list was revealed!

June 27th.

Team Jianghe VS Team Quan An!

June 28th.

Team Bai Wu VS Team Lan Hua!

Hahaha, it is Team Jianghe.

Du Ze was happy at this.

He was just thinking of how to defeat Team Jianghe and then the match list was out. He was satisfied with this. Based on Team Jianghes previous performance against Team Feng Hui, he felt they are not strong enough to defeat his team!

Team Jianghes resting area.

Su Hao and his teammates were busy practicing.

They did not know who their opponent was. From day one, they had been practicing a lot and their breakthrough two days ago had been stabilized. In fact, with the governments unlimited supply of resources, almost all of them had a breakthrough. Not only mentality but also in ability talent.

What about the online news?

Who cares!

They didnt have the luxury to care about that.

But, today was different.

Team Bai Wus victory had amazed everyone.

It stimulated almost everyone and they kept training.

Ceng Yongs strength had warned Su Hao. He was too strong! If that sword struck him, could he withstand it?

He could!

With his Xinghe Arrow

But what about two strikes?

Su Hao sighed.

The computer processing power has just arrived in my hand. Maybe I can consider improving it.

Su Hao diverted his attention to his Illusion Reality. It was a five-star card, but it could still evolve. Because of his previous lack of energy and weak analysis ability, he had postponed on researching this technique.

But now, with ten computers within his body, Su Hao felt that he might be able to start evolving!

Illusion Reality!



The ten computers worked at full capacity.

What is an illusion?

What is reality?

For each sentence, there might be millions of answers based on millions of theories because everyone thinks differently. And now, Su Hao needed to find his own path from these thoughts and theories.

These might not be the true answer.

Illusion Reality could it be in between realization?

Su Hao made a smart guess.

Regarding Illusion Reality, he had a lot of hypotheses.

But these hypotheses needed to be experimented to be proved. Hundreds, thousands, even millions of experiments just to get the conclusion.

If it was before, he dared not to think about it. Let alone the experiments, the data theories alone could freeze his brain. But now, Su Hao was utilizing computers to analyze and he was in charge of operating them!



Every time Su Hao looked at the model world, he could see a lot of data. Apparently, experiments and analysis test on Illusion Reality needed a lot of effort, and when the experiment would succeed was still unknown to Su Hao.

The second round was coming. The team had to be ready.

If the energy could cope, then it is good.

Su Hao sighed. Even though the computers speed could cope with the load, his energy was not sufficient. It was already his limit for ten computers to perform perfect calculations for 24 hours.

A list came when the data processing was in progress.

Su Hao realized that it was the match list.

Their target apparently was Team Quan An.

Looks like there is a need to meet them earlier.

Su Hao smiled.

At the same time, somewhere near Zhanzheng College.

A giant beast was roaring within the jungle. Every step of it could shake the ground due to its size. How strong was this beast?



Its tail madly swiped around.

It instantly chopped the trees.

This berserk beast was roaring as if it sensed danger. It watched the surrounding but failed to see anything. Therefore it stayed put. At that time, a young man slowly approached. The berserk beast noticed and quickly fled!


This berserk beast actually chose to flee?!

Who was this man?



The beast escaped quickly.


When it just took a few steps away...


The beast stopped moving.

Nothing could be seen. There was no attack, but the beast stopped. The young man moved behind it and pointed at the beast.


The beast fell to the ground.

The young man then took one of its horns, inserted it into his bag and left. His name could be clearly seen on the name tag on his bag.

Zhanzheng College, Bai Feng.

He submitted the horn. After a while, Bai Feng arrived at the main gate of the college. He looked at the gate and sighed.

Zhanzheng College



He turned away after he said that.

At the same time, in Zhanzheng College, a staff quietly sealed the students particulars and information before transferring them.

In the remarks column, there were a few sentences.

Student Bai Feng, age 20, Bai Wu City, Zhanzheng Colleges final year student, smart, hardworking, gifted ability, graduated as of today