Godly Model Creator Chapter 432

Gmc Chapter 432

Chapter 432    Provocation!

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

Early in the morning.

Team Jianghes resting area.

Their training had ceased. Their hard work these past few days had consolidated their breakthrough, becoming part of their strength.

Since the second round match had been released, it was time for them to analyze their next target.

Team Quan An.

Should we use their impression then? Su Hao asked.

Everyone shook their head.

Is this alright?

Chen Yiran revealed a copy of data, I just got it online.


The virtual screen flickered.

The information of Team Quan An was displayed.

Some freelancers compiled the information on the Internet. Based on their own analysis and research, the data regarding the strength of the team was released. There were studies on each individual, their origin techniques, the best direction to look at and others. Although this was not really good enough to use, it was still alright to serve as a reference.

Team Quan An is a team from a core city.

As for their strength, it was needless to say. The screen revealed the information of the first three members. Three of them were level 2 espers while the rest of their strength hovered around level 6, and all their ability talent were grade A. However, the most horrifying one was the other two members of the team.

The leader and deputy leader!

They were third-year students of Zhanzheng College.

Whether it was strength or experience, both were far ahead of them. Among the members, their leader, Du Ze was without a doubt the strongest.

Team Jianghe had naturally seen the previous battle of Team Quan An.

The horrifying strength of Du Ze stunned everyone. At least during the battle with Team Young Kou, the strength which he displayed made his opposing team despair.

However, the evaluation from the Internet regarding Du Ze wasnt what they had imagined. Bad temper, irritating, annoying, and so on. It seemed that the number of heads he had offended was quite a lot. 

Du Ze...

Su Hao muttered to himself.

A few days ago, that fatty who appeared on stage... Li Xin seemed to have deep impression on this, Puffy like a balloon, I actually thought he might explode at any moment.

Everyone was speechless.

However, with this reminder from Li Xin, they had to admit that his strength was no joke excluding his temperament.

Youre going?

Chen Yiran asked softly.

Since the list was out, Su Hao as a leader would have to act.

Based on the formula that they had decided earlier on, the route would be Get the list - build intelligent character models - start training based on each target - win in the actual match. Only by establishing the intelligent model of each member of the opposing team would this be much easier.


Su Hao nodded, You all go train first. I will go there and have a look.

Ill accompany you.

Chen Yiran followed Su Hao.

However, before both of them got out from there, they had received a report from the security at the entrance that the captain of Team Quan An, Du Ze came for a visit!


Su Hao was a little shocked.

Walking out from the resting area, they saw several people waiting and in the middle, there was one with a huge figure which obviously attracted everyones attention the most.

The leader of Team Quan An, Du Ze.

Not all the team members?

Su Hao glanced at everyone and was a bit disappointed.

Too bad, he had thought that they would all come to visit him. If that was the case, without even having to pay a visit, he could establish all their intelligent model.

Well, well, well, isnt this our top student in college entrance exam?

Su Hao hadnt even spoken and he already had to listen to Du Zes sarcastic remarks, Indeed worthy to be top student of the exam. Your fame is so scary that when X News did their analysis, they had to consider your fame and let your team ranked second.

Su Hao: ...

Noticing that Su Hao was keeping his mouth shut, Du Ze went mad, What? Being ranked in front, youre looking down on our Team Quan An? These things, you cant really believe it, right? It is just to fool the public. You guys, high school students...


Su Hao finally couldnt help and interrupted him.

Can you tell me what is this X News all about? That ranking, what is that? Su Hao asked in a confused tone.


Many people around them suddenly burst out in laughter.

This idiot

Was he trying to make a fool of himself?

This Su Hao was totally clueless about whatever X News and their ranking, yet this idiot Du Ze went mad when he saw the news and rushed over here.


Du Ze was brimming with anger.

When he saw it last night, his heart didnt feel great. Looking left and right, he couldnt even sleep. The more he thought about it, the angrier he became. On what basis was he pressured by a bunch of high school students? They must have been proud to be ranked above his team, right? Had Team Qian An become a laughing stock?


Su Hao actually asked him what is X News?

Du Ze was stunned on the spot. These high school students, it cant be that they really had no clue of it his face became red listening to the wave of laughter coming from the surrounding onlookers. Looking at the confused look of Su Hao, he was even more sure of it. These people must have been pretending! Definitely!

They were planning to humiliate him!

They planned to do so in front of everyone!

These arrogant high school students!

Du Zes anger reached another level. His breath became shorter as he felt disgusted the more he looked at the face of Jianghe Team. At this moment, a series of footsteps came. They seemed calm and weak but everyone could somehow hear the sound.


First step.


Second step.

Su Hao got goosebumps.


The third step.

Su Hao suddenly raised his head. His eyes looked cold as he looked forward. Everyone was shocked by the look that they unconsciously took a step back. Even Du Ze was stunned too. However, soon he felt that he had been toyed around by Su Hao. Brimming with anger, he said in a furious tone, Su Hao, you trash daring to tease me...


Du Ze didnt continue his sentence.

At this moment, he finally noticed Su Hao wasnt looking at him but somewhere behind him. Feeling strange, he turned around and noticed a young man in white walked over here with slow steps.

Indeed Su Hao is worthy of his fame.

The young man continued, To be able to sense my presence at once, no wonder the Guardians all praised you as a rare genius.


Su Hao was stunned. Was it Killing God or Berserk Lion? So far, he had only seen these two Guardians. To be able to make contact with these kinds of characters, this young mans identity was definitely not simple.

Who was this man in front of him?

Who are you?


The young man smiled, Sorry, I forget to introduce myself. Im Bai Feng, the leader of Team Bai Wu.


The sounds of items dropping could be heard in the surrounding.

Team Bai Wu!


Bai Feng!

The young man said in a flat tone, but that simple sentence carried a huge wave. The leader of the strongest team, Team Bai Wu was actually in front of them? The leader of the team that advanced to the next round with two strikes?

The public had thought that the team had given up. After all, the gap was too huge to cover. Never did they expect that the teams leader would be back at this time!

At this place.

You cant be that clueless about the intention, right?

Team Bai Wu still wanted to fight!

Even if they only had one person left, they would continue!


The surrounding crowd suddenly was looking forward to this. This era needed a hero, a legend which could amaze the world.

Bai Feng!

Su Hao silently remembered this name. Although they did not have any confrontation, he could clearly feel the aura coming from him. The most horrifying part was

The scanning of model analysis was cut off!

Cut off!

This was something which he hadnt encounter for quite some time.

In his memory, it seemed that only when the difference in strength was too huge that this would happen. And now. Could it be this guy learned some special protective technique?

Su Hao pondered about this.


Su Hao asked with some doubts.


Bai Feng smiled, After hearing the Guardians praising you, I do wish to see how exactly powerful is the first ranked student in the exam. Not bad, you did not disappoint me. However, with such strength, to obtain first in this battle, youre far away from it. We will meet again during the decisive battle.

Everyone was shocked by this statement.

Decisive battle!

He actually said decisive battle!

Didnt that mean Team Bai Wu would win and Team Jianghe would advance to the final round too?

Who gave him such confidence?

F*cking arrogant brats!

Du Ze who was enjoying the scene became angered, These two clowns want to win the championship? Bai Feng, you have been very bossy at school, and here you are acting the same. You just skipped grades twice. What is so great about that?

Bai Feng silently turned around and said in a doubtful tone, Owh, I wonder who was it and it was actually Piggy. Why are you running over here instead of being a pet at school? Could it be that youre participating in the battle?


That tone and use of words had instantly destroyed the fragile heart of Du Ze.

Du Ze roared in anger. Without any hesitation, he blasted a punch toward Bai Feng. That huge fist landed on Bai Fengs body, producing a horrifying sound.