Godly Model Creator Chapter 433

Gmc Chapter 433

Chapter 433    What path to take?

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws



A series of explosions could be heard.

Du Zes fist of anger was much more impactful than one would imagine. The shockwave alone was enough to make the crowd feel the burning sensation.

Such powerful strength!

Everyone was amazed.

No matter how bad his temper or low his IQ was, his strength was no joke.

It looked like a punch.

However, the attack just now was actually a series of consecutive punches!

When the heavy attack finally settled down, the surrounding solid walls had their thick cement scrapped off, revealing the metals which acted as the support pillars. The lobby was filled with dust, and it caused everyone to cover their nose.

Su Hao and others frowned.

Both of them were here to challenge but before Jianghe Team had even said anything, these two men actually started a fight. It seems like they had some bad blood at Zhanzheng College. However, excluding Jianghe and Fenghui Team, everyone else was a student at Zhanzheng College.

However, this mans strength

Su Hao closed his eyes to cover the shock in his heart.

The dust blinded most people but Su Hao could see everything clearly. Du Zes attack was without a doubt strong. He was actually at a higher level than Jiu Hefengs ultimate attack.

However, such an attack


The dust dissipated.

Bai Feng was safe and sound.

Hey, angry pig. Your strength is still as weak as ever... Bai Feng was being sarcastic. Leisurely stretching one of his legs, he charged forward.


Du Ze was extremely mad.

He had never thought to win. After all, he was clear of Bai Fengs ability. However, after his thunderous rapid attack, Bai Fengs reply was actually just a simple kick?

It was as if he thought Du Ze as a joke!

He, Du Ze, was actually being ridiculed to such a level?

Du Zes anger reached another level. However, when that simple kick was slowly approaching, Du Ze was shocked that he had nowhere to escape!

He couldnt block it!

Nor could he escape!

All routes seemed to have been sealed off!

Du Ze could only stare at the incoming kick and then with the sudden transfer of momentum, his entire body flew away.


Du Zes huge body slammed against a wall.

Behind the concrete wall, the special metal pillar was also crushed. Du Ze was like a huge ball being shot by Bai Feng towards a goal post!

Such a powerful kick!

The onlookers were stunned.

Just that, the thing which they couldnt understand was why Du Ze had not evaded the ordinary kick? Why did he just stand there like a retard?

At that time, not many could see the secret. Su Hao and other had a look at each other and saw the grave look from each others eyes. This Bai Feng

He wasnt ordinary.

Without a doubt, he would be their greatest enemy in this battle.

Perhaps Bai Wu would really be their final obstacle.


He was the only one left on his team!

Could one man beat a whole team?

Remember our agreement.

Bai Feng smiled at Su Hao, During the decisive battle, we will meet again!

Looking at that serious look of Bai Feng, he nodded slightly, Alright, then we will meet in the deciding match!

Bai Feng smiled with good intentions and then turned away.

No matter what, todays event was definitely a good catch.

The return of Team Bai Wus leader and the final decisive battle with Su Hao, this was a one of a kind story. Wasnt such news what the media had wanted?

If both teams really reached the finals, that would be even better.

However, this episode had yet to conclude. Just when Bai Fengs figure was about to disappear as he prepared to leave the scene, a furious roar came over.

Bai Feng!

Youre too arrogant!

The roar of anger shocked everyone. Turning around, surprisingly it was the fatty Du Ze who had been ignored all this time. At this time, he slowly recovered himself from the wall and didnt receive any harm.

You have been a peasant in my eyes all this time.

Du Zes body was filled with cold aura, You think that youre the only one who improved? Before reaching here from Zhanzheng College, I have improved many times. Before I defeat Team Jianghe, allow me to teach you a lesson.


A terrifying aura filled the atmosphere. With Du Ze as the center, it began to rotate like a tornado. Such strange scene stunned everyone.

How could such aura exist?

Can aura rotate?

No, its not aura!

Its gas! Its really gas!

The crowd was dumbfounded.

It wasnt aura

But a true gas!

The air around them began to spin. Surrounding Du Ze, an invisible force formed with him standing in the middle. At that moment, he was full of domineering might.


Du Ze gave a war cry!

His body began to swell, and that huge body was enlarged even more!

Only when his body expanded to three meters did his body stop growing. It was like a huge balloon. Just by him standing, that was enough to make one felt pressured.


Du Ze took a step, and the ground under his feet instantly cracked. Right now, Du Ze had reached his best fighting state, an entirely different level than when he was in the battle earlier.

Everyone was speechless.

Was this Du Zes true strength?

His strength was too horrifying!

Gas manipulation!

This is Du Zes ability talent!

This is terrifying!

I thought it is just some simple control of gas to attack people. Never would I imagine that Du Ze had trained his ability to this level.

That guy named Bai Feng, hes not in a good situation now.


Everyone began to worry about Bai Feng.

In front of that huge body of Du Ze, Bai Feng was too tiny in comparison.


Du Ze punched down.

Before his fist arrived, the gas reached first. With his huge fist aimed directly at Bai Feng.


Du Zes punch hit his target!

Everyone couldnt help but close their eyes. However, the huge explosive sound which they were anticipating didnt come. The crowd opened their eyes and were stunned the scene in front.

Du Zes attack had halted.

Bai Feng didnt move a single step and his fist was not even raised. He just stood there calmly. Du Zes attack was so close to him, about three inches away. However, no matter how hard Du Ze exerted his strength, he couldnt move forward.

How could this be?!

Du Ze was angered, How could you be this strong? Youre able to skip a grade but among the others, youre the weakest! During the last confrontation, youre only ahead of me by a bit. How could you be this strong now?

Du Zes voice was filled with disbelief.

Obviously, he couldnt believe that his best attack was easily stopped like a joke.


Not because it was blocked but because such a punch was totally ineffective. Bai Feng didnt even use his strength. He just used the simplest move which was not even considered an origin technique!

After messing around with Bai Feng all this time, he was well aware of this move.

Spiritual Barrier.

For Bai Feng, this move as akin to a punch which didnt use much strength. Usually, such a move could block ordinary long distance attacks. A slightly more powerful technique would be able to break the Spiritual Barrier but now

Du Ze most powerful punch was ineffective in front of this barrier.

How can this be?!

Du Ze couldnt accept this.


Bai Feng sighed, Originally, I thought of letting you keep your life intact. Although youre annoying, you do bring me quite some fun in my college life. After leaving Zhanzheng College, this had been a fun memory to remember. Never did I expect youre so unaware of yourself.

Leaving Zhanzheng College?

Du Ze was shocked, Could it be could it be that you have...


A dazzling light flashed.

Bai Feng was still not moving.

The crowd wasnt able to see anything.

They just felt that a dazzling light just passed by and instantly vanished. 

However, soon everyone noticed that

Du Ze was not moving.

A trace of blood could be seen from Du Zens eyebrows. Du Zes angry eyes seemed to be at ease. Looking at Bai Feng in front, he wanted to raise his hand but found out that he couldnt lift it anymore



You have...

Actually reached that stage...

Du Zes strength seemed to be weaker by every second as he struggled to finish his sentence. That huge figure fell backward.

Du Ze died.

Bai Feng calmly left the scene as if killing Du Ze was just a trivial matter. However, the onlookers felt the chill and sweated for the cold.

Just now

What had actually happened?

The rhythm of these two was too fast which included the sudden change of events too. It was hard for the crowd to process this. There wasnt any time to think. However, those last words of Du Ze made them think of an unbelievable fact. Could it be

Not far away.

Su Hao and others were stunned.

Todays events were too shocking to be absorbed!

At first, they just had the thought of enjoying the scene. Later on, they changed their mindset to a learning mindset. However, with the death of Du Ze, they were stunned. 

When they looked at each other, they could see the bitterness in their eyes.

Professional esper!

Bai Feng had advanced into a professional esper!

Team Jianghe

What will they do now?