Godly Model Creator Chapter 434

Gmc Chapter 434

Chapter 434    Absolutely not giving up!

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

June 25th.

The first round had just ended, and the battle for the capital city had surprised the public yet again.

The entire Fenghui City seemed to be shaken by some very sudden news.

Team Bai Wus captain, Bai Feng had advanced into a professional esper and returned here to join the battle!

When the public saw this piece of news, they were all dumbfounded. They knew well how powerful specialized espers were, but never would they dream of seeing a professional esper. It was because the longer they were a specialized esper, they would know more about how hard the path to reach professional esper was.

And now

Bai Feng arrived.

At this moment, it seemed that the publics doubt had been solved.

Why had Bai Feng not been here till now?

Why was Team Bai Wu willing to accept a task before the battle and Bai Wu Citys government been surprisingly silent about this?

The truth was

Everything was for Bai Feng to advance.

In order for him to breakthrough into a professional esper!

And now!

He had achieved such a feat!

Graduating from Zhanzheng College, he returned for the battle!

That Du Ze who challenged him and been killed by a single move, a video of it had been the main topic of the public. How powerful was that? Du Ze, a level 8 in his best state, was easily exterminated by Bai Feng.

A 20-year-old professional esper!

He was really talented!

Within the Eastern State, whether it was on the Internet or live broadcast, everything was about the coverage regarding the battle of the capital city. At this moment, even Su Haos glory had been temporarily suppressed. 

With the news of Bai Feng advancing into a professional esper, nobody could imagine how great the impact was.

However, there was one thing for certain.

This battle for the capital city.

The champion was without a doubt Team Bai Wu!

Before a professional esper did any of this have any significant meaning?

At this time, Bai Fengs remark to Su Hao has also been spread around. However, it was soon seen as a seniors concern in the publics eyes.

After all, Bai Feng and Su Hao were both geniuses.

Bai Feng was 20 years old. If Su Hao developed with his current pace, he would also have the chance to breakthrough into a professional esper by 20 years old.

At this moment

It seemed that all the attention was placed on Bai Feng.

Team Lan Hua, Team Quan An, and Team Jianghe, nobody bothered with them.

The battle for the capital city.

It was just the very beginning yet it was over now.

Even the Federation felt bad about this.

Yes, it was great for one to advance into a professional esper. But in this case, there wouldnt be any suspense in the matches anymore. Team Bai Wu would obviously win the matches by default. If so, who would bother to watch the matches anymore?

If nobody watched, how could the Federation recover their investment?

Soon, the government announced a new ranking system.

It was very simple. Since Team Bai Wu would obtain first, there was no point to aim for the capital city. However, there were excellent rewards for second and third place. In fact, one could argue that the reward was so generous that this was an honorary award given by the Federation.

This message once again brought back the other teams motivation.

Then, everyone was once again into their training.

However, this time, their goal had changed. It was no longer to be the champion but to be second place!

At this time

Team Jianghe was in a dilemma.

Professional esper.

Professional esper!

The moment Bai Feng appeared, it had given Team Jianghe a huge blow. Even if they knew it was just Bai Feng alone, they had lost the strength to compete. He was after all a professional esper

How could they fight?

For the first time, they were all clueless regarding their next step.

From the beginning, they had been training non-stop in order to win the battle. However, the appearance of Bai Feng had washed away every inch of their hope. 

Professional esper

Could they win?

Not to mention, Du Zes punch, could they withstand it?

They were all silent.

Even if they could block it, they would definitely suffer heavy injuries.

Also, that one move which could instantly kill Du Ze, this signified that when they had a battle with Bai Feng, there would only be one possibility

Instant death!

Could I?

Su Hao pondered.


Su Hao said with confidence. If he used Xinghe Arrow, he could definitely confront Bai Feng but then

Su Hao couldn't lie to himself.

He knew well.

That attack of Bai Feng was just an ordinary technique for Bai Feng. As for Su Haos Xinghe Arrow, that was his final move which would then cause him to suffer. 

In front of Bai Feng, he would still end up being instantly killed.

The atmosphere in the resting area was so gloomy that no one spoke.

The loss of the capital city wasnt only just a simple loss in battle but it carried a deeper meaning for them. If Li Tiantians prediction was true, then

They might have to move from the city.

If Jianghe City was really going to have a huge scale beast wave, they would need to move before that and let everyone leave the city to go elsewhere.

With their strength, they did not have to worry about their life in a new city.


What about their family members?

Could they adapt to the new environment?

Su Hao wasnt clear regarding this.

However, he must not allow Jianghe City to have such a huge change!

Jianghe City is after all his hometown!


Su Haos eyes were burning with determination.

In fact, it wasnt just Su Hao.

Everyone else was at a loss too.

Li Tiantian, Chen Yiran, Zhou Wang, and Li Xin, they were clueless on how to handle this situation too. Could they fight?

That was not an ordinary esper, but a professional esper!

Were they afraid?

Of course not!

Even when facing against the superpowers like the Federal Guardians, they even got themselves in it. What was so terrifying about professional espers?

However, whether they could win or not was a huge problem!

How could they win?

When facing others, they were all proud sons of Heaven! However, in the end, they were just high school students. The burden of having to win the battle to save their city from the beast tide was exerting a huge force like Mountain Tai.

This battle, I will continue!

Su Haos calm voice echoed in the silent resting area. 

Everyones mind was shocked!

First or second?

Li Tiantian asked in a serious tone.

Of course, first.

Su Hao raised a smile, Our goal must never change!

How do we succeed then?

Zhou Wang asked.

Let me handle it.

Su Hao continued, Im after all the leader! Haha, this kind of thing, I naturally have a plan. But whether we can win the decisive battle, that would require your cooperation.


Everyone was excited!

At first, they thought that Su Hao just said that to encourage them, but when he mentioned about needing their cooperation, they were looking forward to this.

Could Su Hao really have a solution?

A five-man combo technique?

They began to guess.

At this moment, Su Hao selected some data, These guys, they will be our next obstacles. Can you all win?


Everyone had a look.

It was a list of the members of Team Quan An. Excluding Du Ze, there were still four left! Team Quan An which at first planned to give up actually decided to struggle again because of the rewards.

Their goal should be third!

Defeat them!

Su Hao pointed his finger at the list, Li Tiantian would act as deputy leader. You four will fight with four of them! No matter how huge the gap is, I want you all to win in the battle a few days later.


Su Haos words stunned the ears of everyone.

Four on four?

There were three level 6 espers and one level 8 esper. Each of them was exceptionally powerful!

It was definitely a task which was as difficult or even more than the battle with Team Fenghui.

However, at this moment, everyone answered in unison.

We will definitely win!

Even they had just finished the college entrance exam, even when they werent strong enough they could still overcome Team Fenghui, why cant they repeat the same feat on Team Quan An?

This battle, they must win!

When Su Hao gave this order, somehow they felt bitter about this.

Li Tiantian was actually shivering for a bit. It had been quite a long time since he had such a feeling. Zhou Wang felt ashamed of his strength that he couldnt offer any help! Li Xins fists were clenched hard. Chen Yiran bit her teeth to hide her sadness.

They were all clear that Su Hao had accepted a more dangerous task.

The decisive battle!

He would defeat Bai Feng!