Godly Model Creator Chapter 435

Gmc Chapter 435

Chapter 435    Will I die?

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: West

The sky was blue.

Su Hao took the time to spy on Team Quan An. After obtaining the data and character models of the members, he then placed them into the virtual world for everyone to practice before quietly left.

Everyone in Team Jianghe could only silently watch this.

Today was 25th.

There were two more days left before the competition between Team Jianghe and Team Quan An. Moreover, the decisive final battle was in four days. In other words, Su Hao only had six days left.

Defeating Bai Feng in six days?

This seemed more like a joke. If the thought of Team Jianghe was to be spread around, many would have laughed to their hearts content. What kinda joke was this? That was a professional esper. This wasnt a dog or a cat. However, since Su Hao said so, everyone in Team Jianghe believed him.

Could they succeed?

They themselves werent sure of it.

However, they knew very well that regardless of the final result, they had to believe in their leader at this moment.

Even if they had to break bones


The members of Team Jianghe went mad with their training. No matter how hard the training was, everyones determination had not paled at all. They were all geniuses! They also had their own pride! But now, while facing Bai Feng, they couldnt even do anything.

This was such a disgrace!

Even if there was one in ten chance to have a breakthrough to compete against Bai Feng, they would definitely declare a war.


They had no chance at all. Not even one in ten thousand. 

All their anger was directed on the smart model of Team Quan An. 

At the same time.

Jianghe City.

Su Hao quietly returned to the pharmacy.

Su Hao?

Zhang Zhongtian looked at the figure in front of him, Arent you supposed to be in Fenghui City to join the battle?

Well I miss you.

Su Hao continued, I have not seen Master for quite some time. So Im back to have a look.

Get lost!

Zhang Zhongtian was not being polite here, You think I dont know about you, little brat?


Su Hao laughed awkwardly.

However, you come at the right time. Zhang Zhongtian looked at him and said, The intermediate black market strengthening drug has been successfully modeled. As long as the final trial period is done, we can officially sell it. As for the advanced black market strengthening drug, there isnt much breakthrough...

Not done yet?

Su Hao was disappointed.


Zhang Zhongtian was somehow sad about it, The core of the drug is complete, but the dosage...

Zhang Zhongtian looked like he was worried about it.

Hundreds of herbs and materials needed to be used and blended together for this drug. In order to do so, one needed to consider the amount of these drugs. Even the slightest mistake would lead to failure. 

This problem was something that was hard for the laboratory to overcome.

In fact, many pharmacists were so poor that after they invested their money in this, they would end up with nothing.

Are you testing the dosage?

Su Hao had a thought for it, Let me try.

This is not something that is for you.

Zhang Zhongtian rolled his eyes. Although he knew his student was very talented, he couldnt expect Su Hao to solve a problem that he couldnt solve. Dont make a fuss here. Just give me six months and it should be done by then.

Half a year...I cant wait that long.

Su Hao shook his head slightly.

Then you go and try it.

Zhang Zhongtian smiled bitterly as he activated the virtual screen. Su Hao then quickly recorded all the data containing the hundreds of drugs.

Closing his eyes, ten computers in his model world were ready to be used and all sorts of drugs were loaded into the database. As the experiment began, the dosage amount began to change little by little.




Time quickly passed by.

How fast was the speed of thought?

Nobody knew.

But what about computers?

A computer could execute millions of calculations per second and Su Hao had ten of those. One minute, two minutes, three minutes, five minutes

You cant do it right?

Zhang Zhongtian sighed.

He was well aware of his students ability. However, such a complex experiment couldnt be calculated with simple calculations. After all, there were too many steps to consider. The only thing you could rely on was the pharmacists intuition. 

This was also his self-confidence that he dared to guarantee that he could succeed within six months.

However, Su Hao was different.

Although Su Hao could perform experiment modeling and make the process faster, Su Hao would quickly be consuming his energy.

Forget about it then.

Zhang Zhongtian was just about to pat his students shoulder.

At this time,


Su Hao suddenly opened his eyes.

Without paying attention to Zhang Zhongtian, Su Hao quickly filled up the unknown dosage amounts on the screen. 1mg, 0.1mg, 2ml Each drug amount was filled.

In fact, a drug that already had its determined dosage was even changed!


Soon, Su Hao was finished, and he wrote them down.

Zhang Zhongtian was already stunned long ago, This...

This was too fast!

How long was this?

That was data for hundreds of drugs!

Looking at the data, Zhang Zhongtian somehow felt that this student of his was just playing around with him.

As Zhang Zhongtain looked back at Su Hao, Su Hao shrugged his shoulders.

With the suspicious data, Zhang Zhongtian began the experiment. Soon, the first trial was completed. Advanced black market strengthening drug was done and the core mechanism was successful!


Until the experiment was successful, Zhang Zhongtian was somewhat embarrassed.


He had been in this dilemma for so many days that he intended to use half a year to get this done. However, this disciple of his actually solved it in minutes? What was wrong with his world?

Master, how about it? Su Hao asked.

Oh yea yea. Wait, let me have a look again. Zhang Zhongtians face was red. Hiding his embarrassment, he quickly completed the test. Yes, the core mechanism has been completed. The usage side-effect has been perfectly completed.

Then have we succeeded?

Su Hao was quite surprised at this.

How could it be?!

Zhang Zhongtian exclaimed. This disciple of his indeed had formidable analytic skills and calculative abilities, but his understanding of the drug was still at the stage when one entered the stage of an advanced pharmacist. This really made him speechless.

Right now, we have only completed the side-effect usage. You should know this kind of drug, even the beginner drug was enough to kill a life. The next thing to do was to search for herbs which would function as suppressors. Otherwise, ordinary people wont be able to withstand it.


Su Hao asked, Is it difficult?

Well, the dosage could be tested but to look for herbs we can only slowly do this. Zhang Zhongtian reluctantly said, But of course, if you could complete it too, then this drug could be done by today.

Su Hao felt helpless.

He wasnt any Doraemon. How could he accomplish this?

However, this incomplete drug had affected the progress of his plan. If this first step wasnt successful, then his plan later would be useless too!

Su Hao suddenly voiced, Master...


Zhang Zhongtian shot him a weird look.

I want the advanced black market strengthening drug.

Su Hao said this in a serious tone.

Well, alright...what?

Zhang Zhongtian was confused for a bit and replied without thinking much about it. Then he thought of something and looked at Su Hao in disbelief, Brat, what are you planning now?

I want to use it!

Su Hao spat out the sentence.

Absolutely not!

Zhang Zhongtian instantly rejected it, This is no joke! Are you courting your own death? No, absolutely not! This old man only has you as his apprentice. If I let you die, how could I keep my face!

Zhang Zhongtians reaction was stern.

However, Su Hao was still not going to give up. He kept staring at Zhang Zhongtian in a serious manner.

After quite some time, Zhang Zhongtian calmed down and looked at his apprentice. He then realized that Su Hao wasnt joking at all, Are you sure about this?


Su Hao nodded, Because of some reason, I need to use the advanced black market strengthening drug!

Just wait a few months and I will finish it by then.Zhang Zhongtian still couldnt understand his intentions, You have used this type of drug once. The pain was so bad that...

One could die?

Su Hao suddenly asked.


Zhang Zhongtian was frozen for a second before he continued, If you can withstand it, then you will be fine. But if you cant, death is unavoidable.

Then this is enough.

Su Hao grinned.


Zhang Zhongtian was helpless and no longer added any words. When Su Hao returned to this place halfway during the battle, he already felt that something was amiss. Based on his understanding, Su Hao would definitely not resorting to this unless it was the last solution.

Wait for me for an hour!

Now, all he could do was make improvements on the drug as much as he could.