Godly Model Creator Chapter 436

Gmc Chapter 436

Chapter 436    Recreation of the Killing God!

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Zhang Zhongtian had never felt himself being this serious. Su Hao was beside him, acting as a helper. Whenever there was a process involving calculations and analysis, he would obtain the best conclusion at a superb speed and allow the experiment to be further improved.

An hour later.

The drug was completed.

This drug was the result of the perfect cooperation between a master and his disciple for the first time. By using Zhang Zhongtians experience coupled with Su Haos unmatched analysis, this version of the advanced black market strengthening drug was completed.

Its done.

Zhang Zhongtian sighed in relief.

Taking out a bottle of drug, Zhang Zhongtian then went down to the underground lab for testing before soon returning.

The usage is similar to the beginner version. You should be well versed in it, so I wont say anything else. Due to your help, the perfection of this drug is far beyond my imagination. The effect of the pain reducer from the intermediate version has been added too. However,  I have no guarantee on how effective it is.

Zhang Zhongtian said in a serious tone.


Su Hao nodded.

Also, this is advanced body recovery drug. If you encounter an accident, you can ask someone to pour this into your mouth. Who knows, maybe you will be able to keep your fragile life intact. Zhang Zhongtian once again passed a few bottles of drugs to Su Hao.

In this regard, Su Hao could only nod silently.

Alright, thats about it.

Zhang Zhongtian patted his shoulder, My final words, no matter what you are planning to do, always remember to come back alive!


Su Hao replied confidently.

Zhang Zhongtian waved his hand and then tiredly sat in his rocking chair.

Only then did Su Hao leave the store.

Youngsters nowadays...

Zhang Zhongtian looked at Su Haos back with some sadness.

Being young, you get to be reckless. The previous him, wasnt he the same too?

Because he was young, he was fearless!

This kid

Zhang Zhongtian shook his head lightly and opened the news portal which he didnt touch for ages. He wanted to know what kind of trouble this disciple of his had gotten into, but the very first page had already caught his attention and made his face pale.

Professional esper!

Had returned!

Bai Feng, a new legend!

The confirmed winner of the capital city battle! A miracle made by a single man alone!

This shocking news made Zhang Zhongtians emotionally unstable. He quickly ran out of his store and what greeted him was an empty scene. Su Hao had already left.

This crazy disciple!

What is he planning to do?!

Zhang Zhongtian looked worried.

If it was an ordinary esper, then he wouldnt have any worry. Even if it was a peak specialized esper, it was still not at the level of a professional esper. He wouldnt have the slightest bit of worry.

But now

That was a true professional esper!

How strong was a professional esper?

He understood too clearly!

And that was someone with a hardly seen grade A ability, mental penetration!

Did Su Hao have any hope of winning?


Zhang Zhong closed the virtual screen and looked in the distance, muttering to himself, Smelly brat, you must come back alive!

What was Su Hao planning to do?

Nobody knew!

However, there was a half human who knew about this

At the boundary of Jinhua City.

This city had a special situation right now.

In a normal city, the Federation and Origin Ability Association would manage and control the city together. However, Jinhua City was different. After years of being under the control of both the Jin and Hua families, nearly every official there had been rotten and this city was literally the playground of the Jin family.

Later on, when berserk lion appeared, both families faced annihilation.

In a flash.

There was no owner in this city.

Since the one managing the city was gone, it became engulfed in chaos.

The former mayor had been removed from his position due to bribery. Meanwhile, the newly appointed mayor had not arrived yet. Right now, it was the golden opportunity for the small forces to create some trouble.

The origin library of the Jin family!

According to those who had previously worked with his family, there was a hidden origin library which contained unlimited resources! This was a reserve left by the Jin familys ancestors as a backup plan for the family to make a comeback if any incident happened.

However, they would have never thought that Jin family would face total annihilation that not even a chance to use these resources.

Well, the Jin family was not the one to be to blamed. After all, their enemy was too strong

And now, this origin library had become a priceless treasure targeted by everyone. Especially those small forces, they madly searched for the library. If they managed to obtain the library, they wouldnt be lacking resources anymore. Would this mean that they may become the next Jin family and control Jinhua City?

Wasnt it be fine as long as they didnt provoke the existence of someone like Su Hao or the Federal Guardians, right?

Everyone had the same thought.

As for the federal government

Who would care about them?

Since the establishment of Jinhua City, the influence of the federal government had been too weak that it couldnt even be compared with those small forces. For a long time, they had no sense of fear towards the federal government.

What is a mayor?

Was that something edible?

Even if the new mayor was here now, nobody would give a damn.

As for the Origin Ability Association

From top to bottom, each member had to be investigated. The association could hardly keep up with their own staff. Since when would it had the time to bother about them?

In the eastern district.

Two people were talking to each other.

Hey, youre after all the new mayor. The citizens have been in chaos, why are you still sitting idling here? I heard the city has been chaotic because of the Jin familys origin library. Right now, a bloodbath is happening in Eastern Lake. A young man said.

Not in a hurry.

The middle-aged man smiled.

This isnt your style. Could it be that you have control of the origin library?

The young man made a smart guess.


The middle-aged man couldnt help but laugh, Not bad. I had gotten the information on the whereabouts of the library. With those small forces, even with a century of time, they wont be able to find anything.

So that was it.

The young man was at ease, But are you really planning to let them rampaging around freely? Quite a number of people have died.

What does that have to do with me?

The middle-aged man sneered, The more people died, the better it is. It would be best if everyone dies. Then Jinhua City would be clean, and I will be able to accept my position in a safe manner besides contributing to the Federation by finding the origin library.

So cruel! But I like it.

The young man laughed.

Both of them toasted to celebrate as if Jinhua City had been in the palm of their hands.

In fact, that was true.

At this moment, an incident occurred.

Bang, bang!

A figure appeared in Jinhua City and went straight to Eastern Lake.

Thump, thump!

The figure walked in such a leisurely manner.

However, the surrounding peoples faces had a huge change. Everyone who saw the figure instantly had cold sweat and retreated.

Whenever the figure passed, nobody could be seen!

How could the Killing God come to Jinhua City?

Killing God, Lan Tingxu!

This calm figure was none other than Lan Tingxu!

What was he doing here?

Those small forces were trembling in fear. This city was just a developing city. Why would two Federal Guardians come here to have fun?

Was his goal also the same origin library?

God damn it!

Youre a Federal Guardian!

With such identity and position

Trying to snatch the origin library, was like a college student coming to a nursery and grabbing sweets from kids.

However, no matter what, nobody dared to approach!

When some forces wanted to confront Lan Tingxu, the other forces quickly stopped them. This was no joke. What if some retard angered him and he decided to get rid of every force here?

That title Killing God was the best indicator.