Godly Model Creator Chapter 437

Gmc Chapter 437

Chapter 437    Confrontation at the lake

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

On the streets.

Lan Tingxu leisurely walked around.

But nobody noticed that there was a slight fluctuation of energy on Lan Tingxus shoulder. If one was even within a meter of Lan Tingxu, he would be able to hear a faint sound.

Well, Su Hao. I dont think this is a good idea.

Blue dream butterfly said in an awkward tone.

What is not good about this?

Su Hao replied without care.

But you being like this, won't Lan Tingxu chase you later?

Of course not.

Su Hao grinned and smiled widely under the bright sun, His face isnt that thick.


A trace of killing intent could be felt.

Su Hao could detect a faint energy fluctuation. Sweeping his gaze through the crowd, Su Haos eyes locked on to a huge guy. It was from him.

Model analysis!


Character modeling!

Su Hao directly took a look at the guys ability talent card. This huge guys talent turned out to be perception type. Jinhua City was indeed not an ordinary place.


The man laughed.

This man had found out that this Lan Tingxu was a fake and he instantly wanted to open his mouth.


At this time, Su Hao made his move.

Illusion reality!

Xinghe Sword!

Phantom sprint!

Water split!

Shadow cloak!


Su Haos figure charged toward the huge man. 

Before his illusion vanished, Su Hao had already returned back to his original spot!

It was as if he had never moved!

In front of everyones eyes, all they could see was a crystal clear blue light flashing and when they could react, the huge man within the crowd was actually killed!

And this mans strength was

Level 5 specialized esper!

Everyone was stunned!

They didnt see any incoming attack. Indeed this was worthy of a Federal Guardian!

This was too terrifying!

Everyone swallowed their saliva!

They were all stunned?

Su Hao smiled indifferently.

A strong attack had revealed almost all his cards.

However, the effect he was aiming for had been achieved.

In one year, he had changed this much!

From a student who only knew how to study in school, he had now turned into a cold-blooded killing god. While facing enemies, he could kill them without mercy!


From the first time he went out of the city when he faced the guy who had a transformation ability, his personality had been changing unknowingly?

His enemies were no longer just berserk beasts.

Humans were included too!

This era was the era of origin ability!

In this era, there might be a lack of geniuses but definitely not a lack of losers In the current era when nearly everyone could master an origin ability, losers were blooming like mushroom everywhere. Unless humanity was harmonious in this world, humanity would be wiped off from the surface by berserk beasts in less than a decade.

Therefore, the federal government had adopted the simplest rule.

Survival of the fittest!

The strong would get stronger!

The weak would be weaker!

Only the true geniuses would stand at the top. The federal government would only appreciate those geniuses who could kill easily.

If a peaceful environment was to be used to cultivate people, the so-called geniuses would have to be gone. But how could they confront the berserk beasts then?

Was Su Hao a genius now?


With all sort of fame he enjoyed, Su Hao was without a doubt a genius. However, the federal government had not carried out any protective measure for him. For example, bringing this genius into the government and nurture him with the best resources. 

Such methods could perhaps cultivate a professional esper, but definitely not a powerhouse.


Could an esper cultivated in a greenhouse be able to confront berserk beasts?

Thus, before becoming a truly strong esper, the federal government would not intervene. If a certain genius fell early, then one could only blame his bad luck.

Su Hao had been evolving all this time.

How could one live in such a dark world without having a stronger heart? Today, he had already evolved from that immature mentality of a secondary school student.

After all, to kill never requires a soft heart.

Eastern Lake.

The number of strong espers were not lacking.

In fact, there were even some who were professional espers!

After all, with the existence of Jin Mang, a level 5 professional esper, who would dare to appear? But with Jin Mang gone, these level 1 and 2 professional espers began to come out. At this chaotic period, they were literally gods!

Of course

These so-called gods were all stunned when a figure appeared in Eastern Lake.

That look

That gesture

That radiance

It was exactly the same as what they saw in the video clip!

Killing God!

It was really him!

Everyone went silent.

No one dared to approach him.

Killing God stood at the edge of the lake with both eyes closed. It seemed like he was looking for something. Soon, he gently touched the ground with his right hand and then an energy fluctuation was released. Those professional espers could somehow feel it.


Energy fluctuation?

This wasnt right!

How could they detect energy fluctuation from a Federal Guardian?

That is illogical!

Could it be this man was warning them to leave?

When everyone didnt respond, they saw Killing God jump into the lake.


The surface lake had waves all over before soon returning to its calm state.

Whats the situation here?

The crowd was shocked.

What had they just seen?

A domineering Federal Guardian, Killing God actually dived into the lake? This was totally different from what they imagined. With the style of Killing God, he would have cleared them off if he wanted to get into the origin library? Why would he spread them around?

Something isnt right!

Someone replied, That energy fluctuation was suspicious!

I thought it was just my imagination?


Those few people looked at each other.

Then could it be...

A few professional espers glanced at each other and thought of a possibility, That guy was a fake?


This word had put them to shame.

It cant be...

Someone said cautiously, That is Killing God. Who would dare to impersonate him?

There will always be someone who is not afraid of death!

Someone angrily said, Again, why would Killing God be in such a place? Also, who would ask Killing God to be here to verify things?

Everyone carefully analyzed and immediately understood.


It was really a fake!

As soon as they thought of it, they became furious!

To think that a group of professional espers had been tricked by a little brat who was just a level 5 specialized esper?

Lets go!

Kill him!


Someone suddenly voiced out to stop them.

Whatre you doing?

Perhaps, this isnt a good thing.

What do you meant by that?

We have been searching all day long but found nothing. But this man, as soon as he appeared, he rushed directly to the goal. Dont you think he knew the exact location? How unfortunate is it to kill him now? Why not follow him and when he finds the origin library, then...

Not bad!

Good idea!

Countless people jumped into the lake and followed along.

In the lake.

Su Hao swam quickly.

Su Haos figure moved forward as if he didnt notice the group behind him who had long seen through his identity.

He took many rounds along the lake.

After quite a few laps, Su Hao suddenly stopped behind a huge rock.


Su Hao was slightly shocked. Not here?


Based on his model analysis, he clearly saw that this position was where the origin library should be. However, why nothing could be found?

What had happened?

Could it be