Godly Model Creator Chapter 438

Gmc Chapter 438

Chapter 438    Tricked again

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws


The voice of blue dream butterfly could be heard, An illusion must protect this origin library. Ordinary people would not be able to see even after swimming past here.

So that was it!

Su Hao was surprised.

No wonder all these forces found nothing after so many days.

Can you handle this?

Su Hao asked.

Let me try.

The blue dream butterfly whispered.


Blue light flashed.

Blue dream butterfly flew to the front and drew energy. Immediately, the scene began to change as the rocks began to vibrate.

She improved again?

Su Hao was stunned. The strength of blue dream butterfly had increased yet again!

Although she was technically a human, she was still a berserk beast. After a period of hibernation, she actually could breakthrough! If every berserk beast was like this, then wouldnt human race have been eradicated earlier?

Was it because the blue dream butterfly was special?

Su Hao pondered.

And at this moment.


The lake became turbulent and the rocks in front vanished. A huge stone then appeared before Su Hao.

Its here!

Su Haos heart was excited.


A punch was blasted forward!


The stone burst into pieces. A huge metal origin library appeared before Su Hao.

Origin library, Su Hao had found it!

Not far away from Su Hao, many were shocked.

This guy took no effort at all!

They had searched for countless days, yet they found nothing. Unexpectedly, this fake killing god could actually found it within minutes. It seemed that he should be a professional treasure hunter.  No wonder it was an easy job for him to pose as a Federal Guardian. Too bad, such a pity The benefits would be reaped by them instead.


Someone couldnt wait for it any longer.

Wait, wait...

They were once again stopped and felt annoyed. However, when they saw it was the man before, they began to calm down, Whats wrong?

Look at that origin library.

The man was really helpless. With these low IQs, could they really successfully get the origin library?

When everyone saw it, they were suddenly stunned.

This is password?

F*ck! So many numbers?

The crowd was shocked.

On the door, a ten-digit password needed to be entered. If one didnt know the password, nobody would be able to unlock it. Looking at that origin library, they knew it would probably be impossible to forcefully break into the library!

What to do now?

The mountain of gold was in front and to return empty-handed was the most depressing thing.

Just that, they saw the fake killing god touching the door gently as if he was planning to do something.

Is he...planning to open the door!

It seems to be it!

Ahha, this brat has been going along smoothly. Perhaps he would know the password too.

The crowd was pleasantly surprised.

After a discussion, they had decided to intercept the moment the door opened. After all, to kill a level 5 specialized esper was too easy!

Di, di~

Su Hao pressed on the numbers.

The crowd was waiting for the last moment before rushed out.

Warning: Fail to open!


Warning: Fail to open!


With these two sentences, everyone was mad.

He failed?

He didnt know the password?

A few of them who nearly dashed forward were almost suffocated from anger. This brat seemed to just guess the password. If he was clueless with the password, then they would be waiting here for nothing.

Dont rush.

He was still trying. Dont act without thinking and destroy the good stuff.

The crowd once again calmed down.

And right now, Su Hao had begun his third attempt.

Three times?

Of course not!

Ten computers were fully operating!

Su Hao did millions of calculations per second. In fact, when he came into contact with the door, the so-called password had already been broken by Su Hao. 


Knowing the password was one thing.

Opening the door was another matter!

Taking a look at the 2D map, those gigantic dots were too hard to be ignored.

Professional esper!

There were actually six of them!

If he couldnt see such an obvious sign, he would be a retard!

What to do now?

Su Hao frowned.

The appearance of professional espers was within his expectation, but for such a number to appear at once was really surprising. It seemed that within six of them, there must be a few coming from other cities to join the party. Otherwise, it would be impossible for Jinhua City to have so many professional espers.

Su Hao was sure of it.

At the moment the door was opened, these people would directly rush forward and kill him.

The gap of strength was too great!

Trying to use me?

Su Hao sneered.

Little brat, show them a good show.


Blue dream butterfly replied within his mind.

Looking at the origin library in front, he took a deep breath and actually took a few steps behind. He mumbled to himself but somehow, his voice traveled along the lake.

Since the password couldnt be crack, seems that I have to resort my ultimate trick.

Secret trick?

Could it be that he was going to brute force into the library?

However, it didnt matter as long as it could be opened.

Regarding those treasure hunters, they had heard quite a bit. The so-called professional hunters had all sorts of tricks which ordinary people wouldnt understand. Even if they were more powerful than this brat, they had to admit he had a better cracking skill than them.


Su Haos figure began to move slightly.


The lake began to fluctuate.

Su Hao was doing Tai Chi moves. His action was so slow and steady and the surrounding lake began to swirl. The crowd was getting ready to act at any moment.

The water in the lake kept spinning.

As Su Haos posture moved every second, it swirled faster and faster.

They seemed to be able to feel a hint of energy fluctuation. They knew that once this whirlpool condensed to the max and it hit the origin library, the door would open!

The crowd kept staring at the center but as they looked, there seemed to be nothing in front. In their eyes, all they could see was a huge whirlpool spinning around.

It spun for a long time.

There seemed to be no sign of it stopping.

At this moment, an exclaim could be heard.

Wait, somethings not right!

Dont look at the whirlpool!

They were suddenly awakened.


They had unknowingly entered into an illusion!

The door of the origin library had long been opened and Su Hao had entered. At this moment, the door was slowly closing.


We have been tricked!

We must not let him have all the rewards!

Their face turned pale and rushed over. At their speed, they could definitely enter the library before the door closed.

At this time, they saw the fake killing god raised his head slightly. Suddenly his hand was pointing in their direction. A bow and arrow appeared.

Everyone smirked.

Just a level 5 specialized esper yet he dreamt of stopping professional espers?


The arrow was shot!

Xinghe Arrow!

The entire lake was in a chaos. The mighty arrow was enough to change the look of the professional espers. Although this arrow seemed weak in their eyes if they ignored the attack

Without a doubt, death would be awaiting them!


The fastest level 2 professional esper immediately activated his defensive origin technique.


Under the impact, the shaky environment gave no sense of direction to them. When everything calmed down, they felt dizzy and wanted to vomit.

Damn it!

The professional esper who had been hit stood up and received no harm!

However, this arrow had made everyone miss the chance to enter the origin library!

At this point, the origin library had been closed and it went invisible.

We have been tricked again!

Everyones face turned ugly.

What should we do now?

We will surround it. Just a mere level 5 esper, he wont be able to use all the resources. As long as we stay here, he will be trapped!


Everyone agreed.

The surrounding rocks were cleared.

In the end, what was left was the huge metal room. It had a total area of no more than 500 square meters and located at the bottom of the lake. Just like the man predicted, they actually managed to find another backdoor and two professional espers blocked that door.

The origin library had been completely sealed.

Everyone stared at the room and remained motionless.

They didnt believe that he wouldnt be coming out.