Godly Model Creator Chapter 439

Gmc Chapter 439

Chapter 439    Sea of energy

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

Origin library.

Su Hao gasped for air as he leaned against a wall. After some time, he started feeling better.

Is it still bad?

Blue dream butterfly asked in a worried tone.

Its okay.

Su Hao smiled, Its much better than previously.

Xinghe Arrow

Finally, he was barely able to withstand the recoil.

Su Hao felt satisfied. It meant that after a period of daily body forging training, his physical fitness had greatly improved. 

After resting for a moment, his body was able to return to normal.

Su Hao carefully examined this origin library.

Before he entered, Su Hao had done his observation. Basically, it was an ordinary large warehouse. The only difference was the items here all had origin energy!

Su Hao glanced for a bit and was stunned.

Those drugs and bottles he saw in his masters store were nothing compared to here. In front of him there was a huge transparent glass filled with endless origin recovery drug like an ocean.

This is madness!

Su Hao was stunned.

Even when he was creating drugs, he had never thought of such a thing before.

Energy recovery drug as large as an ocean.

Origin library

So this was an origin library?

After carefully observing his surrounding, Su Hao noticed that all kinds of recovery drugs were available. Beginner, intermediate, and advanced were under a special pipeline, they were then channeled to the huge glass. 


Looking at the glass, it looked like a water dispenser. Taking a cup on its right and placing it at the bottom, he then tapped the switch.


A drop of liquid fell into the cup.

One drop?

Su Hao was confused.

Such a huge amount of resources but when he pressed the switch, only a drop of liquid appeared?

Su Hao felt strange about this as he looked at the drop of liquid in the cup, the color was weird but it had origin energy properties.

As if Su Hao had realized something, he then put this drop of liquid into his mouth.


The moment the liquid fused into his body, Su Hao could felt a roar echoing within his mind.

That drop of liquid began to react.

A seemingly endless amount of origin energy began to spread from the liquid to all over Su Haos body. The origin energy within his body which almost depleted due to the earlier use of Xinghe Arrow was soon recovered. This process was almost instantaneous.

His energy was now full!

Right now, the effect of the liquid finally halted.

Su Hao was stunned.

Origin library!

So this was the true might of an origin library!

By integrating all sorts of recovery drugs, a true pure source of origin energy was then extracted out. With just a drop, it had the equivalent effect of a dozen bottles of recovery drugs.

This place is amazing!

Everyone knew that Jin family had an origin library, but nobody knew how huge it would be! If this was to be known to the public, perhaps not even the Federation or Origin Ability Association would let this off.

However, too bad

Now everything belonged to him.

Su Hao smiled.

Su Hao~

Blue dream butterfly gently poked him, The surrounding movement isnt right. We have been surrounded.


Su Hao wasnt bothered with this, They cant even enter.

But we cant go out too.

Blue dream butterflys face wasnt looking great.

Haha, dont bother about these little details. Let me break through first.

Su Hao laughed out loud. Focusing on the origin energy in front of him, It has been a while since I have attempted to break through. Hope these drugs will be able to bring me to a new realm.

Wait, wait...

Blue dream butterfly opened her eyes wide, You mean you want to break through right now?

Of course.

Su Hao rolled his eyes, Although my improvement these days is huge, I only reached level 5. If I dont break through, I wont have the chance to win.

But do you have any cultivation technique?

Blue dream butterfly questioned him.

Cultivation technique!

The lack of a cultivation technique was the problem Su Hao had to resolve the most.

With the improvement of strength, one would be able to focus on training things related to ability talent. Even cultivation technique would best be compatible with ones ability talent and origin techniques. But all these cultivation techniques were not suitable for Su Hao.

The only one which would be useful to Su Hao would be universal cultivation technique!

Cultivation techniques that anyone could learn. However, since becoming a level 5 specialized esper, he couldn't find a suitable universal origin technique.

Su Hao had come into contact with many people, yet nobody had a universal origin technique!

Reading cards?

How he wish to do so!

However, without the universal cultivation technique, what else could he do?

Exclusive cultivation technique, exclusive origin technique

Without these, Su Hao could only slowly climb up at a snail pace.

And right now, he had found it.

No cultivation technique?

Su Haos mouth revealed a smile, There is no need to worry.

Origin library!

His chance was here!

How will you find it?

Blue dream butterfly was obviously still confused.

Of course through model analysis.

Su Hao continued.

However, universal cultivation techniques are indeed hard to find. For one to be above level 5 specialized esper and have a universal cultivation technique, how could it be any easy? The last time in Fenghui City, with a 40,000 people audience you didnt find a suitable one, right?


Su Hao smirked, This time it is different. I have the origin library now!

Origin library.

Blue dream butterfly opened her eyes wide, Dont tell me that youre planning to...


Su Hao smiled, So what if there is none within 40,000 people? If nothing can be found within 40,000 people, then I will search within 400,000 people! If that is still not enough, I will search even more! With this big Jinhua City, I dont believe I wont be able to find a single universal cultivation technique that suits me. As long as I find it, I will be able to learn it in a short period of time and improve my strength.

No! No!

Blue dream butterfly shook her head, You wont be able to withstand it. I wont say anything about the processing power required for that. Even if you can handle it, your body wont be able to sustain such a large amount of energy.

How could it be?

Su Hao smiled and took out a bottle of a drug in front of her.

Thats why I prepared this right?

Blue dream butterflys face turned pale.

Advanced black market strengthening drug

So from the very beginning, he had planned all this? By forcefully using this drug to enhance his physical fitness, then using the resources from the origin library to stimulate and expand the scope of his model analysis coverage to find a suitable cultivation technique!

This method was how he would achieve his breakthrough?

This plan wasnt safe at all!

Trying to use this strengthening drug as a recovery drug?

This ridiculous method was a definite disaster since this drug was still a semi-completed product! Su Hao was just playing with fire. If Su Hao experienced an overload from his model analysis, he would definitely collapse on the spot.

When one died, what use would the following plan have?


Believing in oneself

Could he really succeed?

Blue dream butterfly felt worried.

We have to try, right?

Su Hao said in a serious tone.

If Su Hao really had another option, would he resort to this? No matter how low the success rate, he had to try it!

I will accompany you.

Blue dream butterfly said softly.


Su Hao laughed.

It seemed that there wasnt much to prepare.

Su Hao began to sit cross-legged.

Beautiful light sparkled around blue dream butterfly. Gently waving in mid-air, a blue fluorescent light appeared from her little hands. She flew around the glass with a beautiful flower basket; such a scene was magnificent.