Godly Model Creator Chapter 440

Gmc Chapter 440

Chapter 440    Covering the whole city!

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

Flip, flip, flip~

Blue dream butterfly awkwardly carried a flower basket which was one size bigger than her and flew to the opening of the recovery drug.

Her job was to send drops of the recovery drug to Su Haos mouth.

Lets begin!

Su Hao took a deep breath and watched the blue dream butterfly.



His body began to heat up.

At this moment, Su Hao seemed to have gone back to the time when he had nothing and that beginner black market strengthening drug changed his whole life. It was precisely because of that small bottle of drug that made him surge in strength! And now, at this critical point in his life, there was yet another bottle of such drug.

Has it started?

Su Hao maintained his silence.

Right now, he could feel the slow change in his body.

The difference between an advanced and beginner drug was obviously the amplified effect! Although Zhang Zhongtian had added the pain reducer from the intermediate drug, it still didnt help much.


Su Hao felt the rush of his blood.

Sure enough

Not only the side effect, but even the increment in physical fitness was also on a different level. If not for his substantial increase in internal force, he would have probably fainted by now.



Within his body, fluctuations began to occur at an increasing rate.

The drug began to show its effect.


The sudden increment started to impact his body!


Blood could be felt within Su Haos nose and throat. With the rampaging energy within his body, his inner organs were akin to being twisted! If this continued, Su Haos body might burst!


Soon, warm energy spread all over his body!

It was internal force!

This force finally appeared! At the most dangerous and crucial moment, it enveloped Su Haos inner organs and subdued the berserk energy. In an instant, Su Hao felt much better.

The effect of the drug was still getting stronger!

Su Hao could barely maintain his consciousness. However, as time passed by, that might not be the case. Even Su Hao was unsure how long could he persist.

I cant wait any longer!

Su Hao immediately made a decision.

Slightly opening his lips, the blue dream butterfly dripped a drop of liquid into his mouth.




The energy was moving like an overflowing river. The energy within Su Haos body surged again.

Its now!

Su Haos eyes lit up as energy fluctuations spread!

After all, Jinhua City wasnt a small city like Jianghe City. The number of strong espers was definitely not lacking. At this moment, many felt something abnormal.


With Eastern Lake as the center, it kept spreading toward the surrounding.

In some urban area, a professional esper noticed this unbelievable energy fluctuation. With an ugly expression, he exclaimed, This how is this possible?!

This energy was too powerful!

Powerful enough to stun him!

Chasing the edge of this energy fluctuation, when it finally reached the end, the professional esper nearly bit off his tongue.

This range...

Its covering the whole city!


This esper nearly went crazy!

What has happened? Could it be some superpower wanted to wipe out the entire city?

When he thought of this, he instantly felt fear.

The energy fluctuation stopped, but the entire city was silent.

Whether it was a specialized esper or a professional esper, when facing such an energy wave that covered the entire city, they were so scared that nobody dared to move!

Such a terrifying energy fluctuation

Such a huge range of coverage

What had actually happened?

Nobody knew!

For Su Hao, all this was just the beginning.



The energy fluctuation covered the entire city!

All the buildings were filtered out. Su Hao was only interested in humans!





The number of people he scanned in Jinhua City was surging.

When the final energy fluctuation stopped, an enormous amount of 2 million people appeared before Su Hao!

The last time when he processed 40,000 people, he almost destroyed his mind.

And now, with 2 million people?

Su Hao did not doubt that as soon as he started to read the data, the incoming data would destroy him! 

Ten computers is not sufficient!

Su Hao locked onto the computer and quickly began to establish its model.

Ten computers were sufficient for 40,000 people. In other words, a computer processes an average of 4,000 people. So for 2 million people 500 computers were needed!



Permanent model built!

Permanent model built!

For the very first time, Su Hao recklessly created permanent models. 


Su Hao took a deep breath.

In his eyes, he could see the entire 2D map of the city. Dense red spots covered the entire city. These represented the humans in Jinhua city.

And now

As long as he concentrated

Every red dot and their respective data would quickly be revealed to him!

Then, let's begin!


The energy in his body instantly vanished!

With just a thought, the energy depleted at an alarming rate. If Su Hao was alone, he would have faced death without a doubt. However, a drop of liquid soon entered his mouth. Su Haos energy within his body recovered a bit before being quickly depleted again!




Within the origin library, Su Hao was experiencing a mad situation in his body. His blood was rushing with such a momentum that numerous blood vessels began to crack. Due to the pressure, he suffered mental shock!

A data of 2 million people, one could imagine how terrifying that was.



The data stream almost drowned Su Hao!

Su Hao bit the tip of his tongue

The intense pain stimulated Su Hao to stay awake and distributed the data to over 500 computers in the model world!

Su Hao felt relieved after doing this!

In order to prevent any accidents from happening again, Su Hao used a computer as the central processing power. This computer wouldnt have to process the data, but its job was to distribute them! As long as there was any data flow, it would then send the load to other computers equally.



After the central computer acted, all the computers ran perfectly!


Su Hao let out a long sigh.

That was a close call.

When he first thought of distributing the data himself, he did not think that the incoming data flow would tax his mind that much! 

The data kept being processed. In the model world, Su Hao had set up his own rules to easily filter them.

First rule: Eliminate those without origin ability

Second rule: Eliminate those without a universal cultivation technique

Countless of people had been eliminated using these filters.

Su Haos real goal was those who had mastered a universal origin technique. Only these people would help him increase his strength.

A full 100,000 people had been analyzed, yet not even a single person met the requirements!

No other solution?

Before Su Hao had his next thought, he noticed the data flow on a certain computer had stopped. 

Target found!

Di, di, di!

The computer kept ringing.

Su Hao directly selected the screen of the computer and saw the very first person who met the requirement.


Name: Wu Mingyuan

Strength: Specialized level 3 esper

Ability talent: Physical enhancement

Exclusive origin technique: None

Exclusive cultivation technique: None

Universal origin technique: Two

Universal cultivation technique: One