Godly Model Creator Chapter 441

Gmc Chapter 441

Chapter 441    Origin void technique

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

Found one!

Su Hao was excited.

Without delaying for a second, Su Hao wasnt interested in his name and ability talent. Instead, he directly looked at the data regarding his universal origin technique and cultivation technique.

However, when he saw the origin technique, Su Hao paused for a bit.


That was too weak!

Two one-star origin techniques, they paled in comparison to Mountain Crash and Water Split.


Su Hao discarded these two techniques and diverted his attention to the universal cultivation technique.


Card name: Origin void technique

Rating: 3 stars

Description: Energy exists in the air just like how molecules and protons exist. By training the origin void technique, one can absorb this simplest form of energy to complete your breakthrough. Origin void technique does not contain any special characteristic nor would it reject any ability talent.


Origin void technique!

3 stars!

Su Hao opened his eyes wide.

To be frank, for it to reach 3 stars, this Origin Void Technique itself was considered a good cultivation technique.

Based on the standard of star rating, he found that five stars should be what a professional esper should have! Whether it was Illusion Reality or Xinghe Arrow, they had clearly proved this point.

As for four stars

That should be the pinnacle of specialized esper.

Three stars should refer to those in the initial specialized esper stage.

This analysis was based on Su Haos observation from existing data. However, this didnt prevent Su Hao from analyzing further.

Why would he train in this universal cultivation technique?

When Su Hao looked closer, he noticed that Wu Mingyuan also took the same path, Origin Cultivation Technique, Origin Transition Technique, and Origin Star Technique. However, after he finished training Origin Transition Technique, he had no money to purchase Origin Star Technique. Then, he chose this random universal origin technique which Su Hao wasnt sure how he obtained it.

Su Hao looked in silence.

Sure enough

It seems that this path is the best one.

However, he had mastered every technique!

This road is indeed hard to walk on!

A misstep would invite death.

Su Hao sighed emotionally.

However, regarding this guy named Wu Mingyuan, Su Hao had no interest. He had analyzed what was needed. Right now, he should seize all the available time!

Origin Void Technique, qualified!

The goal had been set!

Su Hao quickly locked his aim.

Character modeling!

Origin Void Technique!

Card establishment!



Card establishment completed!

The energy within his body rushed forward.

Almost instantly, the card reading was done!

With all the information regarding Origin Void Technique appearing in his mind, Su Hao silently analyzed them. Soon, the route of energy within his body slowly changed.



The current redirect of his energy was just like a final confirmation for Su Hao to be familiar with this Origin Void Technique. Coupled with the recovery drug and the surrounding energy particles in the air, it had increased the cultivation speed at an unbelievable rate.

The progress of Origin Void Technique surged!

Su Hao only planned to control this technique but never did he expect this technique would change how the energy within his body reacted.

Immediately afterward, a strange aura could be detected.

Su Hao opened his eyes and looked at this scene in shock.

He actually

Broke through?!

Level 6 specialized esper?

In regards to his energy intensity, Su Hao himself even couldnt believe it. His actual goal was to train all sort of cultivation technique and then used several days to consolidate and breakthrough. Never did he expect with just this Origin Void Technique

He actually broke through!


Obviously, Su Hao didnt recognize that he was different from others.

Regarding origin cultivation, Su Hao had reached the pinnacle long ago. 

That was the reason why Su Hao was able to breakthrough smoothly at later stages.

Since Su Hao had met all the requirements, what he lacked was the way to sharpen it! 

Thus, the subsequent breakthrough was only a matter of time.

Unconsciously, Su Hao advanced from level 3 to level 4, level 4 to level 5 and now with this Origin Void Technique, he advanced into level 6 specialized esper.

Such speed

Was enough to make any genius feel ashamed!

However, that was only one aspect. The benefit brought by Origin Void Technique had made Su Hao feel that the energy within his body had reached another stage.

However, this was still not enough!

With just a single level breakthrough, was that worthy of this legendary Jin familys origin library? Such an abundant amount of resources, which was enough to make a professional esper move, was that worthy of a single level up of a specialized esper?

Of course not!

Di di di!

The analysis of 500,000 people had been completed.

The computer once again rang.

Su Hao quickly began to train. However, it was different from Origin Void Technique. This cultivation technique was just an ordinary two stars technique. After Su Hao completed the training, the effect didnt even reach one percent which was pretty much negligible.

600,000 people!

700,000 people!

One million people!

The data was being analyzed at an unbelievable speed.

Su Haos mind kept buzzing all the time. Although not many trained universal cultivation techniques, with these amount of people, the number was not a small one.

Two stars!

One star!

One star!

Two stars!

All kinds of cultivation techniques appeared. Among them, one star was the most followed by two stars. Three stars were pretty rare.

Di di di!

After finished analyzing two million people, Su Hao had accumulated 50 cards in total! Together with the initial Origin Void Technique and the two-star cards from earlier, he had a total of 52 cultivation technique cards. This also indicated that

Jinhua City had a total of 52 universal cultivation techniques.

Of course, this excluded those who managed to escape or those who rejected his scan.

One could see how low the percentage was!

Among these 52 cards

There were 30 one star cards, 19 two stars cards, and only 3 three stars cards!

Originally, he thought that there would be one with advanced cultivation technique such as four stars card or even stronger!

Now it seemed that

He was too greedy.



To maintain the consumption to cover the whole city was a difficult task. After scanning 2 million people, Su Hao narrowed down the energy fluctuation back to Eastern Lake.

After doing so, he then attempted to master those cards within his mind.

Just that, after he disabled the coverage, Su Hao found strange data in the computer.

This data was born when he started to create models. From the data, it seemed that the computer was about to ring before disappearing.

The position being shown by the data

It was exactly outside the origin library!

Its those people!

Su Haos heart was startled.

With his Synchronized Playback activated, he noticed that those people didnt show any change. However, the data clearly showed that Could it be

Su Hao thought of one possibility.

The data detected the existence of this character but before having the time to record it, it was decisively blocked!

A professional esper had this ability to do so!

Did this mean that one of these people trained universal origin technique?

Su Haos heart began to get excited.

Could it be

The cultivation technique of this professional esper, would it be a four-star or five-star card?


Energy fluctuation was released once again.

Su Hao narrowed it to just the Eastern Lake region. 

Right now, he wanted to get this cultivation technique into his hand!

Professional esper?

Su Hao took a deep breath. No matter how strong he was, as long as the character modeling was successful, everything would be perfect!