Godly Model Creator Chapter 442

Gmc Chapter 442

Chapter 442    Once again!

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

Eastern Lake.

A few professional espers were guarding the entrance.

They kept their mind alert the entire time.

Regarding the surrounding energy fluctuation, they could naturally feel it.

In the beginning, they were stunned for a bit. However, they soon noticed that the energy fluctuation actually covered the whole city!

Looking at the news from several professional espers, which were their friends, everyone was horrified.

Covering the whole city

Who could it be?

Could it be that brat earlier?

When they thought of it for a second thought, these two energy fluctuations seemed to be pretty similar. However, they soon got rid of this idea.

This feat was no joke!

If he could really cover the whole city, didnt this meant that that brat was truly the Killing God?

If he was Killing God, the respected Federal Guardian, why would he be afraid of being discovered by others? He could have killed them all at once. Therefore, nobody was suspecting Su Hao. Instead, they remained in front of the door waiting for him to come out.

As for the energy fluctuation

Well, it had lasted for quite some time now.

Who would bother about it?

It should be some powerhouse searching for something.

Anyway, with their strength, as long as they activated their shield, the energy fluctuation wouldnt be able to detect them. However, they didnt realize that the energy fluctuation which originally covered the whole city had gradually reduced and only concentrated on the small area of Eastern Lake.


Su Hao quietly covered his target which caused the target to be alert. This clearly proved that his computer did have data of the target. In other words, his model

Could be established!

Although it was only for a brief moment, the target didnt even allow the computer to successfully extract the data. However, Su Hao already knew what had actually happened. It must be that this person discovered something amiss while his character model was being created and he quickly activated a shield.

But this tiny opening was enough for Su Hao!

Energy swept over the six people.

Sure enough

He couldnt create the character model of these six people!

The gap in their strength was apparent here.

Su Hao could only silently wait.


Lets see how long you can last.

This energy fluctuation which covered the whole city somehow made those professional espers feel much better.

Although you could shield against the energy fluctuation, the shield also requires energy.

You might be able to persist for one minute or an hour. But could you do so for one whole day?

Su Hao stared at his target. As long as there was an opening, he would instantly build the character model and read their cards!

A random battle had suddenly broken out.

Outside the origin library.

The goal of these professional espers was none other than the origin library. Su Hao didnt come out so they wouldnt leave. For the origin library, they were willing to wait one day, two days, or even longer! When Su Hao was too hungry that he couldnt stand any longer, naturally he would come out.

Inside the origin library.

Su Hao was staring at one of them. His goal was this mans universal cultivation technique. He was also waiting. The moment the mans shield couldnt be maintained would be his chance.


The time quietly passed.

What made Su Hao depressed was that although these professional espers were letting down their guard for a bit, they still maintained their shield and didnt give Su Hao a chance at all!

What is happening?

Did they discover me?

Su Hao had some doubts but quickly reassured himself, Absolutely impossible!

They knew nothing of him nor his ability. They might not even know that this energy fluctuation was from him. For them to still maintain their shield, this only proved that they were

Extremely cautious!

What now?

Su Hao frowned. Maintaining this energy consumption was quite a burden for him too. If this was to go on, he was afraid that it would pose problems!

Su Hao squeezed his fist as he couldnt come out with a good idea.

Since there is no suitable method, then I will use the most solid method!

Outside the origin library.

They seemed to plan to negotiate with Su Hao.

At this moment, one of the professional espers communication device rang.

Di di di!

This sound could be heard clearly at the bottom of the lake.

The virtual screen popped out.

This man was shocked because the one who sent the message was the brat from inside.

You all, quickly retreat or else I will destroy this origin library! From one who had entered origin library.


Everyone else asked, Whats wrong?

The virtual screen was set to public mode and placed in front of everyones eyes.

When they saw it, they also revealed the same expression.


How could he have your number?

Someone felt strange.

Through regional wireless! Its only about twenty meters here. Only a few of us have our communication device activated. Isnt it easy for him to find us?

What to do now then?

The crowd was getting worried.

He should be just scaring us.

A professional esper said.

I also think so too.

Another man affirmed it, If he destroyed the origin library, wouldnt he die too? This kind of thing, ordinary people dont have the gut to do so! Perhaps he was trying to test us.

But what if it is true?

Since the fake Killing God couldnt escape, why would he not destroy the origin library?

Dont worry.

One man smirked, I have seen origin library before once. Even the material inside was extremely hard. Only a professional esper can destroy it; a level 5 specialized esper can only dream of doing so!

After a moment, Su Hao got the reply.


Is this your answer?

Su Hao sneered.


Su Hao suddenly stood up.




Su Hao pointed at the door of origin library and actually shot the arrow!


Before the arrow was shot, Su Hao actually vomited a mouthful of blood on the spot. 


A quake was produced.

However, no damage was done to the origin library. This was within Su Haos calculation. If Xinghe Arrow could really destroy it, those guys outside would have started a long time ago. Their attacks were even stronger than Su Haos!

However, this strong quake did surprise those outside.

This power...

Professional esper!

At this moment, they only remembered.

Although this brat was only a level 5 specialized esper, he had mastered a trick which was comparable to a professional esper! Destroying the origin library was sufficient!

Damn it!

Everyone secretly cursed.

What now?

They looked at each other.

At this moment, a new message came, What about a deal? The resources in origin library, we will split half each! I will take half of it, and the other half will be divided between you six. The requirement is you all must not attack me, allowing me to leave Jinhua City successfully!

These two parties began to negotiate.

In the end, Su Hao lost the negotiation.

The final result was Su Hao and the other six would have to have the same share, one-seventh each. 

Alright, you open the door then.

One representative said.


There was some movement inside. However soon, it stopped, Turn off your shield. I cant see you all right now. Who knows if youre preparing to assault me? Leave far away from here. I want to make sure that I can destroy the origin library at any moment, then this deal can proceed.

Alright, we have lifted the shield.

Everyone retreated.

The deactivation of the shields had revealed their positions to Su Hao. He sneered. These professional espers they were too childish!

So what if he knew their position?

How could he escape from professional espers?

As long as the door opened

In an instant, he would have to experience the mighty anger of those professional espers!

Everyone laughed silently and were waiting for Su Hao to open the door.

Well, we have already...

Just that, at this time, Su Hao wasnt even paying attention.

At the moment when the shield was deactivated, Su Haos eyes lit up. Almost instantly, a character model was established. Selecting the targets cultivation technique, he quickly locked onto the goal.


Card name: Origin Hurricane Technique

Rating: 4 stars

Description: With the power of strong wind, origin energy would be absorbed to increase ones improvement. Origin Hurricane Technique does not have any special characteristic nor does it reject any ability talent.


Origin Hurricane Technique!

Four stars!

Su Hao was stunned. This was really worth his efforts.

He had finally obtained the fifty-third cultivation technique.

He finally had enough!

At this moment, outside the origin library, when Su Hao established the card, a certain professional esper didnt look good. It was as if others had peeped on him, and he couldnt offer any resistance.

This feeling

Not good!

The man quickly activated his shield and that feeling vanished instantly. 

Darn it!

What is this brat doing?

Could it be some origin technique?

The crowd began to be furious.

If a superpower scanned them, even if one had looked at every detail of them, they wouldnt even realize it. Now, that feeling must have come from the brat in the origin library!

At this time

A new notification rang on his communication device.

They then discovered that the energy fluctuation which covered the whole city had disappeared.

This meant that

The energy fluctuation just now

Damn it!

Their faces turned red, We have been tricked again!

Once again!

Su Hao was too lazy to bother with what was happening outside.

With the cultivation technique in his hand, what he had to do now was to read the card and complete the mastery.



Two bottles of a drug were poured down his mouth.

These were Zhang Zhongtians special body recovery drug. 

A green light flashed.

Su Hao used the origin model which he established earlier to heal himself. This increased the speed of his healing.

Soon, Su Haos body recovered.

Su Haos physique kept being damaged due to the black market drug but at the same time, the body recovery drug also repaired Su Haos body at a fast speed. At this moment, it was as if Su Haos body had become the battlefield of two different forces.

His body seemed to be safe and sound but that pain 

Su Hao frowned for a bit as he focused his attention elsewhere. Looking at the dozens of cards within his mind, he could only smile. Taking a deep breath, Su Hao made a decision.

Card reading!