Godly Model Creator Chapter 443

Gmc Chapter 443

Chapter 443     A rapid sprint!

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws



Su Haos energy in his body kept circulating.

The total number of cards which had not been read right now was fifty-one cards! Among them, thirty were 1-star cards, eighteen were 2-star cards, two were 3-star cards, and lastly, the 4-star card. Su Hao just took a glance and didnt hesitate to read these thirty 1-star cards.


His brain was working at an unbelievably fast rate.

With the constant flow of energy, those 1-star cards were read almost instantly. It was as if there wasnt any obstacle. In just a short moment, all thirty cards were successfully read!

At the same time, countless pictures appeared in Su Haos mind which were related to the cultivation process, difficulties faced by the practitioner, and other things. 

Even though these were just 1-star cultivation techniques, they had their own unique style.

No matter what kind of method was being used to extract from Earth and Heaven, they all only had one purpose which was to draw the purest energy into the body.

These techniques were not affected by any ability talent or origin characteristics.

With the information of all thirty cultivation techniques in his mind, Su Hao now had a good understanding of cultivation techniques. 1-star cultivation techniques werent as weak as he imagined.



After Su Hao completed all the techniques, it was time to train!

When the first cultivation technique was completed, there was a slight change in his body.


The second technique was done soon and some changes occurred in his body again.

Third, fourth, fifth!

Su Hao was immersed in his cultivation.

The side effect of the advanced black market strengthening drug was still ongoing. But Su Hao had completely forgotten about it. His brain was focused on one thing.



Keep training!

Every cultivation technique brought some changes. His energy quality and quantity also underwent changes which caused a gradual improvement in Su Haos strength. When all thirty techniques were completed, these little effects had accumulated to an incredible result.

The effect of thirty cultivation techniques was outside of his expectations!

Even Su Hao himself did not imagine that he would reach the peak of level 6 after a breakthrough.

He was about to have another breakthrough.

Too bad, when he had trained the final 1-star cultivation technique, it didnt allow him to pass the threshold.

The increment in quantity is not enough to trigger the change in quality!

Su Haos eyes lit up.

Only one more step!

He would then be a level 7 specialized esper!

However, if this step was to utilize 2-star cards, he was not sure how long that would take. If 1-star cards are not effective, would the 2-star card be effective? This might be good in accumulating energy but to breakthrough

It would be useless!

To breakthrough any bottleneck, one needed to use the strongest impact and get it done at once!

With this idea, he then diverted his attention to those two 3-star cards.

Card reading, start!


With the flow of energy, the card reading was completed!

All information regarding the 3-star cards appeared. As if Su Hao was a scavenger, he started to look at these techniques the best route the obstacles 

Soon, Su Hao completed his research.

Its time!

Time to attempt a breakthrough!


The energy within his body began to flow!

Su Hao tried to train using the 3-star techniques. The energy flowed based on the route directed by Su Hao. 

One cycle

Two cycles

Three cycles

Su Hao was completely immersed.

Each time he completed a cycle, he could clearly feel the transformation of his energy. Su Haos mastery of the techniques gradually improved. At this moment, a strange aura could be felt.

Su Hao concealed his surprise.



Level 7 specialized esper!

It was a smooth advancement!

The mighty aura could be felt emitting from the origin library. It was clearly visible at the bottom of Eastern Lake. The few people waiting for Su Hao to come out were immediately stunned.

This is...

Damn, he broke through?

The origin library is indeed a good treasure!

Something is not right!

That representative soon realized something was wrong, I remember that brat was at level 5, right? How could he reach level 7? Even if he broke through, it cant be that fast.

Level 5 specialized esper?

Everyone then thought of this properly. Indeed, that person was at level 5 before this but the aura emitted now

He broke through twice?

Everyone was astonished.


Thats not possible. We did not even sense him advanced to level 6!

Perhaps he is actually level 6 but acting as a level 5 in disguise. Since he has just broken through, he could no longer conceal his real strength.

Someone made a smart guess.

I always feel that something is amiss.

The representative was slightly worried.

What is there to worry about? A burly man sneered, This brat, besides his useless tricks, what else can he do? His actual strength is too weak. Even if he is currently at level 7, he is still a joke in front of us! Unless he advances into a professional esper, else...

Im afraid it is not that simple.

The representative looked at the origin library with an ugly face.

What problem could there be?

That burly man laughed, Are you afraid that he will advance again? Calm down and think, to breakthrough two times is already the limit. It is already a problem. He has to consume time to stabilize his foundation. Currently, its impossible to breakthrough again!

Everyone agreed with him.

Within the origin library.

Su Haos aura calmed down.

Thirty 1-star cards and one 3-star card had allowed him to break through his bottleneck.


It is still not enough!

Considering he had advanced through the bottleneck

Su Hao no longer hesitated. Once again, he aimed his target at those 2-star cards.


The first 2-star card reading was completed.



The energy within his body began to flow!

Su Hao controlled the energy to run for dozens of cycles. At this time, Su Hao was already familiar with the route. Unlike those 1-star cards, this 2-star cultivation technique revealed a denser aura.

His energy quality had improved!

Although it wasnt as effective as the 3-star card, it was still several times better than a 1-star card.


Su Hao revealed a satisfied smile.

Since a 2-star card could change his energy quality by this much, what about two?

The second 2-star card, train!

The third one!

The fourth one!


Su Hao continued to train like a madman.

With the mastery of several 2-star cards, the quality of the energy within his body had undergone a rapid change.

He had finally reached the peak of level 7!

With nothing to be bothered, Su Hao diverted his attention to the final 3-star card!


With the endless supply of origin energy drug, the 3-star card was completed instantly. Without any hesitation, Su Hao began to train using it.

After Su Hao completed the first cycle, he began the second, third, fourth cycle

Su Hao was once again in his zone.


A barrier seemed to have been broken unknowingly. Su Hao was still unaware of it and kept training.

However at this time

Those outside the origin library went crazy!


He actually broke through again!

Everyones mouth opened wide in disbelief after sensing Su Hao advance into a level 8 specialized esper from the origin library. This how was this possible? Which one of them had not undergone intense hardship to breakthrough step by step into a professional esper? The difficulty of breakthroughs at the later stages of a specialized esper was not something one could imagine.

Whether it was the energy quality or quantity

If one wants to improve, it is a difficult task!

They had spent at least a year to advance a level. After working hard to become a professional esper, they seemed to have exhausted all their potential and stayed as a level one professional esper since then.

They were fixated on the origin library because they hoped that with the endless resources, they would be able to advance further.

Just one level was enough for them!

However, they never expected to witness such a crazy scene from the origin library. Currently, who would actually think that man inside was a level 5 specialized esper?

Level 6!

Level 7!

Level 8!

He had actually broken through three levels at once!


To continuously breakthrough three levels is this possible?

Everyone couldnt help but swallow their saliva. That burly man who said that Su Hao could no longer advance any further felt ashamed. He looked at the representative awkwardly, but the representative didnt bother with him. Instead, He looked at the origin library in worry.

What are you worried about?

Everyone was shocked.

However, soon someone seemed to understand something and said in disbelief.

Could it be he wants to breakthrough again?


Everyones face changed.

Another breakthrough?

How could this be?!

Advancing two levels was already the limit. It was unheard of to advance three levels. But was it possible for the man inside to continue his breakthroughs?