Godly Model Creator Chapter 444

Gmc Chapter 444

Chapter 444    The worry of the professional espers!

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws


That burly man, who looked down on Su Hao earlier, instantly jumped.

To forcefully breakthrough, I believe everyone has experienced it. After a breakthrough, one must always stabilize their energy. After our strength has been consolidated, then we can attempt to step into the next level. That brat actually dared to breakthrough twice or thrice at once!

Although his strength has increased, if he didnt consolidate his foundation, it is equivalent to suicide! That pain is not something one can bear! Let alone breaking through, he might even die!

The burly man smirked.

If he had no confidence, he wouldnt be attempting it.

Someone voiced out.

The burly man sneered, Bring surrounded by us, professional espers, what hope could he have? To forcefully breakthrough is his only option! Since he had broken through twice at once, if he breaks through again, this daddy will eat his own energy weapon!

The burly man was so confident when he said so.

In fact, everyone else agreed too.

They were all professional espers who had tried to forcefully breakthrough to reach this stage. To consolidate their new found energy, they had to spend a massive amount of time. Otherwise, the burden on their body would be too much to handle!

This man inside who had advanced consecutively, his body would probably be in bad shape.

It was only a pity that Su Hao couldnt hear the discussion. Otherwise, he would let them understand a statement. The world of geniuses, how could wastes like them understand?


What is a genius?



Su Haos cultivation proceeded smoothly.

He had now reached level 8.

Physical damage?

Of course, he did suffer from that.

However, this damage was nothing when compared to the damage inflicted by the advanced black market strengthening drug. Su Hao didnt even frown at all while withstanding the pain.

In short, advancing into a level 8 esper didnt bring much trouble to Su Hao!

However, was advancing to a level 8 specialized esper his limit?

Absolutely not!

Su Hao looked at the last few 2-star cards.


A card was read.

The energy within his body was once again circulated.

Without even a moment to pause, Su Hao attempted to breakthrough again. If this scene was known to those outside, they would probably urinate themselves on the spot.


What a crazy thing to be done!

That was not something simple!

Since when was a specialized espers advancement this easy?

However, Su Hao didnt even consider any of these thoughts, as if he wasnt paying attention to what his current level was. At this moment, Su Haos only thought was


Training again!


Reaching level 8?

That didnt affect him at all.

However, that was because he was experiencing something dozens of times worse. If not for the protection of his internal organ from internal force, his body would have been destroyed a long time ago. However, even with the protection, it could only protect his crucial organs.

Most of his body was still suffering from a huge amount of pain.

The faint green light never stopped illuminating.

This was from the origin model which Su Hao had established. With its healing effect, Su Hao made good use of it to keep the healing factor all over his body. Still, as he reached level 8 and the side effect of the drug, the healing factor had turned gradually ineffective.

Time seems to be running out...

Su Hao seemed to be confused.

After treating himself for a bit, he continued training using the 2-star cards.

1st card!

2nd card!

3rd card!

4th card!

In a moment, all the 2-star cards were read!

A total of nine cards, under Su Haos repeated integration, they had pushed Su Hao to the peak of a level 8 esper. Another bottleneck quietly came. Su Hao had a glance and there were no other cards remaining except for the one and only 4-star card, Origin Hurricane Technique!

Origin Hurricane Technique!

It had finally reached its turn.

Su Hao took a deep breath.

Card reading!


The energy within his body was rapidly consumed.

A drop of liquid entered his mouth, and it quickly replenished his energy.



Seconds later, the 4-star card was finally completed.

This could be the fastest Su Hao had ever read a card!

It was very satisfying!


All sorts of scenes appeared in his mind, and he quickly mastered this technique.

Level 9 specialized esper!




Su Hao had it tough as he had to force the energy to circulate.

His foundation was too weak!

The burly man outside was saying the right things. Although Su Haos body wasnt affected much by the impact, his foundation was not solid enough

For Su Hao, there was only one problem to solve this problem!

A forceful breakthrough!




Su Hao did not have the luxury to bother with these things. The only thing he had to do now was to breakthrough and increase his strength!

The burly man had correctly guessed this point.

When one forcefully breaks through, no future would be considered! Even if there was only one in a ten thousand chance, they must fight for it!

Of course, the burly man made the wrong guess on Su Haos aim

His aim was never about them!

Several random professional espers? They had never been the goal of Su Hao! Su Haos real goal was the graduate student from Zhanzheng College who returned with glory, Bai Feng!

Move for me!

Su Hao bit his teeth.

The energy within his body was slowly pushed and moved around like thick paste.

One cycle

Two cycles

Three times

The cycles progress was very slow.

However, Su Hao didnt stop circulating his energy. Right now, it was as if he was slowly carrying a few boulders that weighed tons under the hot sun.



These were sounds produced when the energy was forcefully circulated.

Su Hao understood.

A bottleneck had arrived!

This bottleneck was more difficult than the previous one after successfully advancing consecutively. If there was a 3-star card, Su Hao would have instantly stopped but he was training a 4-star card right now. He had no other shot!



After circulating his energy for the third time, his energy finally flowed smoothly! At that time, the effect of Origin Hurricane Technique was finally shown.

The quality of the energy in his body began to change!

It was a qualitative change. The massive energy within his body gradually began to change.

Soon, all his energy was completed changed!


And right at this moment

That strange aura once again appeared!

The strong aura emitted out from the origin library and spread all over Eastern Lake!

Outside the origin library, the burly man was dumbfounded. The aura was slapping his face again and again.

That was such a pain!

However, at this moment, nobody paid attention to him.

Because they were all shocked!


Another breakthrough!

This was the fourth breakthrough in a row!

From level 5 all the way to level 9!

Can you stop teasing us?

How long did they take to breakthrough back then? Four years? Five years? Even longer?

And now?

That man began his breakthrough under their nose. Only a few hours had passed, and he actually reached level 9! 

Level 9 specialized esper!

It was done just like that?

Everyone was frozen on the spot.

Was it because of the origin library?

They began to have this thought.

They couldnt convince themselves otherwise. However, they knew the fact that the origin library only provided the resources which had nothing to do with advancing levels.

Origin library?

If one could breakthrough with just energy, they would have done so long ago!

What actually happened?

Everyone began to be afraid.

He he isnt planning to breakthrough again, right?

Someone asked in shock.

This question caused them to be unable to remain calm.

Damn you!

Can you stop asking such a silly question?