Godly Model Creator Chapter 445

Gmc Chapter 445

Chapter 445    Perfect fusion

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

Will there be another breakthrough?

Will he become a professional esper?

Everyone considered this carefully and their hearts went cold, Could it be we have forced him into a corner and under such a desperate situation, he wants to become stronger and then kill us?

In other words, they had forcefully created a horrifying enemy for themselves?

Their face went pale thinking of this.

A professional esper it wont be that easy for him to become one, right?

Someone questioned in a doubtful tone.

How hard was it to advance into a professional esper?

They knew the difficulty too well!

From beginner to specialized esper

One had the origin characteristics drug to aid them.

However, professional espers were different.

One could only rely on oneself!

There was no drug to aid them!

To breakthrough by oneself and complete the transformation was the foundation of becoming a professional esper. This difficulty was a dozen times harder than a breakthrough to be a specialized esper!


Did this logic apply to the man inside?

Everyone wasnt sure of that after thinking of the successive breakthroughs. Even the burly man who had never believed in Su Hao now had a pale expression.

Perhaps it was possible?

It would be even more terrifying if that guy managed to breakthrough

This man had an attack equivalent to a professional esper when he was only a level 5 specialized esper. How powerful would he be after becoming a professional esper?

Nobody knew!

What now?

Should we retreat?

The crowd was stunned.

If it was before, they would never have believed that even with six professional espers together, they would actually be afraid of someone who was only a level 5 specialized esper

They then looked at the representative. Since the beginning, he had made quite a few mistakes but when they were in a dilemma, everyone would look at him for his decision.


The representative coldly voiced out, Advancing to the professional esper level is not that easy. However...if we sense a breakthrough we retreat immediately! Dont hesitate! If he fails, this origin library would be ours!


The crowd agreed.

Energy fluctuations began to cover the origin library. Even the slightest change coming from the origin library would be instantly detected.

Inside the origin library.

With the breakthrough into level 9, Su Haos strength once again surged!

Whether it was qualitative or quantitative, his energy was much better than when he was in level 8. 

How many hours had passed?

Su Hao no longer had any concept of time.

Su Hao didnt stop cultivating even if he had advanced because every technique he learnt had not reached perfection yet. 

Within a few hours, even if Su Hao had all the information, he could only become skilled which was already not a bad result.

Meaning there was still room for improvement for all the cultivation techniques he learnt today.

If they were all trained to a perfect state, Su Haos strength would definitely increase again. Of course, it would take countless of hours to slowly temper them. And out of all the cultivation techniques, the most worthy to invest his time in to train was none other than Origin Hurricane Technique!



Su Hao kept repeating the cycle again and again.

Although he had reached level 9, Su Haos strength was still gradually improving. The energy within his body slowly increased due to Origin Hurricane Technique.

Su Hao dared to be this crazy because it was the era of origin ability!

Even for exclusive origin techniques, one dared not be arrogant and train dozens of techniques in one day because the result would be miserable.

For example, when one with the fire control ability trained a technique in expansion, to learn a technique with other characteristics such as heating would be difficult! One had to master the first technique and convert their energy before trying to learn others.

This problem was the shortcoming of exclusive cultivation techniques!

However, it was precisely because of these cultivation techniques that when the origin characteristics drug matched, an extraordinary strength would be displayed!

And all these problems

Su Hao didnt have to face them because what he was training with was a universal origin technique!

No feature!

No trait!

There was no need to convert anything!

Level 9?

Su Hao looked at the energy within his body and revealed a smile.

However, he was clear that

This breakthrough had reached the limit.

For someone who had just advanced into level 9, the road to advancing into a professional esper was still far away. After his successive breakthroughs, he needed some time to stabilize himself. Or else, he would have to say goodbye to being a professional esper forever!

Professional esper...

I will reach it one day!

Su Haos eyes lit up and began to calm down the energy within his body. It was time to stabilize it for a solid foundation. Just that, at this moment


His body suffered a backslash.


Su Hao spat out a mouthful of blood.

His body which had just recovered was instantly damaged!

This feeling

Damn it!

Su Haos heart didnt feel good about this problem. The side effect of the drug increased again!

Previously, when Su Hao consumed the intermediate drug, he didnt feel any discomfort due to the perfect study by Zhang Zhongtian.

It was almost like a deep sleep.

And then he had an improved physical fitness.

But now, Su Hao could only endure the side effect!



At this moment, it brought Su Hao back to a year ago. The moment when he had to struggle in his room alone with all the pain.

This pain was to improve.

And now

The only difference was there was one more person with him now.

To be more accurate, a half human.

Su Hao...

Blue dream butterfly looked at Su Hao in worry while crying.


Su Hao felt better in his heart.

At least there was someone to accompany him this time.



The impact on his body was too strong. Su Hao could feel heaviness in his eyelids as if he could no longer persist any longer.

This backlash was indeed too painful!

Little brat...

Su Hao said in a weak voice.

Here, Im here!

The blue dream butterfly quickly flew over.

The origin energy drug dont stop!

Su Hao finished his words.

But you already broke through. If you consume any more, you will definitely burst!

The blue dream butterfly was in a difficult position on what to do.


Su Hao did not answer the question because his body that was sitting cross-legged collapsed.

He no longer had the strength.


The blue dream butterfly was shocked and at a loss. However, thinking of Su Haos last instruction, she looked at the drug which had been consumed halfway. In the end, she decided to drag him under the instrument.


A drop of liquid entered into Su Haos mouth.

Unexpectedly, the drug which had provided an endless amount of energy to Su Hao actually did not react now. Only at this moment did the blue dream butterfly feel relieved.


Another drop of liquid fell.

If those outside the origin library noticed the drug, they would be shocked because right now

More than half had been consumed!

Although there seemed to be a lot of drugs around the origin library, the final mixture was in fact not much.

There must be a reason for Su Haos breakthroughs.

If Su Hao simply absorbed the energy in the air, how could he advance so quickly?

He was also relying on the endless amount of energy from the origin library!

And now

All the cultivation techniques had been perfectly mastered!

If Su Hao wanted to break through, there were no shortcuts!

Therefore, the only thing Su Hao could do before losing consciousness was to ask the blue dream butterfly to keep feeding him the drug. He was planning to

Transfer the goal!



Although Su Hao had lost consciousness

Under Su Haos final instruction, the energy influx within his body rushed toward the most powerful card!

Illusion Reality!