Godly Model Creator Chapter 446

Gmc Chapter 446

Chapter 446    Being targeted?

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

Illusion Reality!


When Su Hao had ten computers in his mind, the processing power had a minuscule effect when analyzing Illusion Reality these past few days. The progress of Illusion Reality still remained at the pitiful 0.001%. Now, with 500 computers within his mind, Su Haos deduction of Illusion Reality finally began!




500 computers were operating at their best!




On the computer screens, countless data was clearly visible, flickering like a waterfall. The analysis of Illusion Reality actually had a greater consumption than an entire city?

What kind of card was this?

Su Hao wasnt sure because he had lost consciousness. Occasionally, his body would twitch which indicated the pain he was suffering and proved that he was still struggling.

He was still insisting!

Time seemed to have stopped at this moment.

Outside the origin library, those professional espers were still waiting.

Su Hao was still alive.

They knew Su Hao didnt have a breakthrough.

Nobody had an idea of the specific details. Therefore, they stayed at the door and patiently waited for him to come out.

What they didnt know was that Su Haos energy consumption had depleted the resources at an incredible rate.



The energy consumption accelerated again!

Time passed.

One day quietly elapsed.

Fenghui City.

The atmosphere was filled with excitement.

After two days of rest, it was finally the moment for the next round and it was a match between Jianghe Team and Quan An Team! Quan An Team was thought to be at a disadvantage due to the death of their leader. Four versus five, Jianghe Team could definitely appear victorious!

However, was it really as what everyone said?

Jianghe Teams resting area.

Wang Xin looked at those four who were occupied with training. Could they win this time? Could they? Could they win? Could they win? Could they win?

How could he know?

What he wanted to know was

Where was Su Hao?

Damn, without a leader, what was there to fight?

Wang Xin was depressed.

The moment he received the task to accompany Su Hao and his team, he had been worrying all the time. Especially the time when Su Hao and others attacked a Federal Guardian. He nearly peed on the spot!

And now

One went missing.

Wasnt he the leader?

He was a professional esper!

Cant you pay more respect to a stronger esper?


The leader of Quan An Team died.

However, the team still had a powerful deputy leader!

A level 8 specialized esper!

Besides Su Hao, who else could cope with him?

Wang Xin sighed. The only thing he could hope was for Su Hao to return before the match started. If Su Hao returned by then, their chances of winning would increase.

The match was about to begin soon.

Do you have the name list?

Chen Yiran asked Li Tiantian.


Li Tiantian nodded, The name list of the opponent has been obtained. As expected, that level 8 esper will appear as the last participant. As for their strength I believe I dont have to say anything.

Everyone kept silence.

Of course, it was needless to be mentioned.

These days, after numerous battles in the virtual world, they were fully aware of each others strength! From the very beginning, they were beaten like nobodies before tying and now winning!

However, the only problem was

That level 8 esper, they still couldnt beat him!

Even after days of training, nobody was able to defeat him!

Level 8 specialized esper!

Zhanzheng College student!

This meant that he was definitely an existence above them.

And they had seen the might of the level 8 esper, Du Ze before this.

They had no solution!

Two days, they had been training madly, yet nobody could win!

Of all four individuals, Li Tiantian was the strongest but his combat level wasnt that high. Chen Yirans strength was strong, especially in a team fight. However, she would be less effective in a one on one duel. The only ones with the highest combat effectiveness would be Zhou Wang and Li Xin!

Li Xin was never consistent. To put him as the last participant was simply courting their deaths.

Thus, the only one they could rely on was

Zhou Wang!

However, his state was very strange. Although he was always consistent, there were times when he was powerful and times when he would pale in comparison.

Are you alright?

Li Tiantian was a bit worried.

No problem.

Zhou Wang replied in an unusually positive attitude.

This time, it was different than last time.

When they had the first match with Team Fenghui, it was to pave the way for the next round.

But now

It was totally different.

They had no second chance!

The second round would be their battlefield, and the third round would be Su Haos battlefield!

Thus, the only aim they had was to win! Victory to pave the way for Su Hao! If Su Hao managed to return with fruitful results but they lost in the second round, wouldnt that be funny?

Su Hao challenged Bai Feng, and that had hurt their self-esteem.

They wouldnt be able to accept it if they couldnt fulfill their task.

Even geniuses had their own dignity!

After all, the difficulty of Su Haos challenge was way harder than theirs.

Li Xin, your ability talent is a bit special. But when facing a level 8 esper, perhaps you wont even have the chance to make a move. Thus, you will be the first one to go up on the stage. Your goal is to get rid of one of them. Li Tiantian continued, We have tested many times in the virtual battles, and this should be the one who you fight against the best.

Yea, no problem.

Li Xin said with confidence.

The virtual battle was a good thing.

This feature created by Su Hao was almost like a cheat itself! If a team was being targeted, you could experiment with things to increase the success rate.

With Li Tiantians ability talent coupled with Su Haos virtual battle, the chances of victory for Jianghe Team had increased.

After Li Xin, it will be me. Both of us will defeat the first three! As for Chen Yiran, you and Zhou Wang would get rid of the deputy leader! We have tested this plan before. Although it will be different from reality, it is something you two need to overcome!

Li Tiantian looked serious, This time, there must absolutely be no accidents!

They looked at each other and nodded.

For others, it was just a competition.

But for them

It was a life and death event!

At the battle stage.

As always, the reward offered by the federal government had made this battle exciting.

Four versus five, this had attracted the audiences curiosity.

Team Quan An was without a doubt stronger than Team Jianghe.

But could they win?

Could they have a hidden card like Team Bai Wu and make a comeback?

Everyone was looking forward to this match.

The battle would begin soon.

Being welcomed by the cheer of the crowd, both teams arrived on the stage. However, when they noticed the number of participants for Team Jianghe, they were stunned.

Team Quan An, four people!

Team Jianghe, four people!

Now, this was getting interesting!

What happen?

Why does Team Jianghe only have four members?

Could it be Su Hao had been killed by Bai Feng too?

What kind of joke are you uttering. Su Hao is the top student in the college entrance exam. How could Bai Feng kill him? I wonder what the leader of Team Jianghe is doing.

A hot discussion was ongoing.

Du Wen, the deputy leader of Team Quan An, looked at the opposite side.

Li Tiantian smiled indifferently, If your leader is not here, our leader wont make a move. Then, your team wont have any excuses when we win. Four on four is fair.


The atmosphere in the scene was instantly lit up by Li Tiantian.

After the college entrance exam, Li Tiantians popularity had been soaring high. At this moment, that arrogant war declaration had aroused countless people.

Team Quan An stared at Team Jianghe in anger.

They were actually being looked down on!

All of a sudden, a burly man yelled, Deputy leader, let me go to the stage first. I will teach him a lesson! Without Su Hao, this Team Jianghe is nothing but scum!


Du Wen sneered, Dont bother with them!

Soon the battle list was announced to the public.

As if they were planning to give a lesson to Li Tiantian, that burly man was the first one to go up the stage. However, Li Xin was unexpectedly the first to appear from Team Jianghe.


Du Wens face changed instantly.

He heard some rumors about Li Tiantians ability talent.

The death of his cousin had been a great blow to them. If his team was being targeted, forget about winning! Thus, because of the possibility being targeted, he had changed the list at the last minute before submitting the final version. Never did he expect

His team had still been targeted!