Godly Model Creator Chapter 447

Gmc Chapter 447

Chapter 447    Du Wens ability talent

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws


Or did Li Tiantian predict this outcome?


Du Wens face turned ugly.

Li Xin

He was almost invincible in close combat!

When he saw Li Xin and his teams close combat specialist go on the stage, he could no longer watch further because he was doomed to fail!

Sure enough

A few minutes later

Li Xin blasted away that burly man, and he was crippled on the spot!

Under the effect of his strong physical body talent, not only did that man have a burly figure but also thick skin. Any attack weaker than him would not harm him.


So what if that was the case?

When Li Xin hit a critical strike, he nearly lost his life!

The only thing he should be grateful was that Li Xins critical strike did not happen to be a strong one. Otherwise, even with his strong physique, he would have never escaped death!

 Li Xin won the first battle!

As expected

For the second match, the one who got up the stage was a little girl.




The girl with a cat-like stature, sharp cat-like claws, and protruding teeth walked up the stage. Like a black lightning bolt, no matter how strong Li Xin was, he was not able to defeat her. Every time he tried to hit her, all he struck was nothing but a phantom.



Scars filled Li Xins body.

This second match, Li Xin was defeated!

In a situation when both parties had equivalent strength, the advantage of ability talent counters would be apparent. Li Xin could easily restrain others. Naturally, others would be able to restrain him too.

As Li Xin stepped down, the third one to come up the stage was Li Tiantian.



A dark shadow was kicked off the stage.

The audience was stunned.

In the third match, Li Tiantian won.

With just a kick

The audience went silent.

All they could see was a dark shadow and a kick from a certain angle by Li Tiantian. That girl with a cat-like talent was kicked off the stage instantly. Below the stage, that girl wasnt injured and rubbed her painful stomach for a bit while angrily staring at Li Tiantian.

Too fast

Li Tiantian actually came up the stage this early?

On the other team

Du Wen frowned for a bit. This outcome wasnt right. He thought that the final clash would be between him and Li Tiantian as deputy leaders.

But now it seemed

That wasnt the case!

Li Tiantian, what was he scheming?

The fourth match.

It was a young man from Team Quan An. He looked handsome and calm, but his moves were filled with dense killing intent.


Li Tiantian couldnt stand at his original position.

An unknown storm suddenly burst out from that spot.

Level 6 specialized esper, Electromagnetic Storm!



The whole stage was as if swept by the storm.

The endless electromagnetic storms surrounded Li Tiantian. Although these storms werent as numbing as lightning if they connected with someone they would not come out unscathed. Unfortunately, from start to the end, they had never hit Li Tiantian once.


The opponent was kicked off by Li Tiantian.

With Li Tiantians own strength, he would never be able to win this easily. It was all because of the virtual battles that Su Hao set up that every origin technique of the opponents were all exposed and he knew how to avoid and counter them. Plus, Li Tiantian had a powerful ability talent which would be funny if he lost under such circumstances.


Nobody cared about these three.

The members of Team Jianghe knew well that their real opponent was Du Wen!

Boom, boom!

Under the cheers from the crowd, Du Wen went up to the stage.

Without Su Hao, your Team Jianghe is just nobody. You as the deputy leader actually came up in the second match. You seem pretty confident, yea? Du Wen sneered.

Well, aint we meeting each other in the end?

Li Tiantian smiled indifferently.


Du Wen laughed it off, What? Are you planning to win three battles? Forget about the others; your ability talent is indeed strong. However, the energy consumption must be quite a lot. Now, do you even any energy left?

Du Wens words were heavy and meaningful.

This competition was a group battle and not an individual battle.

These fights were in the real world and not a virtual battle.

For one to beat five at once, unless ones strength was equivalent to Bai Feng, the gap would be too huge.

And now, Li Tiantian had won two matches in a row without sustaining an injury.

However, his energy was almost exhausted!

Do you even have any energy left to fight?

Why dont you try it then?

Li Tiantians energy weapon suddenly appeared in his hand. With light footsteps, he rushed directly to the front of Du Wen and slashed down without hesitation.


Du Wen raised his hand with a yellow light.

The yellow light burst and turned into countless powder. Li Tiantian immediately retreated back and prevented himself from being in contact with the powder.


The yellow powder landed.

Immediately, a hole formed on the stage.

Inside, one could see quicksand!

Du Wen, his ability talent was desertification!



Li Tiantian didnt stop and once again charged forward.

Those desert pits began to form, but Li Tiantian easily avoided the pits. It would be difficult for Du Wen to hit Li Tiantian, with Li Tiantians ability talent.

You think you can keep on avoiding?

Du Wen coldly smiled.

Desert: Chaos!


Countless yellow lights appeared from the sky!

After scattering all over the stage, the stage soon turned into a desert. Li Tiantians energy weapon was ineffective against this move. Excluding the spot which he was standing, the entire stage was a desert. A huge desert sword was formed in Du Wens hand and attacked Li Tiantian.

At this moment, Li Tiantian had no way to evade!

This time, how are you going to evade?

Du Wen sneered.


Li Tiantian jumped off the stage.

The whole audience was stunned.


He actually

Jumped off the stage!

Li Tian jumped off and said, You won.

Everyone: ...

It turned out that he really did not have much energy left.

However, Li Tiantian didnt come off the stage immediately. Instead, he forced Du Wen to use his most powerful origin technique which consumed a lot of energy. Even if Li Tiantian didnt attack, everyone knew that he had won in this confrontation.

Damn you, Li Tiantian!

Du Wen gritted his teeth, This time, I wont give you all any chance!

The firth match.

Chen Yiran versus Du Wen!

At the beginning of the battle, Du Wen didnt hesitate to use his killer move, I will settle this in one move!


The stage was once again covered in desert.

Everyone was amazed.

Indeed, he was worthy to be a level 8 esper.

Such strength

Ordinary people could only look up to him!

As long as Chen Yiran dared to take a step, she would be eaten into the sand. After all, the desert was made of quicksand.

Go die!

A huge sand sword was formed!

It was the same tactic again. Du Wen actually used the same trick upon facing this beautiful girl, Chen Yiran.

How would she handle this ability?

Everyone began to guess.


A layer of ice appeared.

Chen Yiran actually summoned her ice crystals to defend!


This Chen Yiran

Everyone sighed.

Havent you watch the previous battle of Du Wen?

It was useless to resist in front of this ability because the power of the sword wasnt that strong. Du Wen aimed to use the incoming momentum to knock his opponent a few steps back into the area covered in quicksand.

Just as they expected, the ice crystal defense was broken and she couldnt help but step back onto the quicksand.

Shes finished!

They could not continue to watch.

However, Chen Yiran was surprisingly fine.

When they had a clearer look, they discovered that Chen Yirans soles had a frosty appearance under them. The quicksand instantly became rigid once they came into contact with the ice.

Du Wens face changed.

Ability counter!

He was actually being countered!

Ice and sand

In his heart, this idea appeared. In front of Li Tiantians team, his team had been heavily countered.

How long had this battle started?

Team Quan An already faced its exciting moment.

Compared to previous battles, Team Jianghe had improved by leaps and bounds.



No matter what kind of origin technique Du Wen used, they were all easily countered by Chen Yiran.

Was Du Wen actually in a stalemate state with Chen Yiran?

The audience was dumbfounded.

Du Wens strength was several times higher than Chen Yiran!


Du Wen coldly smiled, Youre planning to defeat me with this half-ass plan? Too bad, we have sacrificed too much for this battle. Even our leader is dead! If I cant get our team into the top 3, Im afraid I will not have the face to meet other people. Thus, Team Quan An cannot lose! For you all for Su Hao, I have made a lot of preparation.

Everyones face changed.

Something prepared for Su Hao?

What was that?

For daring to face us with just four members, you can only blame yourself for choosing this path! I will show you all how you are going to lose due to your madness!


Du Wen took a deep breath and flew into the sky.

When all the quicksand landed

Du Wen vanished.