Godly Model Creator Chapter 448

Gmc Chapter 448

Chapter 448    Sandstorm!

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws


The audience was stunned.

Du Wen disappeared!

On the stage, Chen Yiran stood there alone. There were no signs of another person.


Chen Yiran frowned.

Ice blast!


A layer of clear bluish crystals flashed through the stage, and the quicksand was instantly frozen. However, there was still no sign of Du Wen.

It was as if he really did vanish.

Where was he?

Everyone began to doubt.

Chen Yiran was on full alert.

She knew that Du Wen was much stronger than her. The reason he was in a stalemate was due to the restraint on his ability talent. However, now that Du Wen hid


A strange light flashed, and the frozen sand around her rose up to the sky. All the ice was instantly crushed, and the stage turned chaotic again. A blossoming ice lotus scattered around to counter the sand but the effect was negligible.

The sand began to spin.

When the audience saw this scene, they were stunned.


Du Wen created a sandstorm!

The faster the sandstorm spun, the more dangerous it became. Chen Yiran was in a spot where she had no way to escape!

There was no such technique in the virtual battles!

Du Wen broke through?

Chen Yiran muttered to herself. In the middle of the sandstorm, her figure was covered in ice and snow. Such a scene was dazzling like a snow lotus.

One could see a trace of determination in her eyes. Just when Chen Yiran prepared to make her move, she suddenly thought of Li Tiantians warning. She paused for a bit and sighed, Hope you didnt guess wrong.

Raising her head to look at this chaotic scene, Chen Yiran said a word coldly.


The surrounding sand seemed to slow down.

The rotating sandstorm was slowly being frozen. Countless snowflakes fell from the sky.

The sandstorm was struggling.

The desert world confronted the world of ice and snow. This confrontation actually developed into a battle of energy consumption! If so could Chen Yiran win this match?

A moment later

Those ice crystals broke!

Chen Yiran smiled indifferently and swiftly stepped down the stage.

Du Wen won!

The audience was stunned.


Such an exciting confrontation just ended like this? When they had a better look, they found out that Chen Yirans energy was already exhausted!

Whats going on?

Du Wen is too strong!

Someone exclaimed, Since his ability talent is countered, he had to resort to this harsh method of a direct energy confrontation! How could Chen Yiran compare with him? She would definitely lose without a doubt!

So that was what happened.

The crowd soon realized.

The sandstorm then subsided.

The figure of Du Wen gradually formed and his face was slightly pale. However, he revealed a hint of joy for his victory. The only ones from Team Jianghe who could threaten him were Chen Yiran and Li Tiantian. Now, both of them lost. As long as he won one more match, he would be victorious!

As for Zhou Wang

He didnt seem outstanding.

At this moment, everyone was aware of the situation!

Both sides only had one person remaining!

This battle between Team Jianghe and Team Quan An had escalated so quickly that it had reached the decisive match. The team that won the next battle would be victorious.

The domineering Du Wen would face Zhou Wang from Team Jianghe!

Who would have the last laugh?!

Du Wen had fought twice in a row, and he should be at his limit.

The audience had a careful look, and they noticed something frightening. Du Wen still had about half his tank left, indicating that he only consumed less than half of his energy during the battle with Chen Yiran!

That huge chaotic sandstorm only consumed that much? Or perhaps Du Wen himself had a huge amount of energy? The gap in strength was clearly revealed.

In this case, how could Zhou Wang win?

Are you sure there isnt any problem?

Chen Yiran was concerned about the situation.

Of course.

Li Tiantian replied with certainty, but the fear in his eyes couldnt fool Chen Yiran.

What happened?

Chen Yiran seemed to have realized the dilemma here.

Li Tiantian smiled, Actually, it is Su Hao who told me. He said that if I dont have 100% certainty of victory, just put Zhou Wang as the last one.


Chen Yiran blinked her eyes a few times in doubt. Obviously, she would have never thought that it was Su Haos instruction. Why?

Who knows?

Li Tiantian shrugged his shoulder.

Zhou Wangs strength was indeed outstanding. However, it is still quite a distance away from Du Wen. 

This problem was obvious if everyone thought of it.

Team Jianghe

Would their journey end here?

Soon, Zhou Wang walked on to the stage.

His cold face and silver hair filled him with endless charm. His performance during the exam did win him many fans.

The ones supporting Zhou Wang in the audience were not small either.

Hmph, the idol of the new generation.

Du Wen said sarcastically, Too bad. I wondered why Li Tiantian put you last, but youre destined to be just cannon fodder.

Zhou Wang didnt reply.


A flash of lightning struck down and shocked Du Wen.

Du Wen sneered.

Desert: Chaos!


The stage once again became a desert.

Chen Yiran can freeze the quicksand. I wonder how you are going to escape my quicksand with your lightning.

In an instant, the sand covered the entire stage excluding the spot where Zhou Wang stood.

Go to hell!

Du Wen pointed at the spot where Zhou Wang was.

The final spot was covered in sand too!

Zhou Wang was in a pinch!

But before the audience had time to react, they noticed a flash of light appear. Zhou Wangs figure suddenly appeared beside Du Wen.

They were stunned!

When did he move?

Thunderbolt Sword!


Lightning fell from the sky, and the stage was shrouded in white light.

When the white light vanished, they were amazed to notice a dark spot on Du Wens body. A thick blood mark could be seen

He was injured!

What happened?

When they looked at Zhou Wang, they discovered that under Zhou Wangs feet, lightning kept sparkling non-stop. Each time he gently stepped on the quicksand, it looked like he was standing on water. Before Zhou Wang started to sink into the quicksand, Zhou Wangs figure vanished and appeared somewhere else.

Coupled with Zhou Wangs terrifying talent, his speed was too fast!

Du Wen was caught off-guard for a moment and got himself hurt.

After a successful strike, he began to attack again.

Stop now before going too far!


Du Wen roared in anger. With his hand touching the ground, a thick wall of sand rose and blocked every attack from Zhou Wang.



The sand wall was safe and sound.

Zhou Wangs attacks couldnt penetrate the thick wall. With an origin technique of a level 8 esper, how could the current Zhou Wang penetrate that wall?

Du Wen sighed in relief.

Luckily, he managed to block

At the same time, he was secretly scared. This Zhou Wang, his progress had improved so much compared to last time!

He absolutely couldnt delay this any longer. This battle must be settled as soon as possible. Du Wen adjusted his state of mind.

Just that at this moment, he felt something dangerous lock on to him!


Du Wen was instantly on high alert!

The wall had blocked each attack from Zhou Wang. Why did he still feel danger?


Du Wen seemed to have thought of something. With both eyes widen, he looked at the sand wall in front of him, Could it be...


A thunderbolt beam pierced through the sand wall. That seemingly strong wall was destroyed, and Du Wens left arm was struck along the way.

The white light vanished.

It was as if nothing had happened.

Besides that large hole in the wall, one could see a distant Du Wen standing pitifully.

Lightning attacks always had an abrupt nature. Du Wens careless had cost him his arm.


Blood could be seen flowing from his left arm.

Du Wen looked in disbelief and then looked at the cool young man in front of him. He had to admit that this Zhou Wang, who had always been mediocre, was actually very powerful!

Zhou Wang, right?

I will remember your name.

Du Wen nodded and wasnt bothered with his injury, To be able to injure me to this degree, youre indeed worthy to be one of the geniuses in the college entrance exam.

Time to end this battle!



The sand went berserk.