Godly Model Creator Chapter 449

Gmc Chapter 449

Chapter 449    Origin ability

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

The same trick again!

Everyone was amazed.

Du Wens figure vanished, and one could see the huge spinning sandstorm on the stage. The speed of the sandstorm kept increasing as time went on. Du Wens goal was obvious. He was aiming to get Zhou Wang off the stage.



Even with the energy barrier to protect them, the audience seemed to feel the strong momentum brought by the sandstorm.

Within the sandstorm, only a faint yellow beam flashed from time to time indicating Zhou Wangs existence.

The sandstorm had a huge coverage!

As of there was no other solution, Chen Yiran chose to face it head-on in a battle of energy consumption. However, she still failed due to her energy depleting first. What about Zhou Wang?

How would he fight?

Everyone nervously watched the stage.

However, unexpectedly

There was no reaction.

The sandstorm didnt show anything. Zhou Wang also had no response. The scene seemed to reach a stalemate. Only the sandstorm kept spinning, but both Zhou Wang and Du Wen were nowhere to be seen.

What happened?

The crowd was stunned.

No matter what, the current state was not right.


A man with sharp observation noticed the problem, As the sandstorm keeps spinning, Zhou Wang is also running at the same pace! No matter how fast the sandstorm is, Zhou Wang can easily keep up. Not only that, while following the pace of sandstorm, Zhou Wang actually trying to pinpoint Du Wens position!


Is that true?

Everyone had a clearer look and were stunned.

It was really happening right now!

No matter how fast the sandstorm spun, Zhou Wang would match its speed!

As both were travelling at the same speed, the sandstorm inflicted almost zero damage to Zhou Wang. Also, Du Wen hid his body within the sandstorm, and Zhou Wang kept searching for him. The moment when Du Wen is found, he would definitely be struck by lightning.



Lightning flashed!

Zhou Wang was such an incredible man!

Du Wens powerful sandstorm was easily countered?

At this moment


At the center of sandstorm

Zhou Wang finally detected Du Wens figure. That slightly different shadow from the ordinary sandstorm was captured.


Lightning struck!

Lightning Sword!

Zhou Wang charged forward without hesitation.

The Lightning Sword in his hand left behind after-images as it slashed upon Du Wens body. The speed was so fast that it made one terrified!

Everyone was surprised.

Nobody would have thought of such an outcome!

Du Wen actually got caught by Zhou Wang in his own sandstorm!


Was the outcome of this battle about to be revealed?

Everyone widened their eyes and dared not to breathe.

However, a strange noise appeared when Zhou Wang was about to hit Du Wen. The very next second, changes occurred on the stage.


The sandstorm actually fused and condensed together!


They didnt see it wrong, fusion!

The sandstorm all over the sky actually merged into a huge sand giant!

A ten-meter tall giant!

The sand giants body had a faint energy layer covering its entire body.

Du Wen was standing on the shoulder of the sand giant.

Everyone was awed by this scene!

Not good! Li Tiantian and his team members shouted as they saw this scene.

To add an origin characteristic to ones origin ability is the goal to become a specialized esper. However, the insight on origin ability that was something in the professional esper level. For Du Wen to achieve such a feat, his understanding of his own ability talent had naturally reached a certain level!

The border of a professional esper!

Darn it!

In other words, Du Wens strength had actually risen this much in just a few days? No wonder he dared to say that he was prepared to face Su Hao

From the start, he was ready to face four by himself!

Zhou Wang is in danger!

Everyone faces turned ugly.

Li Tiantian began to worry and had some doubts in his heart. Until now, although Zhou Wang was indeed strong, there was nothing special about him.

Su Hao

Why did you want to put him as the last participant?

Zhou Wang attacked!

His attack which was originally aimed at Du Wens body now hit the giants abdomen.


That powerful attack directly created a hole in the giants body!


Nothing happened.

Even with a huge hole in its body, the giant was unaffected!


The desert giant grinned before punching. Zhou Wang, who was in mid-air, had nowhere to escape. 


Zhou Wang was hit directly.

Everyone turned pale.

That sand giant stood on the ring and occupied the entire stage. Being blasted by the punch, Zhou Wang was sent flying off the stage.

The outcome had reached.

Zhou Wang was defeated!

Du Wen won!

Team Quan An had won the final match!

The crowd had not recovered from the previous attack. Who would have thought so many things occurred in the final few seconds? 

The powerful Zhou Wang!

The almighty Du Wen!

Everyone would remember their fight for a long time.

Du Wen stood on the giants shoulder and enjoyed his victory. Although all kinds of unexpected incidents happened in the middle, did they not still win in the end? Although his leader died, the opponents leader was absent too. 

They won!

A breeze blew past.

Du Wen took a deep breath and enjoyed the fresh air.


At this moment

Suddenly a loud exclamation could be heard from the surroundings. This cry caused him to no longer enjoy his victory. Feeling annoyed, he looked at the audience. Shouldnt they cheer for him instead?

However, the scene in front of his eyes instantly scared the hell out of Du Wen.

How could this be?!

Above the audience

Zhou Wangs body had been blasted away from the stage. However, Zhou Wangs body stopped in mid-air!

His body strangely halted in mid-air!

He was just suspended there!

What had happened?

Everyone was dumbfounded!

Crack, crack!

The crisp sound of lightning could be heard.

Immediately, one could see lightning flashing within Zhou Wangs body. 

Two lightning bolts went behind Zhou Wang and slowly grew.


Everyone was stunned!


How could this be!

This is...

Damn, its Origin Wings!

Origin Wings!

When an esper reached a certain level of understanding regarding his ability talent, it was possible to comprehend its own origin technique which is usually only achieved by the pinnacle of professional espers. Many professional espers have longed for this feat but now a young specialized esper achieved this feat?

Origin wings

The wings displayed by Zhou Wang should be called Lightning Wings! A pair of wings made from pure lightning was flashing behind Zhou Wang. The wings were almost dazzling enough to blind everyones eyes.

Was Du Wen strong?

To reach the borderline of professional esper, was that a feat to be celebrated?

In front of Lightning Wings, everything was useless!

It was an origin technique which only a peak professional esper could achieve!

Zhou Wang stood in mid-air as he faced Du Wens sand giant.

Time to end this.

Zhou Wang calmly said.

Inexplicably, everyone at the scene felt endless domination! It seemed like at this moment, Zhou Wang wasnt some young specialized esper, but a superpower who controlled the life and death of everyone here!


An after-image could be seen.

Zhou Wangs figure vanished.

When the audience had a better look, they noticed that Zhou Wang had appeared behind the giant. On the so-called giant, there was a huge X that kept flickering.

Was this an attack from Zhou Wang?


The sand giant collapsed!

Du Wen sprayed out a mouthful of blood. Obviously, the destruction of the sand giant had inflicted serious damage to him!


Du Wen actually lose consciousness!

The battle had come to an end!

The audience was silent. Whether it was the audience member at the scene or the ones in front of a virtual screen, everyone was shocked.

Zhou Wang won.

Team Jianghe had appeared victorious!

The way they won their matches shocked many

It was out of this world.

Whether it was the seniors from the Origin Ability Association or the Federation, when they saw Zhou Wangs Lightning Wings, they realized that it was illogical!

How did he defy nature?

How was a young guy who was not even a professional esper able to achieve Lightning Wings? The worst part was Zhou Wang wasnt even able to fuse his origin ability yet.

Was the order not wrong?

Was it because of a Nitai artifact?

Everyone began to make wild guesses.

However, looking at that flashing wings behind Zhou Wang, they then shut their mouths. If it were actually a Nitai artifact, one would definitely recognise it!



The wings flapped a few times.

The wings shrank into his body, and Zhou Wang slowly walked down the stage to his team. At this time, the scene was filled with applause!

Team Jianghe won!

We won?

Even Li Tiantian couldnt believe it.

The moment when Zhou Wang was sent flying, he nearly had a heart attack. However, Zhou Wang instantly made a comeback in such a bizarre fashion!

He used a way which stunned the world!

What had happened?

In his mind, he remembered what Su Hao had told him before Su Hao left. If he didnt have the confidence, just put Zhou Wang as the last participant.

Was this the reason for Su Haos instruction?

When he looked up, Li Tiantian saw the eyes of Chen Yiran. Both of them felt confused.

In the end

What had actually happened?