Godly Model Creator Chapter 450

Gmc Chapter 450

Chapter 450    Regaining Consciousness!

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: West

Team Jianghe won!

The audience cheered!

This meant that Team Jianghe had reached the finals!

Although this battle for capital city had lost its meaning due to the return of Bai Feng, the rank-based reward did salvage the situation.

The victory of this match also confirmed Team Jianghe to be in top two.

However, compared to Team Jianghes victory, the public was more concerned about Zhou Wangs Origin Wings. However, when the news was confirmed

It shocked the Federation!

It was unheard of for a specialized esper to achieve Origin Wings!

However, the atmosphere in Team Jianghes resting area wasnt as good as outside.

In fact, the moment Zhou Wang walked off the stage and returned to his team, he fainted into a coma.

After the doctor from the Origin Ability Association conducted an examination, he concluded that the forceful usage of an origin technique that exceeded Zhou Wangs physical capabilities had caused him great harm. For a short period of time, he wouldnt be able to use his origin ability. Otherwise, it might even cause permanent damage.

At this time, only Team Jianghe knew the price Zhou Wang had paid.

Wasnt this similar to Xinghe Arrow? It was powerful, but the recoil effect was even worse. Just like that, Zhou Wang was in a situation that was worse than Su Haos.

We won?

This was the first question Zhou Wang asked when he regained consciousness.


Chen Yiran nodded.

Then, our mission is complete.

Zhou Wang grinned, When Su Hao returns, if he cant deal with Bai Feng, we can laugh at him in peace. Haha.

Everyone laughed.

Boss will definitely be able to settle it.

Li Xin reassured them.

Zhou Wang rolled his eyes, You know Bai Feng is a professional esper, right?

Of course I know that.

Li Xin raised his chest high, This young master can easily beat him in minutes!

Nonsense, who would stand in the same spot for you to freely hit them?

Li Tiantian interrupted him.

Chen Yiran looked out the window while hinting a smile. Su Hao, we have completed our mission. Now, we just have to wait for your return

Origin library.

The atmosphere was still as quiet as the bottom of a lake.

A days worth of time passed by. Su Hao was weakly still lying on the floor as if he had no bones to support his body. Within the origin library, the energy drug was long gone.

At the center, all the drugs had been emptied with not a single drop left. Blue Dream Butterfly looked at Su Haos body with concern, but she didnt know what to do.

24 hours?

It was already over 24 hours!

Was it a problem related to the advanced black market strengthening drug?

As she thought of that, Blue Dream Butterfly was getting more nervous. If not for the fact that she could still feel Su Haos weak heartbeat, she would be at a loss.

Blue Dream Butterfly said, Su Hao, wake up.

All of sudden

Dong, dong!

Dong, dong!

The sound was getting louder, like an echo.

Dong, dong!

Dong, dong!

This is...

Blue Dream Butterfly was shocked and she looked at Su Haos body.

It was as if Su Haos body was recovering at this moment.


The energy flew about.

With the heart acting as the center, it fanned out all over his body.

Soon, Su Haos bones which were almost crushed began to fuse together, and under this mysterious force, they became even stronger!



Now, Su Haos bones were even harder than steel.

The mysterious force continued to flow and it strengthened every organ.

Bone, blood, hair, skin

Su Haos body slowly underwent changes. When everything was complete, there was even a glimmer of light coming from Su Haos body.

Blue Dream Butterfly covered her mouth in surprise.


This was a breakthrough that only those with physical strengthening ability talents could achieve. With energy circulating under the skin, the defense was no joke! Who would have thought that Su Hao, who originally had a strong physical body, would actually have tempered his body to this stage due to the side effect of this drug!


Su Haos breath finally returned to normal.

Is he going to wake up soon?

Blue Dream Butterfly revealed a look of relief.


Su Hao opened his eyes.


A terrifying aura began to expand. Before Blue Dream Butterflys happy expression could fully take form, she was blown away by the aura. She had to struggle a few times in mid-air before she regained her stability. When she looked at Su Hao, she was shocked.

Level 9 specialized esper!

Su Hao stood up and looked like a reborn man from his physical body to his spirit.


He tightly clenched his fist.

What he felt was an unusually strong force.

Previously, he used the intermediate drug to increase his physical fitness from 400 to 500 points. Later on, with the internal force tempering his body, he continued to improve. Now with the advanced drug, he wondered about how many more improvements were made.


Su Hao threw a punch!

Su Hao even saw an illusion that the punch was enough to destroy this origin library. The changes in his body also strengthened his spirit. His current mental state had reached the peak!

While examining his body

Su Hao discovered something that was even more surprising.

His internal force

Had increased!

What happened?

Su Hao revealed a look of excitement.

The improvement in his energy and physical fitness were expected but the internal force was absolutely a pleasant surprise! Was it because of the black market drug?

Su Hao recalled the entire process.

The reason why this black market drug caused improvements in physical fitness wasnt only because of its side effects, it was also the effect of some mysterious force. And that was internal force! However, for ordinary people, internal forces would disappear after tempering the body, but in Su Haos case

Due to the previous existence of internal force within his body, those two forces fused themselves together and achieved perfect coalescence.

2 units!

It had doubled from the previous one unit!

The might of internal force was nothing to be doubtful of.

Using leaves as weapons was just a symbol of skill and it wasnt really effective against origin ability. However, what internal force excelled in was the protection of his body! If not for the internal force, Su Hao would have long been crippled due to the usage of Xinghe Arrow!

How could one use an origin technique that the body could withstand without any consequences?

Once Su Hao had a sufficient amount of internal force, he would be able to use any forbidden technique without much backlash.

Su Hao shifted his body around.

After making sure that the side effect of the drug was completely gone, he then paid attention to the other subject: origin energy!

From level five to nine, Su Hao had broken through four levels at once. Without even moving, he could already feel the overflowing strength!

His energy recovery had increased several times!

His energy intensity had improved a couple folds!

Su Hao was confident that if he were to meet any esper on the verge of becoming a professional esper like Jin Kang, he would be able to settle the fight with a punch.

After that, Su Hao then looked at those cards in his mind.

Needless to say, all the cultivation cards had been completed. 


What happened to this Illusion Reality card?

Su Hao was horrified!

500 computers!

He had used the all the resources in origin library and yet it still was not complete!

Su Hao was shocked.

This was a deviation from his plan.

His plan was to use the remaining resources to complete this card. Once this Illusion Reality card was done, he would then convert the resources into permanent models. Then, they wouldnt be a waste. This was the command given to the central computer before Su Hao lost consciousness. Never did he expect

How much progress?

Su Hao looked at the progress and his face turned black.


Damn you!

Do you have to be this precise?!

After a bitter smile, Su Hao could only let out a sigh.

Looking at the 0.01%, if he could maintain the endless energy state, he would have completed it in an instant.

Without the aid of the origin library, he could only use ten computers for now!

As for the energy consumption left for deduction, that went without saying.

There are four days left before the match. It shouldnt be a problem.

Su Hao calmed down and put his problem aside.

It wasnt a bad thing if the deduction difficulty was high.

Such a difficult task meant that once this card was complete, his strength would surge again!

Professional esper?

He no longer dreamed of that.

He had to stabilize his current energy state as soon as possible!

After advancing four levels at once, he had reached his limit. Even if there were another four or even five stars cards for him to train, it would be impossible to reach a breakthrough.

Thus, to beat Bai Feng?

A Level 9 specialized esper?

It was still far from enough.

Four days left!

Su Hao looked at the time and clenched his fists with determination.